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  1. Ashlea says:

    I just updated my computer to Windows 10 and when I close my laptop if resets the settings for the mouse every time. I don’t know how to fix it!

  2. Kristy says:

    Updated to Windows 10 and when I change the mouse properties for Synaptics TouchPad V 7.5 on PS/2 Port to scroll – that dialog box has an active “apply” button, but the earlier one for mouse properties does not have “apply” enabled. So, the setting works until I close down and the setting is not fully applied, I must reapply with each start up. How can I make this apply even after shut down?

  3. Ben says:

    I just updated to Windows 10, and now my trackpad is pretty much unusable. If I actually “click” the primary button on the trackpad, it doesn’t work properly, but if I just barely touch the button, it actually selects things or highlights EVERYTHING. I made sure the click-lock is off, but it won’t stop. It has caused me to accidentally send emails and makes pretty much any task unbearable.

  4. Sharon says:

    Touchpad on Windows 10 is incredibly frustrating, as with another comment I had fixed my settings to deactivate the double tap and hovertap options on the pad preferring to tap the mouse when needed but started the laptop today and it had reverted to much annoyance.

  5. Geno says:

    I hate tap…I take it off and everytime I shut down or even just close the laptop while live it puts it back on. Cant find any info to fix this. Really really frustrated with this. About to go to Mac soon!

  6. rory says:

    So how do i change what the ‘mouse scroll’ button does? it’s a Microsoft mouse and you’ve made the mouse scroll also a button, but yet you’ve not given us the option to use it? Trying to simplify settings too much? Why not make it activate the Task View?

  7. Marlo says:

    the mouse scroll function won’t work with this upgrade. once i shut down the computer and then turn it back on, all of the settings revert back to the original. it does not save any settings. DO NOT LIKE WINDOWS 10.

  8. Vishal says:

    Above same mouse scroll problem with me after upgrading to windows 10.

  9. Mark says:

    I have same problem with settings going back to default at every start up, very annoying. Need a solution

    • Fred teubert says:

      You have to go through the device manager and roll back the touchpad driver and it will work fine.

  10. Jeff says:

    I have an Asus G751 laptop and when I set the mouse to be left handed, the touch pad tap becomes a secondary click action instead of remaining a primary button action. Is there a way to flip the buttons but leave the touch pad tap to behave normally as Windows 7 used to do?

  11. michael says:

    Ok so I have a Toshiba laptop, updated It to windows 10 and I changed the setting where It makes a delay with your mouse when you press a keyboard button but It doesn’t go away and it stays the same even though I changed the setting to no delay (always on).

  12. Connie says:

    I cannot click on anything without a working mouse keypad. I have no plug in mouse. I am using a borrowed pc.

  13. ginger says:

    i upgraded from windows 8 to 10 and 2 days later my cursor will not stop blinking. how can i stop this it is driving me crazy.

  14. ed says:

    Anyone know how to make the twin touch on a touchpad turn into scroll up/down? It acts as a right click now instead of a scroll. It is currently killing my life

  15. Jeanne says:

    I also have a Toshiba laptop, upgraded to Win 10 and lost function of mouse. I can tab to control center and activate the trackpad (EACH TIME I TURN ON THE PC) but the buttons do not work……what is interesting, everything works fine until I put in my password and Windows opens up. I left the PC world for Mac a long time ago because of stuff like this….please help.

    • Fred teubert says:

      I have walked many through and it’s worked every time. Call me at 608 350 6955 I can help.

  16. Hattie says:

    Im really irritated with the new update. I have a Asus and like an idiot decided to let it upgrade to windows 10 the night before the first day of school. I let it update over night so when i woke up this morning and tried to operate it i was sorely confused. Beyond the odd new layout and the weird set up was the fact my mouse didnt work. I could move it at the log in screen but once i got to my account it wouldnt even show up. I looked through several help sites until i finally found one that showed me how to turn it back on. I was crazy happy to be able to move my mouse again, but its useless considering the fact it wont click on anything. I cant find anything that tells me how to fix it. I wish i had never bothered with the update.

