80 replies on 15 ways to improve File Explorer or Windows Explorer in Windows (all versions)

  1. Christopher King says:

    Wicked suggestions.
    I’ll put them into effect right away.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the detail instructions.

    As you can see from the Windows Explorer screenshots, the background is white.
    Is there a tweak/registry tweak to change it to grey as it would be less glaring without losing the glass effect?

    I know I can go to the Windows Classic theme and change it from there but it loses the glass effect.

  3. Joe S says:

    The behavior I’d like to tweak is how the tree in the left panel acts.

    First, I’d prefer to to see the expand/collapse icons all the time rather than when I mouse over.

    Second, whenever I expand a node, the view jumps back to the top of the tree. I frequently have to scroll down again in order to expand a sub-node of the node I just expanded.

    • Mike says:

      Is there any way to disable the auto-scrolling of the left pane? I hate it! Every time I click on a folder I have to re-scroll the window to get to what I want to see. Dunno why Microsoft did this, it’s extremely annoying.

      • Another Mike says:

        Did you find a solution for this? I hate this behavior, too! Actually both issues mentioned, but especially the auto-scrolling sucks!


        • Anonymous says:

          I agree, this is extremely annoying. Of all the things that they could chosen as the double click action the scrolling is probably the most useless.

          Any chance this will be fixed in SP1?

          • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

            This is not changed in SP1.

          • Bob says:

            Just voicing my agreement over this annoying scrolling. I click, and the very folder I want to view leaps to the bottom of the screen, obscuring everything in it. Very stupid. I want it to stay where it is. It acts just like a glitch. Maybe it is.

    • Another Mike says:

      I am finding the same behaviour and it is very annoying indeed.

      Does Microsoft put more emphasis on bells and whistles than on productivity?

      If my employees wrote code like this I’d be looking for new employees….

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      To expand/collapse a folder and all its subfolders, you need to double click on it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A screenshot of the Search tab would be very helpful for those of us with non-English menus.

    • Ciprian says:

      We don’t make any reference to the search tab in this article. May I know why you would need such a screenshot?

      • Anonymous says:

        In the 3rd graphic on your page, look under this text “If you are familiar with previous versions of Windows, you will notice the Folder Options window has changed and now it offers a different set of options and tabs.”

        That’s where the Search tab is shown, which I’d like a screenshot of. In the Folder Options window, there are 3 tabs:
        General / View / Search


      • Anonymous says:

        I forgot to tell you the reason I’d like a screenshot of the Search tab. Because I have a German computer and speak and read English. There’s no way to change my menus to English, so when I can compare the English screens to the German screens, I can figure stuff out better.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to have the default view of folders be the List view? Everytime I open a folder that has folders in it, the folders are shown as partly open. I’d like the List view. thanks

    • Ciprian says:

      There isn’t a setting for this offered by default in Windows 7. We will search for a hack or something and, if we find anything, we will publish a tutorial.

    • eNdEmiOn says:

      You can change to list view then go to folder options and then click “apply to folders”. But the annoying part in win7 is that you have to do this for each folder type. So what I did was change the folder type (properties), set list view, go to folder options, click te button. Did this a bunch of times for al folder type (there are 5).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Faint Columns Unreadable

    I have one big gripe about Windows 7 Explorer. In the Details view, Explorer displays all columns other than “Name” in a faint gray font similar to the one that became popular on web sites a few years ago. Even a few seconds spent reading that kind of text makes my eyes strain painfully.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve scratched my hair off trying to fix this problem with faint gray fonts in windows explorer. I’ve gone through all the possibilities in Personalize/Advanced Settiings with no luck! I tried all the items (title bar, inactive ttitle bar, etc. etc.). Did you finf a solution? I would love to know what you did about it – other than live with it!

  7. Straydog says:

    “Windows 7 introduces a brand new Windows Explorer which is superior in many ways to its predecessors.”

