6 Comments to Protect your PC with Windows Security alongside a third-party antivirus

  1. Mel says:

    The Limited Periodic Scanning option is not shown on my Windows 10 Build 10586. Is this scanning option still available?

    1. Codrut Neagu says:

      It will be – you have to have build 14367 or newer to be able to use this option. 

  2. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much! I didn’t know about this, so I have it activated now.

    I was wondering about this the other day… if I should be turning on Windows Defender or would it be incompatible with another security software, so this article was incredibly helpful.

    1. Richard Young says:

      I have tried that periodic setting with Defender alongside Malwarebytes on my laptop. Thing is Defender reverts to inactive every time I start up and I have to go through the routine of resetting it to do periodic scans. This very likely means that it never gets to the periodic stage where it scans by itself – I believe the only way to get it to scan at all is if I select it manually using my own schedule (say, weekly). Is this a known bug?

  3. Karl Miller says:

    You MUST activate Periodic Scan Mode; Microsoft Defender WILL NOT UPDATE to download the latest threat protection updates. It’s important that you turn ON this feature to keep Microsoft Defender updated with the latest threat protection software files. Then if you uninstall your 3rd party A/V, Defender will be up to date and ready to start running fully current and up to date. August 21, 2020

    1. Kyle Marshall says:

      Mr. Miller is correct. The Microsoft Defender software will not stay updated unless you turn “ON” Periodic Scanning. It may, however, cause your PC to use more memory, but it’s only 5% to 10% more, which is a modest amount.
      Also, by leaving this feature turned on, it keeps Smart Screen updated as well.

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