    • Simlyn says:

      I think the rollback drivers for the mouse under device manager is the best solution. I have an Asus too and I did roll back my drivers and i can use my mouse again. Go the device manager, look for the drivers for mouse, click properties, drivers and you will see the option that says roll back drivers. Click on it and let it ask you to restart your pc. Do just that and the mouse function should come back on.

      • Brittany says:

        I also have an Asus and did as you said to fix my touchpad and mouse control but now every time I close my laptop when I open it back up there are Google Chrome windows opened with like 50 tabs opened in them, have you had this problem?

  17. RayL says:

    This works 🙂
    Open up regedit.exe
    Navigate to:
    Note this is LOCAL MACHINE, not CURRENT USER.
    Look for a key in that Install folder called DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade
    Double click and change the value to 0

    • Sellenberger says:

      I have no SynapticsSynTPInstall on my computer I get as far as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE and that’s where it ends. Any suggestions

  18. Renee says:

    Updating to windows 10 is the wrost. I haven’t been able to use my computer in 2 weeks. So frustrating I’ve tried all above methods nothing seems to work. How do I reset upgrade. Where is this located—>Open up regedit.exe

  19. Jim Bob says:

    I have the SAME problem. I just updated and now I can’t use my mouse much even after reactivating some options! I’ve tried restarting and again have to tick off mouse options. Most of the options I need are already ticked off so I don’t understand why I can’t use my mouse normally. I’m pissed off as this has rendered my laptop unusable at the speeds I need for university and life!

    • Jim Bob says:

      Figured it out! I have a Toshiba so I went to their support site and downloaded the latest Elan Touchpad and now I’m back to normal. Well, I only restarted once so we’ll see after a couple more restarts I suppose!

  20. Hattie says:

    So the way i finally got back to my old system was getting to settings, selecting whichever folder has backup, update, or recovery. I dont remember which thing its under from there (in case you cant tell i blissfully found my way back already) but one of them (i think under recovery) has a separate button for going back to your old operating system. But hurry. It says the option is only available for a month after the upgrade. This is will keep it from restarting all way back to your very first system. You have to be plugged in and they ask why youre leaving but then after a fairly quick update youre home free.

  21. John Slatts says:

    How do I stop my touchpad zooming in and out on windows 10

  22. Julia says:

    HELP!! After upgrading to Windows 10, my mouse wont work as a mouse… If i click the left OR right buttons on my touchpad, the mouse scrolls. I can no longer use the mouse to select, resize, drag and drop, or any functions that I find to be normal. It’s so frustrating. Any idea how I can fix this problem?

  23. Lydia says:

    Just updated to windows 10 and cannot use my touchpad isn’t functional. The pointer does not appear on the screen. I had a similar problem as this once before when upgrading to windows 8.1 but this time I am unable to fix it.

  24. Lydia says:

    Have now fixed the problem.
    Go to settings, devices, mouse&touchpad, additional settings, ELAN, enable the touchpad, click apply (with mouse or touchscreen not touchpad) , hardware, double click touchpad in options list, change settings, driver, roll back driver, click okay and restart your computer. Hope this is clear enough.

  25. amalia says:

    mouse buttons and touchpad buttons are not linked… hence left-handed mouse and right-handed touchpad… anyone knows how to solve this?

  26. Natasha says:

    The “Additional mouse option” isn’t an option for me. It is light grey and I cannot even select it. My touchpad doesn’t work after about 30secs of windows being open. Is there any way to fix this. I’m on husbands laptop who will be heading back to work tomorrow so if anyone can help asap I’d really appreciate it.

    • Lydia says:

      I am just checking but have you connected a mouse to the computer to select the options? And what make is the laptop?

  27. Dee says:

    Please if anyone can help. I have a Toshiba, I up graded to windows 10 and my touch pad stopped working. Ive managed to get the curser on the screen again and moving but my touch pad buttons are still not working, and I don’t own a mouse.

