Download the Windows 8 Logo & Other Windows 8 Icons

Do you want to use the Windows 8 logo as an icon on your computer? Are you interested in using other icons found in the final version of Windows 8? We extracted, converted and packaged together some of the Windows 8 specific icons, in a way that works on all versions of Windows and other non-Microsoft operating systems. Check them out!


Here is how the icon with the Windows 8 logo looks at its maximum size: 256x256 pixels.

Windows 8 Icons Download

It looks much better than the one included with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Not only it scales better to bigger sizes, but it is also transparent and looks good on backgrounds with different colors.

Then, we extracted all the usable icons found in Windows 8. Unfortunately, many of them have a small size in pixels and cannot be converted so that they look good. That's why we chose only the icons which were big enough to be worth converting. They look good on any Windows desktop, even at the maximum size of 256x256 pixels. In total, we created 41 icons.

Windows 8 Icons Download

To download the icons, click on the link found at the bottom of this article. Extract the archive and start using the icons. To help you, we have created two useful guides on customizing icons in Windows:

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