14 replies on How to Report Problems With Microsoft Services, Including OneDrive

  1. Chris Littlejohns says:

    This no longer is correct, the microsoft service status now does not give you any where to tell them that no, things are not working properly and they live in a never never land.

  2. marcia says:

    just happenned today

  3. lboyd@c21sunset.com (Larry Boyd) says:

    Please fix or tell me how to fix my email acct. This is my real estate acct and I can’t work without. (Your connection is not private) is all I get. PLEASE repair ASAP, Thank U, God Bless, L B

  4. Anoynomous User says:

    I was writing a really important assignment word decided to stop working and crash. I had to write it again because of software failure. I will never use this software again for my important work, as it is not the first time that it happened.

  5. Dr Craig Murray says:

    Where is the Microsoft’s Services website? The link takes me no place; it does not work.

    • Anonymous says:

      The guide is a bit old. We need to update it. Will do so in the coming weeks. Thanks for highlighting this problem.

  6. d3x0r says:

    status.live.com doesn’t exist anymore.

  7. Charles Koch says:

    Mocrosoft’s Networking sucks literally. They did away with Home groups and attempting to “give access to” another computer on your network does not show any computers other than the local computer you are working on. Of course I believe this is by design. Microsoft wants and needs to make money on Onedrive. Remember what goes on the internet stays on the internet. No ability to exchange files between computers on your own personal network. Perhaps the professional edition supports this. If so it’s just another attempt to bring in more money by Microsoft.

  8. Grant Symonds says:

    The following pop up is preventing me from sending/receiving gmail on my outlook account:-
    “Microsoft apps & services would like to Read, compose………”
    If I press Deny or Accept the message continues to pop up which essentially renders my email, which I use for my employment, USELESS
    Please advise the solution as soon as possible

  9. Grant Symonds says:

    I am unable to use the above email address because of the Microsoft pop up message “Microsoft apps would like to Read, compose, send and permanently delete” continues to deny me the use of my email. This is costing me $$$$$$
    Please rectify as a matter of high importance. Press Deny key or Accept key makes no difference.

  10. Daniel says:

    Idk if Microsoft people read this but I HOPE THEY DO because I updated my computer today and my mouse hotkeys f’d up. Also my Microsoft ergonomic keyboards numpad is not working properly. I hope this wont take long. I am PISSED!

  11. BRIAN MCWEENEY says:


  12. Arthur Freilich says:

    I recently bought a copy of Home and Student Office 365 from Best Buy for $138.11 including tax. The salesman I bought it from did not mention that it did not include Outlook which is one of my main needs. I did not install it and I didn’t scrape off the area on the card which hid the pin number. I tried to return it for a refund but was refused because Microsoft wouldn’t let them. I would appreciate if you could provide me with a refund or authorize Best Buy to do it.

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