  28. Kat says:

    I have a Lenovo and ever since I upgraded to windows 10 my touch pad does not work. It only works with a mouse which I do not want to use.

  29. Jeffery says:

    I just bought a new ASUS for school that came preloaded with 7, but with the option to upgrade to 10. Before the upgrade, I could scroll by dragging two fingers across the touchpad. The update appears to have removed that option, and the settings do not appear to have a way to make this happen.

  30. Sue says:

    Help! I upgraded to Windows 10 and lost the use of my touchpad. I was finally able to use a mouse to download a touchpad driver to get the touchpad to partially work. My problem is the right click button on my touchpad won’t allow me to copy and paste anything. I can now highlight text with the left button (thanks to the tip to uncheck “clicklock”) but when I right click to copy and paste that text, it simply unhighlights it. How can I restore the right click function? I now have the option to “Roll back the driver” but I’m afraid to apply that because I finally got the touch pad partially working and don’t want it to rollback to Windows 10 when it wasn’t working as that option wasn’t even displayed when I first uploaded Windows 10. This has been incredibly frustrating. The Toshiba site identifies my laptop as being compatible with Windows 10. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  31. Joe says:

    I am having the same problem as reported above – after the 10 upgrade, after I go in and configure the Touchpad, all the settings revert to default upon the next start up. It is Synaptics. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  32. Chris says:

    Thank you so much for this post!

  33. Clint says:

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this. My zoom feature on touchpad is out of control and it never fails I forget to change the settings at start up and accidentally zoom to unreal, unrealistic levels.

  34. Deborah J Brown says:

    Okay… it looks like plenty of people are having significant trouble with mice and touchpads – myself included – and I don’t see Microsoft posting any answers. The normal “fix” does not work for any of us… so what now? In order to get any functioning whatsoever I had to switch left/right mouse button but have no features normally on the right button – no copy and paste, can’t create shortcuts, change icons or anything. I could use it this way but it’s ridiculous to have to do that. Besides, this is a family laptop and not everyone is computer saavy enough to use keys to get to Control Panel when it automatically switches right/left buttons and nothing, including the keyboard, actually works.

  35. Greg C says:

    Can NOT scroll using mouse wheel after installing Win 10. It worked just fine before. Tried changing settings, and always hit “Apply” and “Ok”, but it still does NOT scroll. I HATE having to to go side of pages to scroll.

  36. mark says:

    I can’t get the mouse (actually trackpoint) buttons to switch and stay switched; or be switched consistently (sometimes it won’t be switched on Internet/Chrome). I HATE MICROSOFT and never wanted Windows 10. Can I go back to Windows 7? Will never buy anything from Microsoft; can’t stand them.

  37. Carmen says:

    just upgraded to window 10
    but i cant scroll the page by using touchpad now as before!!

  38. Syd says:

    I’m using a Toshiba Satellite C675 and once I upgraded to Windows 10 and reconfigured the mouse and touchpad appropriately, the mouse does not work for drop-down menus and scrolls down uncontrollably in some applications (spreadsheets and media player) and windows (computer list of files and folders). Have tried every suggestion with no success. When I remove the USB mouse, I am able to control the scrolling and make selections from a drop-down menu. It is very inconvenient and I’m hoping for a fix soon!

  39. Susan Carter says:

    cant get my mouse to work. Went to settings, device etc and look at my settings for mouse and all looks ok but when I click ok or apply nothing happens. please advise since this happened after the download of windows 10. thanks lots.

  40. Joe says:

    I like Win10 over Win8 in that it now resembles a desktop again and not a tablet OS. However there are a few things that are frustrating about it, such as lack of privacy, subscription software (more of an MS gripe), removing popular tools like Media Player and the one thing that fries my eggs… when I click the back button on my mouse, it closes everything to show the desktop, instead of performing the back button function in the browser. Microsoft is messing around too much with the little things that made our user experience smother, easier and more practical.

