5 replies on How To Get Help Using The Windows Help And Support Application

  1. john3347 says:

    Windows help may currently be more helpful than previously, but it is still “by Geeks – for Geeks” and is of very, very little value to the user who needs help.

  2. Marte Brengle says:

    I thought the same thing about Windows Help for a long time, and in previous versions it was so non-helpful that I refused to use it. However, the current edition has come a long, long way. It’s not as good as a Google search, but for getting quick instructions on how to do things it’s really good.

    As I said in the review, play around with it. It’s not cast in stone, it adds to its database and adapts to your needs.

  3. josil says:

    After many, many years of working with MS products I’ve concluded that their software designers unconsciously generate code which makes difficult operations easy and simple operations difficult.

  4. Marte Brengle says:

    Josil, I think you’ve got a good point there. I wrote software manuals years ago, and translating programmer-ese into English led me to the same conclusion. 🙂

  5. ben says:

    Windows Help and Support does not start anymore. How may I make it start again?

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