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  1. dde says:

    Sound recorder Window 8.1–
    I was unable to hear sound, during play back.
    The indicator moved along, showing it is playing,
    but no sound from the speakers.
    speaker control was on loud and enabled.

  2. Vlad Falon says:

    Hi dde,

    Did you make sure your microphone was enabled during recording? If you have never started the Sound Recorder app before, it may ask you for permission to use your microphone. Click or tap Allow to enable recording when you first start the app.

    Also check your microphone settings in Windows, it might be disabled.

    Let us know if you’ve solved the problem and thanks for reading us!


    • numlock says:

      I’m having the same problem. I’ve checked all the settings to make sure my microphone is on and working, and updated the drivers for the built-in mic, and it still doesn’t work. Also, in the sound control panel under “Recording”, my microphone is shown as the default, and appears to be working properly, with the green indicator bar registering accordingly if I start making noise.

      Any suggestions? It’s a brand new Lenovo u430p notebook running Windows 8.1 with a built in Realtek High Definition Audio microphone.

  3. rla says:

    I just recently bought a Dell Inspiron N2830 laptop with a pre- installed Windows 8.1. I tried using the sound recorder app but whenever I pressed on stop and start looking for my recording, I can’t find the recording list anywhere. I can’t find anything when I put my mouse over any corner of the screen. Was my recording saved or not? How can I find the recording list and play back some recordings?

  4. Rich says:

    I am being told that my recording file cannot be emailed because it is too large. I cannot trim it because it is a legal record. Suggestions?

  5. Victor Adams says:

    Whenever I try to “share” an audio file by emailing it, all I get is a message that says, “There was a problem sharing this.” So what gives? I want to use these five audio files as a voice over for a video I’m making for work. They are from 5 to 12 seconds long. So what do I do now? Is Sound Recorder just another “junk” app?

  6. Mephime says:

    I said no the first time I tried to use sound recorder I need to access permission but have no ideal where to go to say yes this time to allow permission to microphone

    • AdiH says:

      Go to “Search” and type “microphone privacy”.
      Then select “Microphone” and turn back on the microphone on Sound Recorder.

  7. CJ says:

    It’s a nightmare! Can’t control the extension it is being saved in and it is sent as a fixed file type which is not compatable with it’s destination use and there is no file manager. A mess, far to inflexible. No saved location either.

  8. Wes says:

    Is there a way to record audio on my Windows 8.1 computer directly from web audio?

  9. MC says:

    Is there a way that I can mute the audio coming out of the speakers or headphones (when connected) while my mic is active? I’m hearing feedback because I have the audio looping that way. I can’t use this to record now because its too distracting. Thanks!

  10. veryunhappyW8bunny says:

    What a dogs dinner Windows 8 (& 8.1) has been for desk top PC business users.
    I’ve had it well over a year now & I still hate W8 with a passion compared to XP professional. Now I find I cannot record audio in MP3 format using (Windows) sound recorder. I won’t even touch the dodgy primary school colour box apps (exception being publisher & word as cannot find any other way of accessing them). I hope some people at Microsoft have fallen on their swords over this W8 abortion….I seriously dread with total fear & trepidation Windows 10 currently being peddled at me.

  11. Reenie says:

    My Sound Recorder recordings won’t share in Dropbox and are too long for email attachments. In the meantime they are eating up free space on my Surface. What do I do?

  12. Francois Joubert says:

    Good day, I’m programming my own backing tracks with midi, when done I need to record it as a wave file. Obviously I can not use the microphone for this. The system’s recording poperties do not give me an option to record from another internal source and soundcard on my Lenovo Windows 8.1 laptop. So it’s not from an external source. Can somebody please assit me?

  13. john morrall says:

    I want to record some live music from radio
    but using windows 8.1 sound recorder , quality not that great , because microphone picks up background sound from room , plus im assuming the recording is made from my laptop speaker being picked up by my built in microphone , so again quality loss
    surely there must be a way of recording sound online without using the built in microphone?

  14. Sheila Landis says:

    I wanted to make a recording for a good friend going through tough times. Now, keep in mind-I suck w/technology. I figured out how to record, then lost it and couldn’t find by name.I find it in the Sound Recorder App, tried to follow your instructions, but have no Charms Bar, the bar I can bring up is for trimming, deleting, and renaming only? Can anyone help me out? Thanks, Sheila

  15. abitayn@btinternet.com says:

    Thanks for info.
    How do you save a recording to a USB drive

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