    Do you really believe that? Have you skipped the lot of complaints about the bugs in the explorer? Have a look here:
    http://tinyurl.com/ykxacw9 Or http://tinyurl.com/yja66ll

    And this is far from being all about it. You can find many more complaints.

  8. petedebono says:

    Has anyone found a way to show the dotted lines on the left side panel folder tree like Explorer from XP? I would much rather hace the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ and dotted lines than the stupid triangles that Windows 7 now uses.

  9. john3347 says:

    There are far more shortcuts and efficient procedures taken out of Windows Explorer than new useful ones added. One of my biggest complaints is that we can no longer arrange the icons in Explorer windows to our liking. We are forced to swallow alphabetical order.
    Many, Many familiar and useful features have been taken away. Tell us how to get back all the Windows Explorer features that we had in Windows XP.

  10. john3347 says:

    I will be eagerly awaiting your instructions as to how to arrange these Windows Explorer icons. TechNet forums posters have given me approximately the same response this query as they have to “where is my familiar and beloved Classic Start Menu?”. No explanation as to why, no apologies for its disappearance, Just “forget it, its gone and it ain’t coming back”. In reference to icon arrangement, there was a comment that, sometime in the future, there MAY become an option to have them automatically arrange in the order of frequency of use, but forget about any provision to arrange them to a sequence according to the user’s preference.

    It is this “screw you and your preferences, we are going to give you what we want you to have” attitude that just gets worse and worse with each new Microsoft product that burns me with both Windows 7 and Microsoft.

    Thank you for allowing this rant.

    • william says:

      Open Explorer and click on Organize. Point to layout and put a check next to Menu Bar. Click on View then point to sort by and then more… You will find a slew of filters there. Don’t remember having this much flexibility in XP, but it’s been a long long time since I mucked around with it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I also am unhappy with windows 7 explorer. How can I tell it to remember previous folder settings, like location and size, as EVERY other MS exporer did? Even though XP and VISTA both seem to have a limitation of how much they remember, then they seemed to loose their memory, until you manually reset some reg settings to fix it, Win 7 does not seem to remember ANY folder location and sizes. Any time I open any folder, it opens the way the previous explorer window was closed. I find this a big issue.

    Not to mention I want my dreamscene content BACK!

    • Jeremy says:

      Yes, that’s pretty much my complaint. I want to use a folder or 2 for a desktop menu (shortcuts to pgms, other folders, etc.). Worked great in XP — each would remember size and settings (no folder navigator for the menu folder, for example, but ordinary folders would have them). In Vista that sorta worked, but vista would fairly quickly forget the settings. In win 7, it doesn’t even try.

      Maybe there’s a better way to do a menu that they haven’t told us about ..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nope, no other way. 3rd party software is the only way That I’ve read about, and I use now. I just can’t understand why they would take functionality away from windows, rather then augment functionality. It just escapes me! But I am really happy with WindowManager v1.4.1 It does everything XP and Vista used to do with remembering window locations. Geeze!!! Why should I have to pay extra for this? Windows 7 was expensive enough!!!

  13. tmorgan says:

    Enabling “Launch folder windows in a separate process” may improve indexing performance.

    There may be an ‘hourglass’ but the lag in sorting files by date/name/size is reduced.

  14. Anonymous says:

    OK, here is hopefully a straight forward problem – in XP the folders in the folder tree used to expand with one click on the folder text i.e. you did not have to click on the + or – symbol to expand the folder. Is there a way to expand the folder in the folder tree in Windows 7 with one click on the folder text and not the triangle which I find infuriatingly small?


    • Ciprian says:

      Yes… in the Folder Options window, go to the General tab and check “Single click to open an item”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the reply, Ciprian but it does not quite solve the issue.

        XP allowed one click on the folder text to expand the folder in the tree (and also opened the folder in the main window), 7 expands the folder in the tree all right but you have to click on the small-as-all-hell triangle to do so. I am interested to know if there is an option to expand the folder in the folder tree with one click of the folder text not the small trianlge. I may be barking up the wrong tree.


