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  1. Anonymous says:

    mine is a wep key and it doesnt ask me to type in the key it just connects and then says it cant connect. how do i fix this

    • Ciprian says:

      Most probably Windows 7 saved a profile for your network with the wrong settings.
      1st try to delete the current profile by going to: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. There click on the ‘Manage wireless networks’ link, select your network and click on Remove.

      Once removed, connect again using the guide above and type your WEP key.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks ciprian – that worked for me

        • sylva says:

          Hi, please can you tell me how I can fine my sucurity key? because I am new to window 7. And every thing s too complicating, I cant even connect to a wireless network in my area…… Pease kindly help me, I will be very greatful thanks 🙂

          • Ciprian says:

            Your key is found in the configuration panel of your home router. Use the manual of your router to find out how you connect to it and check its configuration. Under the WiFi or Wireless section, you will see the security key that is set for your wireless network.

          • sylva says:


            Please i have not really gotten it, because i dont know exxactly where my internet router is. i need a clear explanation please, kindly help me…..Thanks.

          • Ciprian says:

            The router is a small device, similar to the ones shown in this search result page: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1920&bih=898&q=router&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

            It gives internet to your house and emits the wireless signal required for computer to connect to the home network via wireless. Do you have such a device in your home?

          • sylva says:


            I don’t have any of this routers, I have read the instructions but i dont understand it but i can see a lot of wireless networks in my area with my HP Pavilion dv6000 (window 7) wireless laptop, which i just bought… but i can’t connect to any of this networks that i am seeing in my area….their are some that will ask me for security key, and some will say that there is no internet access when I try to connect. Please I need to know the nitty gritty on our to connect to this networks…

            I will be very greatful if you can help me out, because I really need it and I have been trying a lot of stuff but i can’t just get the right setting to connect….THANKS 🙂

      • Laura says:

        Thank you!!
        I never would of found that without this comment!

    • Manu says:

      Yes, the possibility is that the profile is saved. Remove your network through control panel /network and sharing center/manage wireless networks and scan for networks and try connecting. If it still doesnt prompt you for pwd, open your router interface with the router’s IP address and make sure secuirity is enabled.

      • Anonymous says:

        What do we do if we don’t have a Network Profile on the sheet you mentioned ! it’s Blank ! But it Still rejects the connection ! help plz

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, I have the same problem. My network profile sheet is empty too and when connecting to it the passcode wont show up.. and goes to troubleshoot. Have you fixed yet?

      • sylva says:

        but i dont have a router 🙁 i only see some network in my area which i know that people are using them without the concept of the owners…. The question that i want to ask is; cant i use this wireless networks without the owners concept? And why cant i use my wireless laptop without a router?

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          You can connect only to wireless networks which are not protected with a security key. If a wireless network of somebody else asks you for a password then you are stuck, unless that person tells you the password. You cannot connect to it.

          There are also unprotected networks which required no password. But those are generally found in public spaces such as Cafe’s, restaurants, airports, etc.

  2. Gus99 says:

    Wireless Rejects Network Key

    I’m adding a brand new notebook (Asus G72) to an existing home network (linksys router, desktop – Vista, laptop – Vista).

    I use WPA Pre-Shared Key, TKIP

    When I enter the key, I get a message that it is incorrect and the Asus does not connect with the network.

    • bouchra says:

      Well , everytime i try to connect the network it seems that it shows an Red X I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ?? what do i do just email me if u know.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mine everything look ok(able to dected my wireless network with correct security key), but still cant connected to internet. It has indicate that no internet access. When click on troubleshoot problem, it stated that invalid IP address..

    • Keith says:

      Hello. Were you able to get this problem resolved? I seem to have the same problem. Thank you.

  4. sam says:

    i have the opposite problem – i dont want it to sniff surrounding networks, just connect to home – i dont want to see the other signals. in addition, everytime i see these signals, each one is checked connect auto, and unchecking doesnt save changes. i really havent seen a better way to manage this yet – any ideas?

  5. Uday says:

    I am able to connect to the gateway but still cant get connected to internet. It has indicate that no internet access. When click on troubleshoot problem, it stated that invalid IP address

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you try to do a ipconfig and ping from the computer in command prompt? If the IP address starts with 192 it is a good IP if you get packets sent = 4 received = 4 your computer sees the internet but something is preventing it form connecting like firewalls virus protection mybe an update in windows is stopping it also might look into windows defender might be stopping it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No Valid IP Address – I’m having the same problem as a few others. My new Dell laptop with Windows 7 is able to detect my wireless network with correct security key), but still can’t connect to internet. It has indicate that no internet access. When click on troubleshoot problem, it stated that invalid IP address. using 64-bit wep for security. have several xp machines that can get internet access without issues. how do i fix the “valid IP address” issue with my Win7 machine?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the problem I’m having as stated above, and it looks like a very common problem, I don’t see Microsoft providing solutions. I have Windows 7 and an HP Paviliondv7-3180, contacted 3 different people in support at HP and they are lost. This is a common problem and more fixes should be available. I do have 3 other Dell Lap tops with XP and Vista working correctly on the wireless, will look to see if the router has an updated driver as suggested in troubleshooting before the Related Articles section, looking for an update to the for the Cisco LinkSys wireless router.

