7 replies on How to change your user account password in Windows 10

  1. Thomas says:

    I forgot my local user password … how can I reset it? or can I reset it?

  2. zinbaad says:

    A useful and well expained article

  3. bob says:

    No explanation how to change the password of a local user from another user’s account. Specifically, if I normally use a Microsoft account, how do I set/change the password of an already established local user.

  4. Pete Tete says:

    This only works to change your online Microsoft Account password. It won’t change your local account password. I ran through both procedures above, and now my local account password and MS Account password are out of synch. The local one, which I used to change via CTRL + ALT + DEL on Win7, stubbornly refuses to change. How do I change just the local one, the password prompt I see when I turn the computer on?

    • Anonymous says:

      In our tutorial, we have a section called “How to change the password of your local account in Windows 10”. Please read it!

      • luke harris says:

        No, he clearly says that he tried both methods including the how to change password of your local account section, and it still wont change, u can go back to the login page and type in the same old password and it will still work, i have the same problem as he does, this tutorial/guide is completely useless

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is not this guide. The problem is that Windows 10 has a bug and caches the old password. I reported the problem myself to the Windows 10 product team. Not sure when they will provide a fix.

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