      • Lis says:

        This is not a good option because then it becomes very difficult to select files & folders (it wants to launch them on the first click).

        It seems that doing anything in Windows 7 requires 3 times the input as xp. I used to click once on the folder in the left pane and it would simultaneously expand the folder view in the left and open the folder contents in the right pane. I miss this so much! When you add up the extra clicks, scrolling and typing I have to do to accomplish each task in a day, it is slowing me down and fatiguing my hands & wrists something awful.

        I am becoming torn as to whether I should just go back to xp. I have lost so much time already just trying to find out what 7 can do and how to do it, whereas before it was so intuitive and easy.

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          To expand/collapse a folder and all its subfolders, you need to double click on it. A single click won’t work.

          • Lis says:

            And, when you double click on it, although it does expand the folder, for some reason it scrolls the folder pane, putting your folder at the very bottom, so you can’t view the expanded folder contents. You have to go and scroll the list back up. So, again, 2 steps instead of one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely. Still looking for a solution. Please post if you fine one.

    “XP allowed one click on the folder text to expand the folder in the tree (and also opened the folder in the main window), 7 expands the folder in the tree all right but you have to click on the small-as-all-hell triangle to do so. I am interested to know if there is an option to expand the folder in the folder tree with one click of the folder text not the small trianlge. I may be barking up the wrong tree.”

    • Timtak says:

      I agree completely too.

      In previous versions of windows or at least windows 2000 and XP it was possible to click on the icon (contra the first poster, I think that clicking on the text name of the folder causes one to be offered the chance to rename that text).

      In any event, the icon is a lot lager than that tiny triangle, which is not only tiny but also not highlighted (thin black outline, white colour) until one puts ones mouse over it. I am 45 years old, getting long sighted, and not happy with having to click on that tiny triange.

      I thought that the options in this post would help but they only seem to make matters worse resulting in the auto-scrolling, as rightly berated above.

      BTW I also hate all the virtual folders (libraries?) that one is given the option of using. I use many computers (at home, at work, on my laptop etc.) This means I must use a flash drive (previously a portable hard disk) to store and move my data. So my data is on a physical drive. I want physical drives to be displayed not all these virtual folders. Okay yes, I can set the virtual folders to access the physical drive, but then if I insert two flash drives (someone else’s and then mine) the drive letter of my data can change leading to the virtual folders accessing the wrong physical storage device. Or I set up a network drive and likewise the virtual drives get confused. Additionally, the place where the data is actually physically stored can be difficult to find, and is dependent upon the version of windows. Please Microsoft, give us the option of going physical, like in the old days. This request is not that I am old-fashioned. We need physical data access now more than ever because everyone has more than one computer these days, and must therefore carry their data around physically. (Okay so one could also synchronise data each time one uses a new computer, but who has the time for that?).

      • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

        1. When you say auto-scrolling, you mean that, when you click on a folder, on the left column of Windows Explorer, the folder tree gets expanded to show you also the current folder you just opened?

        2. You can access any physical drive without having to define any libraries. You simply click on the Computer shortcut in the Start Menu and you will see there all drives.

        3. I really think you misunderstood the use for the Libraries feature. Please read our tutorial so that you understand better how it works: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/libraries-great-feature-windows-7/

        4. I do not understand your complaint about the tiny triangle shown before the name of each folder. Can you share what you want to do, so that we can help?

        • timtak says:

          First of all, when I clicked on “More information about formatting options” below, instead of opening in a new window, it opened in this window and destroyed the long post that I had written. So I will be briefer.