      Has anyone tried the updating of the router software and have that work?

  7. Jack M says:

    I bought an Asus G72 at bestbuy just before Xmas and never had a problem connecting to the internet and/or finding networks. I was connected yesterday and I picked my laptop and put on my bed i lost connection. When I looked for available networks, I couldnt find mine or any of the neighbors’ networks (usually i see a bunch). It just said “no available networks” or something like that. I went to another part of house and still same problem.

    I asked my roommate and she had no problem with internet/network, so im really confused. I think it must be a problem with my laptop internal wireless card, but I dont know.

    Anyone ever have this problem??

  8. fatma says:

    i removed a network profile by mistake and i cant connect to it any more although i created new profile for that network:'(

  9. Anonymous says:


    I just got a new Windows 7 machine. I’m familiar with laptops and computers and such. I did indeed get the above mentioned window that wants a network security key, but the issue is that these networks do not provide them. Various starbucks around the country, cafes in Italy, restaurants, and my university. These are all places my other computers simply connected to – or that I of course looked for, connected to, and added to the ‘connect automatically’ list. Windows 7 won’t let me past the network key issue… and I cannot always get that. In fact, I often CANNOT get that.

    How can I get Windows 7 to bypass that question? Why won’t it simply connect to the networks. The networks THEMSELVES don’t require the network key to be entered; I think that’s the crux of the issue.

    Thank you.

    • Ciprian says:

      If Windows 7 asks you for a passkey to connect to a wireless network then that network is set to request one. In such cases, talk with the people working at the cafe/shop/bar where you are, and ask for it.

  10. Tyler says:

    I just got a VAIO computer with windows 7 and I’m trying to connect it to my wireless network. It asks for the security key so I type it in and it says incorrect key. I’ve tried it over and over but it still doesn’t work. I know the code is correct because I’ve used it for other computers…Any help is appretiated

  11. Sachin Khare says:

    I am having Dell Inspiron laptop with windows 7, I am also having one more laptop of Dell with windows XP. XP laptop is already connected to wireless internet. inthis laptop i can see all available networks including my SSID.

    when i am looking into the network connection list at windows 7 laptop, then there are all other SSID available but my own id is not available. what should i do?

  12. Joe says:

    I have a problem on connecting to my wireless router, there is no wireless icon on my HP dv6 laptop. Only Broadband (PPPoE) and Dial-Up connection to choose from, but not Wireless. This wireless problem happen after i format my computer to Window 7.

    • Ciprian says:

      You might need to install the drivers for your wireless network card. Go to the HP site, download and install all Windows 7 drivers for your model. Then it should show up.

  13. rg says:

    I have a brand new HP G62-144DX Notebook with windows 7 home premium 64bit….when i click on the wireless network icon nothing happens. It doesn’t show a list of available networks at all.

    Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Security Key Invalid, No IP Address

    I have the exact problem as below with my new HP Pavilion dv7-3180us (including having non Windows 7 machines working on the wireless router), is there a fix verified and shared anywhere?

    Anonymous (not verified) – 01/17/2010 – 02:58

    No Valid IP Address – I’m having the same problem as a few others. My new Dell laptop with Windows 7 is able to detect my wireless network with correct security key), but still can’t connect to internet. It has indicate that no internet access. When click on troubleshoot problem, it stated that invalid IP address. using 64-bit wep for security. have several xp machines that can get internet access without issues. how do i fix the “valid IP address” issue with my Win7 machine?

  15. Anonymous says:

    i have a dell inspiron 14, and when i click to connect to my wireless internet it doesn’t give me the option to enter a security key. it goes right to troubleshooting. what do i do ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can find my security key, all the wireless connections are there and everythings perfect but I just need the security key. I have a Window’s 7 Laptop.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to connect to my University’s wireless internet, but windows says it can’t connect. My old laptop (vista) had no problems, and my new one can connect to my home wireless fine. Anyone know what might be wrong?


  18. Anonymous says:

    I am using unsecured network for internet, some unsecured conetwork asking SSID name I put same name whatever showing network name but not geting internet, can sombody help us

  19. Kiron Reid says:

    Given all the problems that people are having with laptops and wireless routers and internet connections that according to the manufacturers and providers should connect automatically this page does not fill one with confidence about buying wireless laptops or the promises of wireless broadband providers. It is the same experience from all the other results from pages and people trying to be helpful. My wife and I have wasted so much time with three different laptops on two different home networks, one at a time managing to connect to the networks. It certainly would put you off buying or subscribing to new / expensive gear and higher tariffs given the broken promises.
    Of course when it works the technology is great and many of the tips given by users are helpful. Kiron Reid, Liverpool UK.

  20. Iris says:

    I’m having a similar problem on my new hp mini 210-1095NR. I can connect to a wireless network (not my own) but have no interet access. When I troubleshoo I get “Windows can’t communicate withe the device or resource (primary DNS server). The network encryption type is WEP and I know I have the correct securtity key so why can’t I access the internet? I’ve got couse work to do and I need the internet! Other websites say Windows 7 just will not connect to WEP networks. If that’s the case I want are refund as this is the only network I can access from home. I would go elsewhere if I didn’t have a two-year-old in tow and no babysitter.