  41. Jay says:

    My mouse has three buttons and a scroll wheel. Because my left click is kinda touchy I changed my right to primary, that’s fine. My side button functioned as a ‘back’ button, I normally have it as the ‘right-click’ but windows ten won’t let me change it’s function but will still use it as a back button.

  42. david weiler says:

    i up grades to windos 1 its nice but some times my pointer roles the page to the bottom and wont work for a couple seconds than is eratic i fight with it and win but it slows me down a lot i tryed looking at setings and nothing seemed right any ideas?

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      I’m not really sure about what you’re trying to say, but have you considered a broken USB port, or maybe even a broken mouse?

  43. John Kastenholz says:

    I have a Toshiba Satellite with windows 10. I’m using a Microsoft wireless mouse 3500. How can I get the wheel to double click?

  44. Adahy says:

    This doesn’t show me how to do what I did in Windows 7 that I really want in 10: how to set the mouse to open icons with a single click instead of a double.

  45. andy says:

    Hi, I want to know how I can change the speed to blink of my cursor.
    Thank you!

  46. Cookie LaHa says:

    helpful article but not for me. I just want a BIGGER cursor – hard to find sometimes on the screen because it is so small. You use to be able to customize your cursor, but not anymore. I do not like this feature on Windows 10

  47. G says:

    I beg to differ- in Windows 10, you cannot configure every little detail of how your mouse works.

    Feel free, somebody, to show me where in Windows 10 I can now alter the behaviour of the middle-click- for instance to turn it back into a middle-click instead of emulating the Windows key on this P.O.S Lenovo rubbish I’ve been landed with.

  48. Roger says:

    You can configure every detail and the wheel still does not work in settings.

  49. no thanks says:

    This does not help anyone. Useless.

  50. rick says:

    How do I change from 2-click to 1-click for selections in Windows 10?

  51. Gerardo says:

    Really good article with very detailed explanations, thanks!
    However, I’m still unclear how do you configure a mouse that has more than 2 buttons?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you! We will update this article soon and hopefully we’ll answer your question. In short, you cannot configure the extra buttons directly from Windows 10’s settings. You can do it with the software offered by your mouse’s manufacturer, or with a third-party app such as X-Mouse Button Control.

  52. jp blanchette says:

    in bionic manager my mouse scrolls the page horizontally.
    right side scroll bar is missing.

  53. gail zivin says:

    How decrease mouse sensitivity? stop hover action?

  54. Ray Kline says:

    Yes, they fixed it up real nice, now the wheel can only be used to enlarge (temp as always) the picture if I press he control button simultaneously. Again making nice simple things more complicated.

  55. Anothuor says:

    I want both of my click buttons to be left click, and change my scroll button to right click. Is there any way to do this on windows 10?

  56. Shaun says:

    Windows 10, Microsoft mouse: I like using the wheel to “roll and scroll”. But I inevitably and unintentionally press the wheel downward, which enables “move mouse up or down to scroll”, and disables “roll and scroll”. I want to completely disable that “move mouse up or down to scroll” feature, but don’t know how to do it. Any ideas?

  57. Mike says:

    Thank You. Your info helped me greatly as I am NOT tech smart.

  58. kishor says:

    It’s really useful thank you

  59. Jan Oge says:

    How do you turn off the volume control with the scroll wheel. The DPI button does nothing. This is getting really annoying. I suddenly miss Windows 7.

  60. Mike says:

    Can’t seem to find any info anywhere about how the horizontal scrolling should work and how to set it. Devices > Mouse Properties > Horizontal Scrolling only shows the “number of characters,” but I don’t see where to change the wheel from Forward/Back to horizontal scrolling.
    : (

  61. Tragicmouse says:

    I want to say a HUGE thank you for this. Spent about two weeks trying to figure out why I couldn’t pause a video and this was the solution. Stupidly I even reinstalled Windows to no avail. Seems the mouse settings were what I needed to fix. Googled everything and just found this.


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