2 Comments to Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse Review – A Good Companion for Mobile Users

  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you for this review. I have picked this up myself and noticed that the sensitivity of the gestures is really poor. I did purchase an open box so it might actually be broken. I have tried it on my windows 8.1 laptop and my win 7 lap with better results on the win 7. You comment about the gesture working fine lets me know that I might have a defective mouse. I’ll be replacing it today with an unopened box.

  2. Les Hay says:

    Just purchased one for use with my Surface Pro 3. Haven’t had it long, but so far, it works exceptionaslly well (Win 8.1 64bit). I find it comfortable to use, and it replaces an Arc Mouse which I found dreadful. The only thing that bothers me is that I keep clicking the side blue button which switches between Start and DeskTop – this is not a function I object to at all, just my frequent miss clicking it. The mouse options offers a lot with the exception of configuring this function – pity as I would have liked to switch off the click function but keep the swipe(s) functions. I don’t find its slightly larger size (compared to the Arc Mouse) any particular hardship.
    All in all, I would recommend this mouse – something I wouldn’t do with the Arc Mouse.

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