  21. prem aman says:

    I have a DELL STUDIO laptop with Windows 7 Professional. Although I was able to connect
    to my wireless network I was unable to access the internet through my BSNL Broadband connection. While it was working on my desktop with Windows XP and another laptop having Vista, somehow Windows 7 was not accepting the given IP address and would access internet in auto selection mode only and would not access certain pages.

    I was however able to solve this problem by going to the Wireless Network Connection Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 and go to properties again and filled in the following:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    Preferred DNS Server:

    and click Ok .
    Make sure there are no alternate connections for BSNL Broadband. This should work fine for you too.


  22. Neal says:

    Wow problems w/this netbook trying to connect to my linksys network..it sees my network…but when i enter my passphrase…it says incorrect…but its correct…so I cant use wireless in my apt. Can anyone help. I updated drivers. Its an acer Aspire One Netbook…using windows 7. HELP

  23. Veena says:


    Mine is a new DELL laptop with windows7 as OS. sometimes the wireless network is showing. But sometimes not. Yesterday i have restarted the laptop 2 times and still it s not identifying the wireless connection. Wired connection is working properly. What to do? Need a help.2 days before it has identified the wirelss network and now it is not identifying..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, I’m trying to connect to a wireless network, the only problem is I seem to have entered the wrong password once or twice, and now I guess I got locked out, It says “limited access” (which means no access basically), now, when I go to remove it from the control panel network connections, it gives me a warning, saying ‘If you disconnect from this network, you won’t be able to connect to it again without creating a new profile.’ Oh and I’ve tried resetting my computer, and I left it off for about six hours and tried again, nothing. Even when I try to re-enter the password, (which is the right one), I’m still locked out.
    -Any suggestions?

    • Itoshii says:

      This happens to me every once in a while when someone decides to play with my router. It’s not your computer most likely, check on your modem and router. Turn them both off then turn on your modem. Wait for it to fully turn on, then turn on your router. This should fix the problem.

  25. Robert the First says:

    I have the aforementioned problem of not being able to connect to a secure wireless network due to the computer wanting the network security key, the router in question is a Linksys wrt54g with 64bit WEP code enabled router and the computer in question is a brand-flipping new Alienware m15x with windows 7. Now, this is my home network and I have already connected multiple XPs and a vista to it without any problems using a flash-drive. Understandably this will not work with window 7 so I have tried to connect via the networks panel and got stuck at the network security key, so how do I get the network security key? What is it supposed to look like, how many characters, which menu does it lurk in and how do I manage to corner it? Thank you in advance for a speedy and helpful reply.

    • Ciprian says:

      The password is in the Wireless Network Settings of the router. You need to login to your router, take the password from there and type it whenever Windows 7 asks you for it.

  26. SL says:


    I have windows 7 on my laptop and I have made my dsl broadband modem to work as a wireless router and set it to always-on internet mode. When I click on network icon just next to system time, it shows my wireless network. Sometimes it shows me that my wireless network has “Internet Access” or “No Internet Access”. Now my local ISP has its lots of internet service disruptions. Almost everyday 5-6 times I get disconnected from internet or has no internet connectivity.

    Is there any utility or program which could check out or tell me when my wireless network has Internet Access or not with some audio alarm or some music or system beep and notifies by constant beeps with some time interval and is there any option to toggle this feature?


  27. Anonymous says:


    After scrolling down through the list of available networks, clicking Connect (w/connect automatically selected) I have a problem. I get prompted for a Windows Username and Password rather than the documented enter your secret key above.

    There is only one user on the system (the administrator account). No matter if I reset the password or username of that account I still can’t get past that dumb security login screen.


  28. molly says:

    All my roomates can connect to our wireless without having to enter a security key. when I try connecting to the same wireless from my laptop, it says i need a security key. What can I do to connect to the wireless? Only my laptop asks for the code.

  29. Anonymous says:

    How do i turn off windows configuration the wireless settings? The problem is i have three routers called “linksys” in my buillding and windows only shows one “linksys”, and it’s the wrong one. I would like to use my wireless software to configure my connection and not windows?

  30. cindy says:


    I have a relatively new Dell Inspiron 14 inch laptop which is pre-installed with Windows 7. I’ve used it at home and the wifi connection is doing well. However, when I try other places such as cafes (requiring codes) or other public lounges that are open (No codes required), each time I try to connect, it reports that there is limited access or no internet access. Note that the signal strength is very strong. I’ve tried at least 3 different places with the same problem happening.

    I too am confused with the terms homegroup, workgroup and public group. why can’t it just automatically connect? is there a way i can just fix the settings so that wherever i am, i can connect automatically?

    i really need help and since i am not techno-savvy, it would be nice to use layman’s terms 😀 Thanks in advance!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 14 along with a Mini for my parents.
    I have a Belkin G Router connected to a desktop computer and a Rogers High-speed modem. Now the problem is that whenever I connect to my wireless network, I can use it just fine for about 10 minutes, and then it starts to disconnect me, and this happens every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it says “limited access”, and sometimes it just says “No internect connection” and I disconnect from the network and connect again, and I can use it again for 5 minutes, and then it’s back to square one.
    My sister has an Inspiron 15 from about 3-4 years ago, but she always has connection, and we both use the same network. Also, sometimes all three laptops are running, but I am the only one who does not have connection, or on and off connection.
    Can anybody help me with this? My sister said something about going to the “run” program on my computer, but she did not know what to run.

