6 replies on How to Use the OneDrive Troubleshooter to Fix Your Problems

  1. WindowsInstructed says:

    The troubleshooter is not for Windows 7. Only for Windows 8.1. Please update your information.

  2. Arthur Jeremy Pearson says:

    It’s infuriating this ZERO INFORMATION CHILDPROOF CONDESCENDING “APP” is the ONLY solution I’m aware of to examine issues with onedrive.

    I DO have a LOT of files. Precious files I’d LOVE to be backed up on a cloud. But, OVER and OVER again the upload process stops – and I DO NOT GET AN ERROR FROM ONEDRIVE. I am FORCED to MANUALLY KEEP TRACK of the screen that shows the “pending” files to be upoaded, and then GUESS when it’s STOPPED. Usually after an entire night of letting it run and zero results.

    Then THIS thing pats my head smiles and says “you don’t need to know those boring technical details! That might be actually USEFUL for you to KNOW so you can FIX those problems! Let ME (an unthinking PROGRAM) fix it MY way OVER and OVER again- POORLY!”

  3. Wajdi says:

    This tool requires adminitrative rights on my laptop. I own my laptop and I am the only user of it, who can be the admin ?
    The fix tool did nothing and exited assumin that special rights are required to continue the required fixes.
    How this problem can be solved. It is problem after problem hopping, fine someone can help.
    My laptop works on wondows 8.1.

  4. ferry says:

    after i install one drive at my pc (windows 7), can’t start. Come warning “check your internet service”

  5. Rick says:

    OneDrive was “stuck” checking for changes for approx. 20 mins. Troubleshooting tool started. Six hours later it is still “Running OneDrive maintenance. Yesterday same issue on another Surface Pro 3. Had to factory reset to fix the issue. OneDrive is proving to be extremely unreliable.

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