15 replies on How to Decrypt a TrueCrypt Encrypted Drive or Partition

  1. Tijmen says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I am wondering how long it will take before the files are encrypted, (closley 600gig).

  2. Don Gambino says:

    How can I repeat the same process for a NON-SYSTEM partition?

  3. Don Gambino says:

    or how can i access my non-system partition from another computer running truecrypt? i’ve tried accessing my truecrypt encrypted non-system partition on a second computer running truecrypt, and mounting the non-system partition doesn’t seem to work. it’s not accepting my password. If i use the “mount partition using system encryption without pre-boot authentication” it accepts my password, but doesn’t mount the drive in ntfs format. instead its mounted with an unrecognised [raw] filesystem. How can i go around this?

    • Brian says:

      Once you “mount partition using system encryption without pre-boot authentication” you have to go into the computer management section to Storage>Disk Management. Once there you will see your raw system drives, right click on each one and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” and pick a drive letter, you will then see your data

  4. Mike says:

    Does anyone know a way to decrypt a drive from true crypt using command line? I have a large number of remote drives to decrypt remotely and want to push out the command.

  5. Dean says:

    I’ve used TrueCrypt for several years without problems. Then I had a power outage during a Windows 7 update. I have the disk (boot) encrypted and now Windows 7 won’t boot and I can’t repair. I can mount the drive on a different system so my data is good. I just can’t decrypt the drive because it doesn’t take my password (same one I mounted with). Any ideas?

  6. Andreas says:

    Guys you can’t.

    Truecrypt can only decrypt the System drive.
    Every other drive can’t be permanently decrypted with it. They never supported doing that because they are stupid

  7. Rasa says:

    How do I decrypt the entire drive?

  8. Hwright says:

    I have a new laptop, and my old laptop had the TruCrypt software. I was wondering if I could get that software so that I can decrypt my thumb drive?

  9. Michael Haephrati says:

    Are there any risks to lose the data when decrypting a huge drive? It looks as if something happens (restart, crash, etc.) during the decryption process, all the data will be lost (both encrypted and decrypted).

  10. Adrian says:

    If I permanently decrypt a storage array, all the information within it would be deleted as well? What would be the risk of losing the information?

  11. Roberto says:

    I have a question: I have a volume encrypted in Truecrypt for Mac; I don’t remember if when I created it, I choose Mac only option, but I suppose I did it, because (I am not using Mac anymore) when I mount that volume with Truecrypt for Windows, the volume is mounted, but I cannot access to the data inside the volume (the message is that Windows cannot recognize the format). The question is: may I permanently decrypt this volume in Truecrypt for Windows, without risk of loose of encrypted data? Or any other suggestion to recover the data in Windows originally encrypted in Mac? Thanks to everyone for your support and help.

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