  32. Jack says:

    I am detecting several networks surrounding my home. How do I set up my computer to only connect to my wireless network. I have been having problems connecting to the network. It will say “limited access” and i have to disconnect and connect several times before I pick it up.

  33. ky says:

    ive just got a hp mini netbook but it was on windows 7 starter so i downloded utimate and now it wont go wireless and wen i put my eternet cable in it sill wont work it got the red x everyyime plz help

    • Ciprian says:

      Have you installed the drivers for it? From your description of the issue it sounds to me that you do not have the correct drivers installed for your network cards (both the wired and wireless one).

    • Rick says:

      Windows 7 Ultimate won’t work on a mini. Windows 7 Starter is all you can use (or go back to XP). The minis just arent powerful enough. You can try to upgrade your RAM, but I still think your going to have problems, stick with what came on the netbook.

  34. Nikole says:


    So, my problem is my wireless internet is saying i have “limited access” and won’t even let me on the internet. I have no idea what to do and I am hoping someone might.

  35. Anonymous says:


    I have a Dell Inspiron 14 lapotop (with Windows 7). I tried to connect the laptop to the internet using my Nokia mobile through Bluetooth and also WiFi, but I was not able to connect to the internet by any of the two means.

    “Unable to detect the driver” message is displayed when trying to connect through the Bluetooth and “Couldnot find the adaptor” message was displayed when trying to connect through the WiFi.

    Also please let me know how to find the security key while trying to set up the wireless connection. All the connections expect mine gets displayed while trying to connect to the wireless network.

    Someone pls help me in this regard.

  36. Adam says:

    Hey guys, my netbook wont connect to a specific wireless station(my own station), my other laptops and phones with wifi can connect to my station but my netbook cant. I keep trying and it doesnt connect. But i can use other peoples internet, please help me guys i tried restarting router and everything. It doesnt seem to work i have no idea whats wrong

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Can you share some screenshots, error messages, etc?
      So that we understand better what is happening? Simply saying you can’t connect doesn’t help much.

  37. RedSoxDog says:

    My parents are trying to connect to a wireless network in their vacation rental. Instructions were left for them that include a “PIN” for the wireless router, but Windows 7 will only permit them to connect using a network security key, which is apparently different, and which they do not have! When Windows 7 gives them the option to enter a PIN (because that option doesn’t come up every time), they enter it, hit next, and then get a message that says something to the effect of “Windows 7 cannot get the network settings from the router. Connect using a network security key instead.” While the PIN is listed on the router, the network security key is not listed anywhere on the router itself (believe me, I have had them read every sticker to me), and the instructions for the rental unit’s wireless connection specifically say, “enter this PIN: xxxxxxxx”. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I’m at a hostel in Europe. the wifi here works and I’m able to connect(typing this message on it) but my friend is unable to connect. the trouble is that when he goes to connect, there is no prompt for password. he has cleared his preferred networks, but the problem persists. I’m assuming he needs to update his drivers or something, but as he has not internet access or any removable media with which to transfer them, it is troublesome. Is there any other solution that would work? I have gone through the network settings and everything looks good to my untrained eye, but…
    Any help would be appreciated.
    – A

  39. LIBISH.P.A says:

    thank u very much its worked

  40. Greg says:

    I have a new MacBook Pro with Windows 7 installed. Unfortunately I bought my Windows in China, so all the instructions etc. are in Chinese.

    I have the same problem as many others. When I type in the password, a screen comes up asking for some kind of verification. One is user name, the other is password. Of course I have no idea where I am supposed to get these things from. Using the computer user name is useless.

    I am using the company’s wireless network with Mac OS with no problem. I’ve asked our system administrator and he can’t figure it out. Our router isn’t supposed to ask for verification, and none of our office computers need it. But Windows 7 does!

    I tried the troubleshooter. It told me to go to a folder and open it (I think it was personal settings or something). But the folder was empty. End of the road.

    I am convinced this is a Windows software problem. Otherwise it wouldn’t just be afflicting my particular computer. (Everyone else uses XP).

  41. Harold says:

    I have a Toshiba with Windows 7. When I change my wireless network to anautomatic connect it keeps reverting to manual after rebooting.

  42. Greg says:

    Well, I’ve solved the problem (or at least someone solved it for me).

    It’s necessary to go into the system and set up a new wireless network connection, specifying that no user name is needed and inputting the password. (I can’t give details, just the general concept).

    It would be nice if the system would help you out on this, instead of just leaving you to flounder around trying to figure out why it’s asking for a user name. Windows is as user-unfriendly as ever. But the problem is resolvable!

  43. DF says:

    I’m relatively knowledgeable about computers and the like, so I’m a bit embarrassed to be asking such a simple question, but I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again (what should work) to no avail.

