2 replies on How to reset all settings (and content) on your iPhone or iPad

  1. kristyhollis6497@gmail.com says:

    I did everything step by step the owl have gave me . And I got everything to reset thank you. Now was that being said I took it to the carrier I wanted to use they told me that it was pulling up on another account with another carrier that it hadn’t paid off.. they said the person’s account was closed out but the phone wasn’t paid off.. so I have a question for how do I get around this. What do I do from here

  2. Kareem’s says:

    I could not install my mails on the iPhone 6s. It tell me error “ username or password incorrect (535-5.7.8) username and password not accepted learn more at 5.7.8 at https//support .google.com/mail/?pbadcredential

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