7 replies on How to open Command Prompt when Windows doesn't boot (3 ways)

  1. Ethan says:

    What command did you use to start the windows 7 disc

  2. Marvin C Henry says:

    This article does not answer the question of how to enter command prompt when you power on the computer and you have no repair or startup disk.

  3. Kishor says:

    I have no dvd or usb, and beside when i start leptop using F8 key, there is missing of “repaire your computer” commands , so how to load window7

  4. bill reed says:

    trying to access some old iomega zip 100 discs, used c/net ioware-w32-x86-402.exe. on required restart, computer restarts to BSOD bad pool header. The only paths (in computer or flash drive) that allow computer to start in any mode results in command prompt, including this article. Cannot recover data to usb hd although

    lets me see them as there is no way to add access to usb hd. Any suggestions? there is an HP_Recovery partition. Is there any way to replace potentially corrupted file(s)?
  5. Rodney McKeown says:

    it only work if you can access advanced options

  6. Paul says:

    Shift and F10 just results in clicks and no Command Prompt.

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