7 replies on How to enable Flash in Firefox

  1. gilhad says:

    Yes, I am still using flash for old flash games. And I want to be able play them from my local disc for the entire future. As well as I am still playing old DOS games (now in dosbox)

  2. valemar says:

    Yes! I still use Firefox! It is friendly and useful. It has easy management.
    It is not good to reject the old products.

  3. Jeff Savage says:

    Reason for continued use of Flash player. All NOAA weather websites maintained by the Federal Government (weather.gov) still use it when you select to loop the NEXRAD Radar displays on their sites.

  4. Martin Karari says:

    Worked so well. Thanks alot

  5. daabwa says:

    Why I still need Flash player: Upload of multiple files to a Buffalo LinkStation Media Server requires a Flash Player. However, the content is not yet supported by the Ruffle emulator.

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