25 replies on Windows 10 Dark Mode: How to turn it On and Off!

  1. An Dus says:

    I do a lot of tense PC work in multiple programs, and heaps of excel stuff. I find the dark mode helpful to my eyes and more relaxing and soothing. Less ‘reflection’. I know I’m in the minority 🙂 but works for me. Now how can I do this with Excel!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. We will publish next week a tutorial on how to enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office. 😉

  2. Mohamad Steve says:

    If your eyesight is perfect then DarkMode is great but I need reading glasses and I use the laptop and 2nd screen. Dark Mode makes it difficult to pick out file names on my second screen and my eyes hurt after a days work.
    I guess Dark Mode will have its day and we will revert to light within a few months or years

  3. Edwin Turner says:

    I try to disable the dark mode, by selecting the light mode, but the dot in the circle does not change from the dark to the light selection

  4. Zoost Janist says:

    Any way to have File Explorer still display in light mode while the rest of the PC is in dark mode?

  5. Nidhi Chhabra says:

    I was able to enable light mode but my desktop and Microsoft teams app Still appear dark
    Please advise

  6. Desmond says:

    Thank you !!! Maybe you know the situation where and when you have been drinking a few too many pints. Waking up… and did the the most genius thing you could have never dreamt of. Or you wake up with your screen looking slightly different. I did install Bluestacks 4 but my screen was black. Thanks to you my muffled brain got out of its panic and I drink one to you ! It’s weekend and show most go on. Alcohol is so unpredicatable: sometimes you’re a genius (or you think you are…) and sometimes you srew up and you need a screwdriver. Again, thank for de / re screwing my driver. Cheers !

  7. deb says:

    Somehow I have a few websites that have this dark mode thing that is unresponsive to anything I try to turn it off. It is unreadable. I tried this “super dark mode” and that is an incredible app. When I turned it on these unreadable sites became readable in a dark mode, but I wanted it off for the day. So when I set the hours on it, this dark thing that doesn’t seem to be connected to any settings I control came back.

    Anyway, this windows dark mode article has zero effect on these couple of websites that that are unreadable, and in a dark mode when I’ve tried so hard to turn it off. What I did was upgraded the chrome browser and then I had a problem that isn’t universal.

  8. Gary Hamrick says:

    While reading the above article (because my friend’s system was “stuck” in Dark Mode and I was trying to turn it OFF)

    I noticed the screen shot they were showing for “Personalization” did not match what I was seeing on my system. That is, the Color options you suggested setting were not even visible !

    By on the “Color” screen there was note that said not all items can be seen with “High Contrast” turned on. There was button about Hight Contrast so I went there and turned it OFF.

    As soon as I did this, the “Dark Mode” was turned off and things were back to normal. I can only assume that somehow my friend inadvertently turned on High Contrast.

  9. Robert arson says:

    I hate dark mode and want to remove it

  10. Margaret Wellman says:

    I like Light–don’t know who set it up in Dark-have had trouble with hijackers and it happened when they were messing with my service. Lots of things are hardly legible in dark mode, such as my health insurance site. Big pain to have to track down instructions to get rid of it.

  11. Rosemary Sladden says:

    NO, I do not like dark mode at all. It hurts my eyes and if I could choose I would make it a blue with white writing on it. Like the button, I click to post a comment. thank you

  12. david says:

    I’ve been trying too get rid of dark mode but cant seem to shake it, despite doing my best to follow instructions given. I can select a white background and the white square shows a check mark but nothing changes, everything is still dark. The reason I dont like dark mode is that the buttons on many other apps are dark and so I dont see them. Same for some articles. HELP?

  13. DAVID says:

    Great news! I read the other comments and tried going to “high contrast settings”. I’m still not proficient but now I have black test on a gray background. Easier on the eyes than a white background and still provides contrast so I can find the various buttons and text which are black. Windows requires naming and saving each color combination (background and text).

  14. Beck says:

    Hate it. Didn’t ask for it. It just decided to show up in my word program. It won’t go away.

  15. Jason Workman says:

    somehow I have dark mode on every website, and I like it, but some pictures don’t show up and the links are hard to read. I can’t turn it off!! It might be an extension or something, but I turned them all off.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Your browser’s Dark Mode settings may be independent of Windows 10. Which browser do you use?

  16. Donna says:

    No I like the light mode better

  17. Bill says:

    can you please stop doing this. i can’t see anything in dark mode. can you please make it much easier to just switch back or let us just choose what we want and leave it alone. this is really rude !!

  18. Bill says:

    this is really awful. i follow the instructions to get rid of dark mode and it does not work. i am stuck with it. makes the computer almost useless for me. why do this to your customers? so annoying and rude!!!

  19. tony folland says:

    i prefer light mode personally

  20. John says:

    Made the fatal mistake of pressing change, rather than No Thanks, I have followed the how change guide to the letter, doesn’t work still defaults to dark mode, absolutely hate it…

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