          1. For a description of auto-scrolling see comments earlier on this page.
          2. Computer is hidden under Favourites, downloads, desktop, recently opend folders, Libraries, documents, videos, music, Home group. Grr.
          3. Good tutorial but I think that I understand libraries. They are virtual folders referencing real physical folders that may be in diverse places. The trouble is that in a changing physical storage environment, when I am sticking in two or three flash drives and a network disk, the libraries can and do loose track of where they should be poiting to. Sometimes even worse, they revert to the back-of-beyond default position buried in the hard drive. Back in the days of Windows 95 there was only “Computer” or perhaps just “C:” In those days I might have been happy to have virtual folders to organise data. But now computers are muck cheap and I have five of them, and keep my data on a large flash drive and a network drive, I know that virtual drives are clutter. I want to be able to banish them back to Bills brain.
          4. For an explanatio of the tiny triangles please see one of the links below

  16. Paul says:

    I solved a lot of my gripes about the Win 7 explorer with the free Classic Shell program.

    It also gave me back the classic start menu. The new Win7 start menu made no sense to me with all the extra clicks.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Windows 7 introduces a brand new Windows Explorer which is superior in many ways to its predecessors. ”

    Laugh of the day. Since i am searching trying to fix the stupid behavior of W7 explorer.

    So what about a way to not make opened tree going to the bottom of screen?

  18. Anonymos says:

    “Windows 7 introduces a brand new Windows Explorer which is superior in many ways to its predecessors.”

    Sorry, not true! Bloody lie, that’s what it is.

    I have worked with 7 for a year now and I still haven’t found anything that it does better than my good old XP. In working with files and folders, that is.
    The OS as such is better, faster, more stable, thanks for that.
    But they should have kept the Explorer interface and functionality from XP

    • Mike Gilson says:

      New to 7 but now wish I’d stayed with XP. Just can’t find a way for music folders to display all the content as in xp

  19. Danni says:

    I just downloaded the Class Shell per an above comment, and it addresses all of my issues, namely the autmoatic folder scroll and the double clicking to open folders.

    Thanks Paul!

  20. Sonya says:

    Need the classic address bar! It makes NO sense as to why this feature was tweaked. Also, with the “new and improved” windows explorer, I cannot simply point to either pane and scroll up and down. The one useful tool in Windows for me has now been dwindled down to an annoyance!

    • Mike says:

      Simply pointing at a pane and being able to scroll it up and down is not how it works in XP either. I have XP Pro SP3 and if I have Windows Explorer open and both windows have up/down scroll bars, simply pointing at the pane does not let you scroll it with the mouse. You have click on something in the pane you want to scroll first to activate it.

  21. Lis says:

    A free program that I found, called DirectFolders, solved some of the problems for me.

    Right now I am working with a free trial of another program called DirectoryOpus that gives you every option you can imagine and I feel like I died and went to explorer heaven! Where has this program been all my life!

    It’s too bad that you have to go looking for, or buying, extra programs to make Windows 7 truly usable. But the structure of the explorer is just too chaotic, confused and non-intuitive for me. I guess it works for some, but that never-ending list with all the shortcuts, libraries, icons- it’s tiring my eyes out something awful. I can’t tell, instantly, at a glance, what I am looking for. It’s time consuming and *vision intensive*. And when you multiply this by every single time you go to look for a file or folder, including in a context menu from inside a program, it’s been very frustrating for me.

  22. DJS says:

    So you say it’s been “very frustrating” for you?? Buddy, you’re expressively far too polite..

    I’ve only been using Windows 7 for 2 weeks and I am in a RAGE state of mind because of all this nonsense with Explorer. Like you, my hands are falling to pieces with all the extra mouse clicks and wheel turns that it takes to find a simple file. I’m so glad I waited this long to transition from XP to 7. Now I wish I had waited still longer. I run 5 computers in my business and the other 4 still have XP. That’s the way it will stay..

    I have 7 hard drives in my server computer. I have to search and situate and organize and delete and add files ALL THE TIME. I am in explorer ALL THE TIME.

    XP at least had an explorer program that worked perfectly. Now to have to learn a new platform (Windows 7) and I am forced to endure a program that a 12 year old could have designed better! How much longer is this going to go on for??

