25 Comments to How to recover previous versions of your files and documents, using OneDrive

  1. Kate says:

    My OneDrive for business did something much weirder. I’ve been working on a document on my iPad in Word since August (it’s now November), and the document just reverted to a version from September. I’ve made changes almost every day, but when I go to “manage: version history,” it only shows a save from September plus a save from when I opened it this week and discovered the problem. All other versions seem to have vanished. It happened right around the time that I downloaded iOS 8.1 on my iPad, if that helps.

  2. Kyan says:

    I would like to thank you for this post. It saved my life…. I was panicking what happened to half of my master thesis..

  3. Rune says:

    Thank you for a great tutorial! Just wondering if you know how/if “Version controlled restore” Works for multiple files as well. So far I havent found any sollutions. example: Lets say a user got Cryptovirus and got all his files encrypted and then synced before he was able to stop the process, It may be thousands of files. Do you know if there are any way of restoring an older Version of the complete backup?

  4. Gaurav says:

    Thank U so much, I was searching for same solution and I found this, Thank U Again! I’ll reshare it!

  5. Neil says:

    Say I upload a PDF file to OneDrive. Later, I want to upload a new revision of the PDF. How do I upload this new PFD “over” the previous one? Google drive has a nifty feature called “Manage Versions” that enables you to do the above. Does OneDrive also have something like this?

    • Gaurav says:

      Did U tried uploading file with same name? May be as Ur computer One Drive will also ask to replace the files as the name and format is same. I’ve not tried it just telling U to try it.

  6. Nolan says:

    Thank you so much! I lost 2000 words of my novel because I didn’t understand the “keep my version” or “keep server version” choice when I opened my document. I was able to follow your very clear instructions and get my manuscript back. Thank you thank you!!

  7. Paige Mundy says:

    Do you know if there is a way to recover versions that are not listed in the version history? I lost a paper last night that I have been working on for weeks and for some reasons the only versions available are those that are from when I first started and then from after the mistake. I appreciate any help you can give!! I was on word online, saving to one drive.

  8. marie says:

    thank you sooooo much!!! you saved my Life 🙂
    I had worked all day yesterday with a report which was lost (and i dont know how), but thanks to your guide I found it again 🙂

  9. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much! You saved me!

  10. V says:

    Thank you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I thought I was editing the final part of a very important document. It turned out I had actually gone back in the document and was deleting several hours’ worth of previous work. This tutorial just saved my life. Thank you!

  12. Tom Walther says:

    Perfect advise. Exactly what I needed to restore! Thanks!

  13. Todd says:

    I just wanted to say thank you very much, I am another of many who has been saved many hours of work from this tutorial. I had almost given up on recovering the file I needed but somehow I ended up here to read your solution.
    Thanks again!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to say thanks for this help because I was writing a 2000 word essay for my AP Seminar class and lost half of it after my younger sibling got to my laptop and played around with it. I was panicking and believed my hard work was forever gone. So once again thank you.

  15. Binyamin says:

    Thought I had lost all the work I did. You saved me. Great tutorial.

  16. LisaE says:

    Fantastic! Thanks fo much 🙂

  17. jahan says:

    this saved my life , thank you!!

  18. Zach says:

    Those pictures are so small they are useless.

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