    I set up my router (netgear) using WPA encryption and set it up myself, and everything worked just fine. But, my Nintendo DS is only compatible with Shared-Key WEP encryption, so I altered my router configuration (properly I might add, since my DS works fine now) to WEP encryption. I deleted my old network settings, redid everything, and input the same settings, WEP key and all, into the new network profile.

    Every time I try to connect, it tells me that “windows doesn’t recommend this setting”, and that I need to adjust the settings. I’ve repeated the above steps 5 times now, so i KNOW i’ve done them properly, yet it’s still giving me this stupid “we don’t recommend this” message and not connecting me despite the settings being correct. I’m quite frustrated and at my wit’s end, any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to have to change my data encryption back & forth everytime i want to use my DS…

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Does your router support the feature of creating “guest” network access which is shown as a separate wireless network with different encryption? On my Belkin router I can do this, so that I setup an older encryption standard, so that it works with devices like the DS.
      The good thing about guest access is that the devices connected via this separate network do not see the computers on my home network – it’s like they are on their own separate network, with no access to the others.

      • DF says:

        Yes, I’m in my router setup right now and i see that option. Under that option, I’m given the same choices for encryption as in the main menu – it seems to be what you’re describing. So, if I change my original network back to WPA so it’ll work with windows 7 on my laptop, i can create a guest network with WEP encryption for my DS?

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          Yes. That’s correct. You can set WPA for your home network and a different type of protection for the guest network. Or at least this is how it works on my Belkin. Should work on your router too.

  44. Anonymous says:

    when i follow the instructions i open up that box where the list of connections should be but there are no connections all it says is Broadband Connection and i dont know what that is. please help?

  45. sway says:

    I have a problem my network key keeps on changing every time that I connect even though i entered the correct keys and save the.. what should i do to keep my setting?

  46. sunil says:

    i was truying hard to get internet connecyrf via wi fi on my laptop. i am from india. i tried many options after searching on internet via eyhernet. nothing worked. then i opened the modem company website and downloaded their manual and believe me it took just two steps. nothing changed to my setting in windows 7.

  47. Anonymous says:

    effortlessly? are you KIDDING? I have spent hours trying to get my new windows 7 laptop to connect to my wireless network, and it is still not working. I cannot see any of my neighbors networks, nothing. I dont know if its a windows problem or my new laptop is a piece of ^%$## , but your “effortlessly” comment is a slap in the face. does microsoft pay you to say stuff like that? The windows 7 troubleshooter is wortless, it keeps telling me my wireless is turned off, when i have the switch turned on. commenting on this useless article was “effortless”

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      If you cannot see the wireless networks of your neighbors and the troubleshooter tells you the wireless is turned off, then it means that:
      1. you have your wireless network card turned off and you need to check both in BIOS if it is enabled, and also in the Network devices panel if it is turned on OR…
      2. you have the wrong drivers installed for your wireless network card and you need to uninstall the current ones and install the correct ones.

      While I understand your frustration, I do not appreciate your offensive comments. We are not paid by any company to write tutorials. The only money we make is through the ads on this site and through our book. We are simply doing our best to help people.

  48. Meg says:

    Alright, so i just got the new Pavilion dv7 (dv-4177ca) and when i connect to my wireless internet it does work, but when i log off of my laptop or restart it I can no longer connect to my wireless connection. I sit and wait for it to say connected as i have clicked automatically connect. I then click on my wireless connection and press connect. It then tells me it cannot connect. So i go into my networks and sharing center to remove it from there. I restart me laptop log back on and have to retype my password each and everytime to get it to work. Even then my wireless connection sometiems does not work. What can I do to fix this problem? I do not want to have to do this to use my internet !!

  49. Inspiron 15R says:

    i have Dell inspiron N5010 but i am not be able to connect via wifi.. i have also install its drivers but still not working. And when i locate the place where the driver is unzipped and i try to open Setup is says ” This software package cannot be installed on your system .”

  50. shaju says:

    HI, Is it possible to transfer files from one computer to another using wifi and no internet connection is provided. I would like to connect two systems for file transfering. Is it possible? pls help me

  51. Adrian says:

    I have a toshiba Qosimo running windows 7.

    I have limited connectivity to the internet both wirelessly and when connected directly via Lan cable (and the same when I tried a USB wireless device).

    I have a realtek RTL8191SE network adapter for wireless and a Atheros AR8131 adapter for LAN

    my wifes dell connects fine running windows 7 also.

    But I think I have no IP address.

    I have dtried disabling adapters,
    uninstalling Norton

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      By disabling network your adapters, you will never be able to connect to the internet. They need to be turned on.
      In order to help you, you need to describe in detail exactly what you are doing and what error messages your receive. Also, what exactly do you mean by “limited connectivity”?

  52. Brayden says:

    Hi I’ve been having this problem for a bit, when I try to connect to my home wireless network, I type in my security key and it is connecting but then it says “Windows was unable to connect to” and then it says my network but obviously not gonna say what’s it’s called haha and underneath that it says “Troubleshoot problems” and “Tell me
    More about Internet connection problems” and when I press troubleshoot problems it still doesn’t work when I try to connect.

