6 Comments to 4 ways to make a video smaller in Windows 10

  1. pmshah says:

    Just download the ffmpeg based freeware Video to Video Converter. One of the easiest and best video converter around.

  2. Andre says:

    Thanks for the tips!! never know if VLC can convert video, haha.

  3. Mohammed from DC says:

    Excellent and informative article. Thank you so much

  4. pink says:

    tried the first method. video went from 39mb to 104mb. THAT one doesn’t work so well….

  5. Peggy says:

    I used the video converter on Windows 10, followed your instructions and in the end the mp4 wasn’t much smaller than the original AND the sound was that of playing a 78 rpm record at 33 1/3….. 🙁

  6. kaolapandasloth says:

    Thanks this helped. I was looking for a clap or thumbs up button

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