    I only recently discovered that Explorer in Win 7 has a tree that drops to the bottom of the page every time a folder is opened so I’m forced to dive downward on the page to locate the folder I just opened.

    If that’s not enough, when I do a simple search (i.e.: *.mpg or just .mpg), Explorer can’t find files that I need unless I take it by the hand and walk it to the exact folder that the files I’m looking for are in. By the time I’ve done all that, I wouldn’t have needed the stupid search feature. Because I had to find the file myself anyway….

    So I started looking on forums to see if I was losing my mind and just doing something wrong. I read messages from people complaining about this BS back in 2008. Why is it that after 3 years this arrogant controlling perverted problem still exists???

    • Lis says:

      “The rage state of mind”- that describes it perfectly! Exactly how I felt. And you keep discovering new frustrations every day, it seems like!

      Do yourself a favor and try the trial version of DOpus. You get 60 days free with all features enabled. I am betting you will kiss the Windows 7 explorer goodbye. The only downside is you still have to deal with the open and save dialog boxes from inside programs. Add every folder that you ever use to your “libraries” so you can find them from inside those.

      My daughter just got Windows 7 and “loves it!” I asked her what she loved about it and she said she loves the ‘glass effect’ and the transition effects and the previews that show at the bottom. LOL!

  23. DJS says:

    HA! You got it.. In fact, I didn’t wait. As soon as I logged off of here, I took your advice and downloaded DOpus last night! I’ve been working with it and you’re right. It’s great. I was going to ask them about the Win 7 outlook that still interferes with my workflow from inside programs. Is there a way around that so that DOpus will take over that part of this ordeal also? Still learning Win 7, so not sure what you mean by adding every folder to “libraries”.

    God bless the little children. Funny thing about starting out with something from the beginning, your daughter will adapt to Win 7 like it’s all there is if she’s never used a different program and is just starting out. Then in a year or two if we gave her a copy of Win XP and asked her to make sense of Explorer there, she’d probably poo poo it right away and ask for her Win 7 back immediately.. 🙂

  24. Lis says:

    I’m not sure about the Outlook since I don’t use it but the DOpus forum is usually really responsive, I’d give that a try.

    I was suggesting you might want to add at all the folders you use to your Windows 7 libraries so you can find them easily from inside the save and open dialogs of all your programs. What a pain.

    Glad you like DOpus! I don’t know what I’d do without it now!

    Some of the questions I was asking in the Windows 7 forums, I got accused of “not wanting to learn something new” or “being stuck in my ways.” Well, why am I enjoying learning DOpus so much then? Because it makes sense, it’s intuitive, it’s very flexible and can be configured for my own needs, and it works!

  25. DJS says:

    I hear ya

    It has absolutely nothing to do with not wanting to learn something new or being stuck in someone’s ways. It has everything to do with accountability and customer consideration. Except for a few days back in December, 2009 when I had emergency hernia surgery and was in bed and out of it on pain pills, I’ve been on the computer everyday (literally) since 1999 for at least an hour each time and usually more.

    So if that degree of experience doesn’t earn me tenure of some kind, then nothing should. Not even a Microsoft “expert” can tell me that I’m not being open or flexible enough with this situation because I’ve earned the right to say I know what works and what simply doesn’t. Windows 7 Explorer simply doesn’t work.

    Excellent point you made about enjoying to learn DOpus. Checkmate! You nailed it with that comment. I understand what you mean about libraries now. Thank you!

    Now if we could just get Microsoft to develop a little respect and consideration for us, the customers. Especially since it was our backs that they built their empire upon. I don’t know. Perhaps we’ve entered the “love ’em and leave ’em” stage of our relationship with them.. 🙂

    Thanks again for the great advice.