    Plz help I need the Internet for
    My homework ty

  53. rafael says:

    please help!i ha a Toshiba with windows 7 installed and im trying to connect to my neighbor wifi, but i cant it always say no internet access, but when my friend come with his lap top it works fine. When i connect to other wifis it works perfectly, why cant i connect to my neighbors?.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You cannot connect to your friend’s wifi because you do not know his password. Without a password, even if you somehow manage to connect to his wireless network, you will not have internet access. He can connect to it because he knows the password he set for his wifi.

  54. Hans says:

    Hello all,

    most problems on the forum concern laptops, notebooks where is says, “manage wireless networks” in “Network and sharing center” but I just bought an HP-PC with windows 7 premium where it doesn’t have that option. I have a notebook with vista and no problems at all finding my wireless router. But the PC cannot find it, although it’s 2 yards away from the wireless router.

    Can somebody help me?

  55. Laura says:

    When trying to connect to a secured wifi internet (going to a friend’s with wifi) it asks for the NETWORK KEY instead of the password for the internet. It does have tabs at the top saying USERNAME/PASSWORD but the only option it gives me is to type in the NETWORK KEY. I have tried typing in the password in the key and it does not work. It is very frustrating when you can not get wifi even when you have the password. I have no idea how to fix it. I have a Dell Vostro 1500.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Can you share some screenshots of the windows where you are asked for passwords and the errors you receive?
      It is hard to help out without seeing what is actually going on.

      • Laura says:


        This is the page that comes up after choosing a network to connect to. The networks are secured but I have to password and can not get to the place to put it in.

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:


          First of all it looks like you are using Windows XP. Therefore this guide we published is not useful to you.
          Second – you are using a custom piece of software to connect to the wireless network. Which should work fine but…

          What do you mean by password? Is this password the key set for the wireless network you are trying to connect to?

          Or is it the password for your own user’s account, defined on your own computer?

          • Laura says:

            The password I am referring to not working is the password to the wireless network. It is asking for the Network Key instead of the password.

          • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

            The term for the “password” used by a Wireless network is the Network Key. That’s the “scientific” name of it. If you insert the password that is setup for that network, it should work.

            Unless: you are trying to connect to the wrong network (for which you don’t have a password) or you have a wrong password or you typed it wrong.

  56. Anand says:

    I’ve got Windows 7 installed on my 2 laptops connected through a wifi-router for internet. I’d like to share files between the laptops, But it asks for some password which I presume not to have created before. PL help 🙂

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      When does it ask you for a password? When you connect to the wireless network? When you connect to a file shared on the other computer?

  57. Alan says:

    I have a hanspree netbook and it has no problem connecting to my wireless network but says internet connection not available but is connected to network how can I enable this?

  58. Remy Wandby says:

    I am having trouble connecting to my home internet even after this websites help. When i press connect on my home network it does not come up with a spot for me to insert the password. Can anyone help me with this issue?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Are you sure you are choosing your own network and not another (from a neighbor or something like that)?
      Also, are you getting any error messages? Does it connect to that network you selected, even though it doesn’t ask for a password?

      • Remy Wandby says:

        Yes, i am definite that the network i am trying to connect to is my home network. I am recieving an error message. It says in one of those speech bubbles that “the computer is unable to find a certificate to get you connected” or something similiar to that. It does connect to the network but does not let me use it and comes up with error messages.

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          This might be stretched but maybe, maybe… your wireless connection from Windows 7 is trying to use 802.1X authentication when actually your network is not using this kind of authentication.

          Go to: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
          Then, in the left pane, click Manage wireless networks.
          Double click on the wireless network giving you these errors. This opens its Properties window. There, go to the Security. If you have in the Security type filter the value 802.1x, then change it to the actual security type your network uses. Then, complete the other details correctly and click OK.

          If this doesn’t work, simply remove your wireless connection from Manage Wireless Networks, and follow the procedure from our tutorial to re-detect it and connect to it.

          I’m hoping this helps. Let me know if it worked and which of the two solutions worked.

          • Remy Wandby says:

            Thankyou so much! Ive been trying forever to do that. Thanks.
            Sorry i didnt see that message for a while.

  59. andrew says:

    when i click the connect button, the connections window instantly closes and it doesnt connect. please help!!!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Are you trying to connect to a known network or some public network you found and know nothing about?

      • andrew says:

        yes, the network is my router that i always use, it does this for any adapter i use for any connection – wheni click connect the box closes and it doesnt connect….it must have something to do with windows

  60. bob says:

    When I open my new Asus net book with windows 7, I can see my wireles net work. Strength is excellent. I am not asked for a password or any codes on my Verizon FIOS router. I can only connect 1 or 2 times out of 10 tries. When I do get on, I’m only on a short time before I’m disconnected. So basically 80 percent of the time I can get connected. Diagnostics says to turn the modem off for 10 secs. turn it on and try again. That never works. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your time.

  61. Bob says:

    I meant to say that 80 percent of the time I Cannot get connected. Some articles say cordless phone can cause problems. There is no cordless phone near the router, but there is in another room near by and in other rooms of the house, just like in most houses. Can the cordless phones be causing the problem of intermittant connection. Could the new P/C be the problem.

