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  1. Nick Partridge says:

    iOS upgrades just work. Android you end up waiting for the Manufacturer to never get round to it – I’m looking at you Samsung!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Upgrades can be troublesome, indeed.

    • mak says:

      What’s the interest in updates? Just to go faster?

      • Anonymous says:

        No. Security is highly important, as well as fixing bugs of all kinds, or improving the stability of your phone and the apps that you use.

      • Vedang Jaiswal says:

        If the iPhones will faster so what’s bad in that? There is only benefit, your life will be faster and happier.

  2. Andber says:

    iPhone is for snob peoples who will pay more for less,

  3. Greg Saddler says:

    Thank you for your honesty in your review. But the inability to move icons around on your home screen is incorrect, if I read that correctly. Just hold down the app til it wiggles and little X appears in the corner of the icon. You then should be able to move the app on the home screen as well as move it to any other screen. I would pursue Apple help files on this common task.

  4. tc says:

    You noted that transferring files is daunting on iOS. With Windows 10, you can just simply plug in your phone to access photos and videos as though it were a digital camera. Other media, such as music, you can not though.

    As far as the back button, generally developers are highly encouraged to keep the back button at the top left of the screen. Apps that are poorly designed are typically rejected from being published on the App Store as well. Additionally, many apps allow you to gesture from the left edge of the screen to the right to go back.

    One thing I’m sad you didn’t note is the security and privacy of iOS over Android.

  5. Donna Evans says:

    I LOVE your website!!!
    I’ve discovered over time that my Android has the ability to do everything that my mother-in-law’s Smartphone, (she receives a new one every year because she foolishly continues to get herself wrapped up in a AT&T contract. AND CANNOT FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW TO WORK THEM! ),can do with the exception of my LGX is not waterproof & although she has facial recognition, I have voice AND my Google app also acts like the home units where you ask it a question, it’ll answer, look you up anything, etc. And I got to choose Serri,(spelling?;the lady’s voice), OR, a man’s voice,(can’t remember his name), I just begin by saying, “Hey Google!”. That wakes him up. Even if my phone is asleep, he wakes up saying, “I’m here, what can I do for you?” I got to customize his responses, etc. I’ve also found over the years that the LG phones are the best of the Android family. The X in the LGX means xtra large battery and IT WORKS! I used to get aggravated at having to re-charge so much, even had to force stop Google Maps because that app until I was ready to use. That app uses alot of battery. But doesn’t bother this LGX! With over 4000 OM/MA! I’m on it constantly but only need to charge after aprox., 36-40hrs. of use! Hand to God! Love it! And it didn’t cost me HUNDREDS of dollars either. So, I’m good ?.

  6. mike peterson says:

    I have had android for many years moving with iphone in 2020.The android uses so much more internal memory just to operate the phone.I am deleting cache and app its really bad.Thanks for info.

  7. Maureen says:

    I have an android Vodafone VFD 513 and it does everything I need. Wifi,camera storage apps etc. I can’t understand why people pay thousands of dollars for iPhones. The differences may be good for some but Seem hugely overpriced. My

  8. Pavittar Pannu says:

    Android smartphones are good at their place but if you start using an iPhone you will surely start loving it . I think iPhone is better than all other androids because of it’s storage capabilities,security,privacy,best operating system and much more.I love its screen recording accessibility,health app and it provides best emergency calling facilities than all other android smartphones

  9. ThoroughbredWriter says:

    Clearly, written by an employee of Apple The whole bit about Androids being “a mess” is ridiculous–and not exactly science. Ridiculous Apple PR piece; Steve Jobs trained you well. 🙁

  10. Bill Tanner says:

    I am going to go back to Android. I like being able to add apps I want to add. Also Android is less expensive to upgrade.

    • Anonymous says:

      Android smartphones can be a lot less expensive. And some have good performance even though they are cheap.

  11. Jyothisri says:

    I agree,Android is less expensive compared to iphone. But it has more storage. It makes me happy whatever I want to install in Android.

  12. Bob says:

    Android is so much easier and cost less. Why spend more for nothing?

  13. Ms B says:

    I switched from an android to an Iphone and I found that, music is much easier to download on the android. You don’t need to download an app to download music to your phone. You just download it to the music app that’s already on the phone.

  14. whatidea1 says:

    Helpful info.: What is android one

  15. Michael F.Debo says:

    I have my 2nd Android. iOS & Android seem to be pretty evenly matched.

  16. Tunyo says:

    As i have android I probably won’t change fir s while. However, the iphone and iOS system is impressive.

  17. Shahab Khan says:

    iPhone is the best really

  18. Naomi Gordon says:

    I bought my first iPhone about five years ago. It was an iPhone 5s. What I liked about it as opposed to the android phone I had before is the look of it. There are two apps however that I will always keep. One app I like is the Gmail app. Another app that I like is YouTube. The Gmail app I can do so much more with it. The mail App on the iPhone is more simple.

  19. Kathryn Keithley says:

    It was very good

  20. Tam says:

    I found this while I was exploring whether or not I should switch to my first iPhone after years of using droids. I found a great deal on an iPhone so the argument of more expensive is off the list. I do love my back button on my Droid but the problem is if there is any kind of lag and you hit the back button sometimes it will take you back umpteen pages when you don’t want to do that. Generally speaking my problem isn’t with my phone it’s with my network. It took me 8 minutes to send a text tonight I used to write letters faster than that.

  21. Srinivas R says:

    Very good comment ilike it thank u

  22. Jeannette says:

    Oh my

    I’m in the process of switching from android phone to ios as I type, its from my android. I must take things off of android and put them on my I phone 12. The apps that didn’t transfer during that process.

    Does anyone have advise for me im finding it hard to pick up my iphone and supposedly is the top line in the iphone sense.

    Help would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

  23. Taiwo omoyelu says:

    Android phone are better I give them 95/100

  24. Sandi E Ryan says:

    I got an iPhone and had it for 2 months and could not figure it out or understand it. I went back to android right away. Also, I didn’t like when I had to switch from the keyboard to the numbers in an android you have the numbers on top of the keyboard which was much easier

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