  26. alo says:


    dunno if im out of place here but i wonder if anybody knows of a way to hide the folder tree pane all together 🙂

    in xp i could have different veiws in different windows as stated earlier, and im not always interested in seeing the whole tree. i liked the way i could toggle tree structure on and off via a button in the toolbar in xp!

    thanks alot in advance

  27. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot.My windows explorer using my folders really improved.its 3 weeks now looking for the solution of this kind of a problem. I could hardly open MY pictures folders, twas too slow and Windows explorer Not Responding will exist.Until i found out the best solution here….

  28. Alex Li says:

    Is it possible to make a folder specific layout?

  29. MCA says:


    Guys, by God’s sake, how to make Windows 7 default to showing folders always in List View? What the hell Microsoft did of this folder show option?


  30. Patrick says:

    Windows 7 Explorer:

    The columns in the right pane. I like to put the SIZE in position 1 so I can see the size of the files. I have tried and tried to FIX the size using “size all column to fit” and it will always shrinks it after I do something else.
    e, once I change anything, it makes it smaller again. Even tried “Tools/View/Apply to all folders” and nothing seems to make Window leave my resizing of the columns alone. It seems the SIZE is the one Windows always wants to make smaller. Any one solve this problem?

  31. eNdEmiOn says:

    I always have a win explorer window open. It is my main link to my computer. So I was quite horrified with the new explorer in win 7 a couple of years back when I switched to 7.

    Classic shell made the explorer quite usable but still there are annoying issues with it.
    – If I want to open a file or folder that is partially off-screen (list view) by double clicking, first click flips the column into full visibility the next click does the same so I end up 2 columns to the right instead of it opening that what I intended to open. Highly annoying.
    – It’s impossible to change a name in the folder tree by slow double clicking (click, 1, 2, 3, next click).
    – If you add files to a folder it immediately puts them in abc order or whatever you have set for that folder to sort it in instead of adding the new files to the end until you refresh or revisit that folder. Really annoying with srt files for instance. The old and wanted behaviour can however be seen in the root directory of a drive for some reason.
    – Explorer window closes when you take out usb stick if usb stick directory is selected at that moment. Also annoying.
    – The stupid extra bar (organize…) that can’t be disabled without doing some serious modding, to serious for me so I left it there.
    – Search capabilities quite useless, often it doesn’t search system files/folders. I don’t see an option to explicitly include system folders and such as was possible with xp.
    – Etc.

    So quite a few steps back compared to previous versions of windows explorer. I can’t believe they messed such an important part of the OS up. They didn’t even add some really good but long overdue features like pausing/resuming file transfers, select files over a multitude of folders, batch renaming etc.

    Using third party file managers isn’t a real good option because they never completely get rid of the win explorer, the freeware alternatives aren’t very good, ridicules that one even has to consider 3rd party software for such a basic part of an OS let alone getting stuck with additional costs for non freeware alternatives.

    And what is the deal with libraries. Seems to me like a feature for little kids so that they don’t need to clean their rooms every now and again.

    Too bad they f’ed things up even more with the win 8 metro crap (which they aren’t gonna call metro any more). I wish that the pro version would actually have a professional interface and supporting features instead of being the same as home versions and now the same as tablet versions just with basically another name and some features not disabled.


    Probably the single, most useful option I have ever discovered was the “Restore previous folder windows at logon.” This makes it easy if your computer is acting up, but you’re in the middle of a bunch of things, like putting together a report with info from multiple areas across a network or something. When you restart, provided you didn’t close out the explorer windows, they all pop back open.

    Or when you leave for the day, it is like an automatic sticky note when you power up your computer and BAM, there is the file folder(s) you need to work in the next day.

  33. Haseeb Iqbal says:

    I am having issue here while accessing files (*.dbf) from network drive using software on Windows 7 (64bit). From time to time the software waits accessing those files. Which is much much better in our 10 years old Windows XP pc with same software accessing the same files(*.dbf) from same network location.

    After 3 weeks of diagnostic & investigations, found out that Windows 7 is bit sluggish accessing network files.

