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  1. Wild.Stallion says:

    I think the picture password feature is an innovative feature, and a much better choice for touchscreens. But the risk is that it is pretty easy to remember by someone who just ‘happened’ to glance over.

  2. Anju says:


    From last 2 weeks i was using windows 8 laptop.
    I would like to change my old microsoft account to new microsoft account, if i do this is every thing same as old or not, any lost of applications or anything, plz le tme know ASAP..


  3. Yulianaslavina says:

    Hello , I can’t log in to my computer , I tried to remove my old password , and pressed “remove” on the sign in options , the “remove” button disappeared and then I loged out , now computer said wrong password . Please help me

  4. twhit says:

    I’m on my home computer, I don’t want to use any kind of password, it’s annoying.

  5. John Livingston says:

    I followed Windows 8.1 instructions and sign into my PC through my Windows Live (Outlook.com) account. I don’t want to do this in case of a network or WIFI outage — want to sign in locally to the machine. How do I change this?

  6. Geir S says:

    I use a biometric face regognition software from Key Lemon, and ut is kind of neet not having to do anything 🙂

  7. Jerad Johnson says:

    Hello, sorry to jump onto an old post here; but Google searches have turned up rather empty and this page is the closest thing I can find to what I’m searching for. I recently upgraded my work PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8 to test/learn the OS. It is joined to a domain, and so I log onto the system with domain credentials. Just last week “something” changed with the logon process. I now have to manually switch it to the domain login each time I reboot the PC. Previously it would “remember” that I log on with domain credentials and so I wouldn’t have to choose that option. Now each time I boot it reverts to wanting me to use a Microsoft account. This is very frustrating. If I were to have this in a live work environment it would be a support nightmare.

    Do you know how to change this?

  8. David.Patow says:

    Referring to Jerad Johnson’s recent post, is there any response? I’m also having this annoying behavior with the Windows 8.1 domain login, and I’d like to know if there is a way to make it remember the type of my last login, so that I don’t have to do the extra clicks.

  9. Jerad Johnson says:

    Hello David, I finally found the culprit that caused the strange issue in my scenario. The problem was with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Workstations version 10. It’s a long story, but I was lucky to find the root of the issue. This software has a LOT of functionality, some of it we use and some we do not. I had performed a “Full” installation of the software, which includes some encryption modules. I was not using the encryption, and so was advised to remove the encryption modules. When I removed that part of the software the problem went away.

    • David.Patow says:

      Hi, Jerad. Hmm… I’m using a bare-bones installation of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8, and I still see the problem. Also, I don’t see any related setting in Group Policy. I’ll keep looking.

  10. David.Patow says:

    Ah, ha! I un-installed the VPN software that my company uses, and the domain login problem went away. I then re-installed the software, and the problem returned. My guess is that the software was messing with (e.g.) the list of available credential providers, and the login screen didn’t like something about it, so the login screen chose its default behavior, rather than showing the last-known login. I’m satisfied with this analysis, but a little disappointed in the VPN software. I’ll have to live with this bad behavior.

    • William Jackson says:

      Have a Dell Venue 11 Pro that had the same problem with the domain login. In my case it was the Dell Data Protection Security Authentication application that they installed. After removing the software the system resuming defaulting back to the domain login. I’m quite happy. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  11. Umair says:

    Is there any way I can only use pin and disable password option… I have to click on enter pin button every time i login, and that one click is such a pain.. lol

  12. shico says:

    I don’t know how soon you will have to reply this but please, its urgent. I forgot my PC’s password (windows 8 to be precise) and I normally use the ‘sign-in options’ before to sign in using the 4digits codes. Now my PC is not showing the ‘sign-in options’ again, please how can I get to see the ‘sign-in option’ again so I would be able to insert the 4 digit code to unlock my PC. please help me. I use my PC for my business please…. I await your quick reply. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Nkuli says:

      Hi I have the same problem I forgot my password and have been using my 4 digit pin to login now its no longer giving me login option- I’m using windows 8 aswell please help

  13. paulee says:

    fuck fuck fuck microsoft!!!!! I would like to have a login for the app store without changing my login for my computer.

  14. Carol says:

    I have forgotten my PIN number. It is appearing on several sites where I’m trying to change a program password. I want to get rid of the PIN number altogether, but would even use a different one if I could figure out what # I used to begin with. The Acct. # is fine, it’s just this stupid Pin # that stops me

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