  62. W says:

    Hi guys
    I had an issue that I was trying to connect to my friends WEP wireless network, but when I tried to click ‘connect’ from the bottom right hand wireless bar, it went straight to troubleshoot and not the ‘enter security key’.

    By going to network and sharing centre>set up a new network>manually connect to a wireless and typing in the name, type and security key, the network will set up. You may have to open the network properties to ensure that the security key has been saved. Finally refresh the wireless connections. Worked for me.

  63. Bisma Samana says:

    I just re-installed my windows and now it doesn’t show wireless networks. On the task bar it shows a cross on the wireless network icon instead of an *. What to do?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      That cross means that your wireless network card is not turned on.
      Look for a button to turn on the wireless on your laptop. If it is turned on, look to see if you need to enable it in your BIOS or if you need to install updated drivers for the wireless network card.

  64. Hibiki says:

    HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7.
    I am unable to connect my new HP laptop to my home network (Linksys router) under any security mode (preferably WEP). I could see my SSID in the list but when I try to connect, it only give me the error “Windows was unable to connect to xxx”. Please help.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Please look through the articles suggested in the troubleshooting section of this article. They might be able to help you identify the source of the problem.

  65. Monica says:

    My wifi connection is set to connect automatically. I want to change it to manually connect. How do I do that?

  66. dwivedi jitendra says:

    Dear friend, i have my key of bsnl network wifi modem bt i am unable to connect wireless, pls suggest me i’m fed up with jumble of wires pls help me.the wireless network also not shown in manage wireless network, i have added this manualy. thanks

  67. Joyce Yarrow says:

    I have an HP Mini and wireless connections work just fine at home and in coffee houses, but when I am in India I am often not able to connect to wireless networks in the hotels. Probably incompatible routers – but I’m wondering if there is a solution I haven’t thought of. Sometimes I can work around this by telling Windows Starter that the network I’m trying to connect with is Office or Home – but I’m not sure how to do this consistently. Any ideas? thanks.

  68. Leah says:

    Hey, I really hope someone can help with this because I am all outta ideas!

    I have just set up a wireless network, and my phone (android) can connect to it fine with the correct wep key, but my laptop (windows 7) cannot. it sees the network but when I try to connect it does not ask for a wep key, it just tells me it cannot connect. I have tried going into the ‘network and sharing center’ and connecting manually but no dice! Please help, I am clueless!

  69. Sarah says:


    Please can you advise as to what I am now doing wrong – I have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7. My wireless connection was working fine, but now it just states “Limited Access” – but the signal strength is showing as excellent.

    It also states “Unidentified Network”, “no network access”

    I am going through an Edimax wireless 3oom range extender/ap & the WLAN is flashing orange.

    Once conection is established I then log into BTOpenzone

    Are you able to advise why I can no longer get a connection?

    Many thanks

    Kind regards


    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      At the beginning of this article, there is a section called Troubleshooting Problems with a Wireless Network. Please read the articles recommended there. They might be able to help fix your problem.

  70. Aditya says:

    Sir i have a inbuilt laptop wifi
    priviously when i had meego i could connect to open wifi spots
    but now in windows 7 even after installing network adapter it shows secured and not secured networks but cannot connect
    some requires password and some dont
    plz help!
    i need it!

  71. Tara says:

    I just moved to new place and they have internet and she gave me the network password but I still not able to connect.What should I do? Thanks

  72. zone says:

    I’ve also had difficulty connecting to wireless networks, even when I know the password. It’s nuts. My iPhone/iPhone immediately identify a new network and ask if I want to join and upon entering the password, I’m in. No hassle whatsoever. With my Windows 7 laptop, it seems even something simple like this turns into a project. My next computer will be an Apple. It’s exactly this kind of hassle that makes my eyes roll back in my head when people harsh on Apple. If you have significant tech skills and want to jump through hoops just to join a wireless network then maybe Windows if fine for you. It’s like a mechanic arguing that it’s better to have to repair car every couple of days because the trade-off is a design that allows them to tweak the engine detonation so that they get an extra 1 mpg under certain conditions. I don’t want the ability to tweak things to the nth degree. I want something that’s easy and fun to use and is low maintenance. I want to use my computer to do things, I don’t want messing with my computer to be the thing I do.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      While I understand your frustration I must say… Windows has nothing to do with your problems. With a Mac you are not guaranteed to be safeguarded from such issues, either.
      Can you share your problem instead? What are trying to do, what errors you receive?

      • Aditya says:

        my problem is i get a list of wifi connection but when i try to connect it doesent
        it requires a password for every connection
        i have downloaded a cracker- aircracker but its not working
        what should i do
        i have installed the compatible driver wireless
        plz help
        thank you!

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          If you do not have your own wireless network or a network to which you’ve been given the access details by someone, there’s nothing you can do.

          You will be able to use your laptop only to connect to public wireless networks which give free Internet access, like those you can find in libraries, airports, cafes, pubs, etc.

  73. Albert Resendes says:

    My wife’s HP laptop was happily connected to my wireless network until a few days ago when it refused to connect. I have another laptop, a desktop, and an iPad which are still happily connected. My wife’s laptop will still easily connected to my sister’s wireless network (and to other nearby unsecured networks), but not to mine. I’ve tried everything suggested on this website and on others, but nothing works. Any thoughts?

