20 replies on Four ways to forget a WiFi network in Windows 10

  1. GrammyD says:

    I don’t want my computer to be looking for any available networks, besides the one I am already connected to. I am on a PC that is in a static location. I don’t need any other networks. What setting do I turn off to make it stop looking?

  2. ljmuk says:

    This does not work. It seems to work but when the computer is switched off, the next time you switch on, the removed networks are back on the list!

  3. n/a says:

    This no longer works because of the latest Windows 10 update.

  4. John says:

    I was having problems logging in to my home wifi. Thought it would be good idea to forget that network, turn wifi off on computer, turn it back on, search for available networks, thought I would still see my home wifi in the list, and thought I could re-connect to it. But it doesn’t work that way. How do I discover a wifi network I told Windows to forget?

  5. Mike says:

    this did not work, after forgetting it thru settings and also thru the cmds, it still remembered the password

  6. Norman says:

    I have the same experience Mike has — whether I forget through the GUI or delete the profile through the CLI, or both, when I try to connect again, Windows remembers the password. For a network which changes its password daily AND I made the mistake of unwittingly clicking the “Connect Automatically” button, I’m forever hosed!

  7. Sud says:

    The above guideline r very helpfull

  8. Mags says:

    Thank you 🙂

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You are welcome. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our website and get daily tutorials.

  9. timkug says:

    None of these work.

  10. Maripip says:

    Thank you for the information – I’ve followed the instructions and in the cmd screen it says it’s been deleted and yet it is still showing in the wifi list on the task bar. Is there a way to remove it completely. Many thanks

    • José says:

      You are right. Old networks continue showing even after being removed either through Setting or DOS command. Further, the last signal before removal still shows with the old strength, the Connect option is still available, but the Forget this network is not. On the other hand, new networks do not show.
      A cockup up.

  11. Vadim Dmitriev says:

    The problem is UNKNOWN networks!

  12. Nerissa says:

    When I right click only the connect option appears. When I run PowerShell the net work I want to delete doesn’t appear in the list.

  13. Rober says:

    What do you do for removing all cache data?, in Windows 10 i removed from registry,

  14. WanWan says:

    Thank you so much! Need to answer an online exam asap. This helps a lot!

  15. Tonio says:


  16. TomV says:

    None of these worked for me. Big surprise.

  17. singh kanda says:

    There is 1 issue, in my wifi showing different network and in wifi stting I cant find those network,

  18. Mel says:

    The “forget” option never shows up anywhere-also- I do not want to get rid of “known” networks, only the long list of unknowns that reappear with check boxes checked. Have newly installed retail win 10, but have had this problem on other windows machines for a long time.

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