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  1. john says:

    Excellent choice. Until recently, I was using Kaspersky, but I wasn’t happy with the performance impact their products had. Also, it seemed like Kaspersky was lowering the speed of my web browsing. I tried ESET after reading your review and managed to find a good offer online. Since then I’m using ESET, and I love it. The performance impact is low, I get complete control, and the feature you highlighted has helped me improve my router’s settings. I had no idea that it left its Telnet service open and ESET taught me that.

  2. Leo Graper says:

    I would like to see some proove of this statement, anybody can just say something, please provide a link with the test results…

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Hello Leo. If you read this article carefully as well as the articles we link to in this article, you have all the answers you seek.
      1. In the post for giving this award, we highlighted some of the reasons why we chose ESET.
      2. We have a public review of ESET, just like we do for other products. This review was referenced in our announcement. You can find it here.
      3. We also published a large Excel spreadsheet where we compare all the security products that we have reviewed. This comparison is linked at the end of this article. You can find it here.
      4. We also have a summary of our testing procedure, detailed here.

  3. Leo Graper says:

    Thanks Ciprian,
    Found all the data, but like I said earlier, the other sites that give us info on AV and other software that I visit supply it in a different manner.
    I’m more-a-less used to reading the articles in sequence (which is done by most major Dutch sites), this is somewhat different way of making such an article.
    Although I know about your site for some time, this was the last couple of articles were interesting too me :-O
    Once again, thanks for replying on both places!
    Regards, Leo.

  4. Peter O says:

    It seems farcical to me that you make this award & recommend it without any word on cost or whether there is available free version.
    Most summaries of AV products compare free products because these are about 90% of installations.
    Cost & relative cost compared to the other AV’s should have been at least mentioned – Tha’s your job surely?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Free antivirus products don’t compare in terms of features and effectiveness with commercial products. Also, you should not rely on free antivirus products as your only method of securing your computers and devices.
      As for our award: we review commercial products, we classify commercial products and we identify the best commercial products.

  5. Sydney says:

    I subscribed to the paid version with the first month a free trial and it was absolutely the worst thing I ever did. In addition to a few other things, it did FUBARed my Outlook. I had to completely wipe my laptop clean, install a new operating system and when Outlook was reinstalled it was still FUBAR.

    Eventually I upgraded my laptop and took it to the Microsoft store to see if they could un-FUBAR when they reinstalled Outlook, and even after spending four months in and out of the Microsoft Store Hospital, it’s still a mess and the workaround is not only barely satisfactory, it has a negative impact on other processes, software, you name it.

    I cannot warn everyone strongly enough that ESET is a genuine threat and menace and not to use it.

    • Travis says:

      While it is sad to read you had a bad experience with Eset, there is no way Eset could effect a new install of your OS unless you reinstalled Eset a second time.

      Reads to me more of an issue with the laptop or a software config issue

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