4 replies on Do iPhones have NFC? How do you use NFC on an iPhone?

  1. Steven E Galligan says:

    Do I need Apple pay set up in my phone to activate my NFC for pairing with a Blue Parrot headset?

  2. joe says:

    There is no touch ID button on the iPhone 12.

  3. Gemma McCorry says:

    My grandson got an iPhone se for Christmas..but used his last one to scan his libre 2 sensor which has to be scanned with the reader first then the iPhone and worked with no problems..he got the iPhone se and have now scanned to sensors but still not workin.. I googled and it said something about NFC which is not on his new phone..any advice would be helpful

  4. Victoria millard says:

    How do I link my iPhone to my tumble dryer

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