7 replies on How to resize tiles in Windows 10, on the Start Menu

  1. Prem Krishnan P says:

    I was struggling to Resize the Start Menu Tiles. Thanks for excellent tutorial with shortcut.

  2. Ciprut says:

    1. Certain shortcuts apparently can be sent to the Desktop and pinned to the taskbar but not to the tiled startup menu in spite the context menu “pin to Start” is availablle. Button 2 selection and cliking the menu entry remains ineffective (e.g. Winword.exe shortcut).
    2. Multiple tile selection was available in 8.1 disappeared in Windows 10 . Almost essential to manipulate groups of tiles.

  3. howard Walker says:

    Only some tiles can be resized by this method. I have shortcuts to folders and programs that are not windows apps. These do not give me the option to re-size them. As soon as I right or left click on them they either open the program or the folder. So I have to have a mix of medium and small tiles which will never fit on screen without scrolling down. All in all the tiles are a disaster. Much better with a list of programs with no tiles like we had in windows XP.

  4. Richard says:

    Good article, but lacked information on resizing or changing other properties for multiple tiles at the same time. Apparently the user could do this using CTRL-Select in Windows 8.1, but not in Windows 10. The process of modifying the size of dozens of tiles individually is most tedious. Please let us know if there is a solution to modifying multiple tiles at one time.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      There is no built-in way to resize multiple tiles at once. You must take them one by one.

  5. PlasticHead says:

    I absent mindedly dusted my keyboard and the pixel size of the tiles changed up – tried dusting the other way but that didn’t help. How to change the size of a small tile to a different sized small tile.

  6. what is the size (pixels) of Start Menu shortcuts says:

    what is the size (pixels) of Start Menu shortcuts
    Small and Medium

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