    Please note: The size of the file which we found as suspect is around 426KB now. We brought the file size down from 20MB(by purging data) while it was terribly slow and crashes/freezes the software even if we waited 10-15 mins or 6 hours in one instances. By Windows XP can still easily handle that.

    So need your suggestion how I can improve the performance on Windows 7 pc?

  34. bikkimoni says:

    how to hide an already hidden file and folder

  35. Danno says:

    Hi there,
    Is there a way to change the search results default view? Mine always goes to Large Icons and I much prefer Details view.

  36. cosy says:

    I apologize your tutorial. But what I am searching for – I cannot even find it in this blog! Since at least Windows 8 the presentation of detailed view on a Windows Explorer pane hase changed. Until now the pane shows stupid combination of colums like type followed by size, then interpreter then album, year and so on. I want the old order back!! I am often working with fileversions, picture versions and variants. And for that I am tired to each time and on each computer to change settings by double click on row titles then choose them from list and make dissapear unwanted…
    Can one see any simple way to get back classic detailed view? probably by a modification script onto registry? would be glad!!!
    (For all people having IQ above 90 and want loosing time, the ever best search function with so many logic options was the one from Windows NT until including Windows XP SP2. Since Microsoft is trashing…

  37. jam says:

    Here’s an option that I’ve considered might be useful: I’m wondering if there is a way to view multiple folder locations (in one explorer window) similarly to how you can view multiple excel sheets within one excel program. I know the alternative is to just resize my windows to fit on the monitor but that gets tedious when you have other programs you don’t want to view open as well.

    PS I’m running Win7

  38. JP says:

    How can I tweak the Win XP explorer to show me every time the description of the Drive, where I’m working, not the actual folder. It is not helpful if you see F:Folderbkv… when F can be connected to several network storages.
    in F: I see in title bar transfer on “south” (F:), but it can also be north or east…

    Thanks 4 reply

  39. Windanshe@gmail.com says:

    I was looking for the option to view files when clicked on. such as documents or pictures. Do you have information on this topic?

  40. James Torres says:

    In the “1. Change the folder opened by File Explorer when you start it (Windows 10 and Windows 8.1)” section you might want to double check that the information applies to Windows 8.1. On my 8.1 system, there is no option to “Open File Explorer to” option and no drop down menu to or view or change Quick Access – it doesn’t exist.
    Would appreciate you all checking these things before publishing them.

  41. Ilkka Loimaranta says:

    In windows 10 Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 uncheking the “Expand to open folder” does not change tho stupid behaviour of showing subdirectories on both navigation pane and file pane. There seems to be no way of getting back the clear view of W7 or is there?
    Another annoying behaviour is Microsofts way of setting view settings to their defaults on every update. Is there a way to prevent that?

  42. Thiru says:

    I have a new dell XPS 8930 with two drives and two monitors https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/ultrasharp-27-4k-usb-c-monitor-u2720q/apd/210-aves/monitors-monitor-accessories

    I have photos under D:Documents (which is synced to OneDrive). Previewing in Windows Explorer Preview pane does not work all the time.

    Even when it works it is slow.

    When Windows Explorer is maximized to fill the 27” screen nothing appears in the preview pane when I select a photo. As I reduce the size of the Windows Explorer photo start to appear in the preview pane at a certain point. Then when I click on the next photo it does not appear straight away in the preview pane. It appears after few seconds.

    Then I did two things. (1) created a folder on drive D: in a different location – not linked to OneDrive.
    Previewing photos from this folder works as expected. It works all the time – does not depend on the size of the Windows Explorer Window.
    (2) connected this 27” monitor to my laptop and previewed the photos from a folder on this laptop which is synced to OneDrive. Previewing works as expected all the time does not depend on the window size.

    Thanks in advance for your help to fix the problem

  43. Christian Gäde says:

    Is it possible to save all settings(maybe a special Windows-folder or registry entry?
    Especially the search/filter/property columns!

    Google Translated)

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