    • Aditya says:

      I can only say that try to reset the wireless driver all you router components along with that.
      try to connect to your wifes laptop by yours
      just try it i have never experienced this situation!

      • Albert Resendes says:

        Thanks. That didn’t work. But about a week after my wife’s laptop computer wouldn’t connect to my wireless network, my computer and iPad, continued to connect to my wireless network, but I could no longer connect to the internet. Assuming Comcast had an outage due to the bad weather, I contacted them (no outage) and they helped me determine that my router might be bad. I bought a new router and now my wife’s laptop and the other computers connect to the wireless network and the internet. Seems like the problem may have been due to a slowly dying router.

  74. Eddin says:

    hey … I’m confused as i have a freak problem in my wireless security key …. at home my laptop doesn’t accept the right security key of my wireless router but it asks me to write it again ,,, and when i write a wrong one which is 7 numbers it accepts but it doesn’t connect completely … i tried many ways like removing and trying to access again but it doesn’t work too. do u have any solutions for my problem ?
    thanks anyways 🙂

  75. Jay says:

    Trying to link my new laptop to my Dlink wireless router and instead of asking for a security key, it’s asking for my user name, password, and domain name. Please help!!

  76. syeve c says:

    My mum has an asus which is great but she has to put in her wireless security key in everytime. when finding her wireless it should come up automatic but it doesnt. other wireless networks gives her this option but hers doesnt. is there any way she can set this to automatic. shes finding it a pain and knowing computers so would i. any ideas plese, thanks.

  77. Ed Sheeran says:

    hi mine doesnt have the little symbol on the desktop

  78. heaven says:

    my Dell Inspiron Windows XP laptop says that it is connected to the internet with great access. but my computer still somehow won’t let me go to any websites. the modem , router works. i even tried manually typing in my IP address along with the gateway code. i’m familiar with command prompt . please help !

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Look at your browser settings. Is there any Proxy being setup, any weird network connection setting? That might be the root cause to your issues.

  79. Teresa says:

    I just received my Dell Laptop with Windows 7, I seem to be connected to my Belkin router, however, I can not access any websites, any ideas?

  80. Michal says:


    I was using my computer with cable before, now that I wanted to us wireless a problem appeared. Im on Windows 7. So i find my network on the list and click connect. when then i make an attempt to give the password from my router the messager i get is: “Security passprase or key is incorrect for selected network”. Ive made sure the password is typed in correctly considering all the case options. Ive tried to reconfigure manually encryption settings too and no use. Any suggestions ?

  81. odizzle says:

    are IP addresses “fictional” made up as the connection on my laptop’s Local Area Connection captures a signal on the network..Reason I ask is because I had the same issue as above however nothing above help until I duplicated all but one number in the IP stream, keeping everything else the same. Thank you kindly for the assistance

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Can you better explain, with more details what you did and what were the exact problems you encountered?

  82. Sandri says:

    Hi, I have a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows 8 phone. I can make my phone a hotspot and my laptop connects to it easily, but it only lasts 5 minutes before my laptop loses the connection and then restart itself! Any ideas?

  83. saranya says:

    I’m using a win7 and I have prob with ma WiFi connection. I can use internet via Ethernet but couldn’t establish a WiFi in my laptop but my tab and mob work in WiFi. I’ve tried many ways but I couldn’t detect my router and couldn’t set a manual connection as well. But my network adapter shows a status active but doesn’t show ssid nd ipv6 ipv4 are not connected. When troubleshooting it shows Der s a prob with pilot in network adapter but the pilot is also updated. Can anyone help me to fix tis issue plz

  84. Viola Woida says:

    OK so my laptop says there are no connections available which I know for a fact there is. Its also not allowing me to troubleshoot the problem. Please help? Thanks

  85. arvind says:

    sir, i don’t see my mobile broadband connection sign. which was appear in right side of my screen but now only a monitor sign apear for internet but mobilebroadband sign(like momile network sign in our mobile) does not apears..please help me

  86. Mary says:

    We had a power failure due to a storm and our office lost power. I have an HP officejet pro 8600 n911h printer. When the power came back on this morning I can get on the internet but can not print from my computer. The printer is not connected to the network and I don’t know how to connect it.
    We have a Mac computer with windows 8 on it.

  87. Jamie says:

    Wow, thank you so much!! I’ve been researching this issue all day, this article was the answer! Thank you so very much for this I can breathe a little easier now. TBH I think the reason was that I was using a capital letter with my network password, but either way I’m not changing a thing from now on..lol

  88. Ramya says:

    I have two laptops. One of them is connected well with the internet and the other is not getting connected though the signal strength is full. What could be the issue?

  89. Sue says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I shared it with a co-worker. Meanwhile I’m astounded with all the comments expecting help connecting to other people’s networks. Get your own internet connection! Or go to the library and connect. Unreal

  90. Ahmad says:

    My PC is Not showing any Wireless networks in win 7.There Are Only Wire connections That I have Connected But There IS Not Any WIFI Connection.Please Help me

  91. Haritesh rathod says:

    Is this the info for wondows 7 professional

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