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  1. Emil says:

    If someone looking for this tool in Win XP…

    Here it is:

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can you make a keyboard short cut for your private character?

  3. Anonymous says:

    how to select the font in Microsoft Word created in Private Character Editor?

    • Ciprian says:

      You cannot create fonts in Private Character Editor. You can create only characters and add them to an existing font collection. If you want to insert a character you created, use the keyboard shortcut you assigned to it. Read carefully, the tutorials covers also this. 😉

  4. David says:

    This tutorial is great and sheds more light on this Private Character Editor that I have recently discovered. Thanks.

    I am very cautious about putting new fonts and characters in documents. Once I made a nice font, included it in some documents, and sent the documents to fellow workers. They did not have my home-made font in their Windows systems, so somehow, Windows detected a legendary font similar to my home-made font, and used that instead. Then I realized I would have to send my new font together with each Word document I send, and explain to each recipient how to install my new font. Things get more complicated if I make a change in my home-made font.

    Concerning the Private Character Editor, I have some questions and concerns:
    * Concerning the option to “Link with all Fonts” or “Link with Selected Fonts,” what is the best practice. What are the guidelines for making this selection – link it to a legendary font such as Arial, or all fonts?
    * When I copy and paste my new character into a document, is it sent together with that document to other computers?
    * Questions concerning the character code address – I am very very cautious about this.
    # What would happen if, by accident, I selected an address that is a key figure, such as a capitol A, or a question mark? Would my new character overwrite that?
    # What would happen if someone else made a special character and assigned it the same address as my character? Would his or her character overwrite my character?
    # What if I need to make a change in my special characters? Do my changes get copied with the document and overwrite the old characters in the receivers computers?

    Perhaps I’m overly cautious, but I’m scared of doing some damage someplace. Perhaps these potential complications are the reason why this neat feature is not flaunted by Microsoft, and remains relatively hidden.

    Thanks again,

  5. Anonymous says:

    shame they couldnt overwrite a ALT+0000 position so it can be accessed by a shortcut. ☺☺☺☺ s`ʎǝ|ıɯs ǝɯ dı|ɟ ʇuɐɔ dı|ɟ ʇxʇ

  6. limfw says:

    Once the character is created, may I know how can I use it on another computer?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You should take the font to which you assigned that character and install it on the other computer. A tutorial which will be useful: How to Install, Remove and Hide Fonts in Windows 7.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a little slow I think,

        I don’t see any reference to the private character file in the above. It is attached to a font in the character map, do I just copy that font and put on another computer.

        Can I copy private fonts from Vista to Windows 7 (or even XP)?

        Also, in a prior question, I see shortcuts for ASCI fonts, but not for Unicode fonts, I see reference number/code, but no way to type that in to get the character(in this case the private character).

        Both answers are informative, but I don’t see that they answer the question?

        Thanks in advance

  7. anand says:

    how to copy pri
    vate character form one system to another system

  8. G Gálvez says:

    I can create a new character in Private Character Editor. And if I paste it individually in a Word document it looks fine. But if I want to paste it next to another letter or within a word it does not paste in the correct place. In short the tool Private Character Editor is entirely useless. Or, may be, I am not using it correctly. I am more inclined to believe it is useless. So a new font should be created from the ground up if we want to use special symbols. Am I correct? galar.edit@gmail.com

    • Glyn Davies says:

      I have tried this with same result.
      I went to Microsoft Technical Help
      & eventually one of their staff tried it,
      but had to admit defeat.
      The trouble is that there is no tool to
      move margins, as there is in Font Lab.
      My solution has been to use the free demo
      version of Font Lab & copy the same
      character several times, so at least one
      works well. (Wish I could afford the full
      version of Font Lab, which is much the best
      font creator.)

  9. Odean Hoss says:

    You wrote a very helpful article about the Private Character Editor. It’s been pretty useful so far. My question for you is this: Although I can access PCE via Help in Win 8 Pro, have you been able to find a quicker way to find it, and if not, is there a way, other than “pinning it” to the Taskbar, to put it on the Start page? It appears to me that Microsoft is either phasing this tool out, or just doesn’t want us to find it (along with several other items like System Restore). This all started when I was searching for a simple “check mark” to insert. I started looking around, and found it in the Reference window, listed as #2714. (I tried including a link to a screen shot of this, but it triggered the SPAM filter) If you’ve already written an article covering this, could I have a link to it, please?

  10. Neil Cook says:

    I’m running Windows 7 Professional and I can’t locate the Private Character Editor. I’ve looked under All Programs, even check Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows Features on or off, with no luck. Obviously, I’m missing something (in your instructions or in my version of Windows 7 Pro).

    • Neil Cook says:

      Sorry, followed the link to the Microsoft page on the editor and ran the exe. All works now. Put a shortcut for the exe on my desktop.

    • ttun says:

      It’s located under Accessories->System Tools

  11. Salai Dhiraviyam says:

    I created a private character and linked to particular uni-code font. I created a document with private character and it seems good in MS-Word. When I tried to print in “pdf” format some special characters printed instead of private characters.

    Help me to print the private characters.


  12. Megan Beiler says:

    I’ve followed all your instructions, but when I go to the Fonts drop down menu in Character Map, there is no All Fonts (Private Characters) to select!

  13. Noor says:


    I would like to know how these characters created in private character editor can be moved from one computer to another?

    Is there any way?

    Please help me

  14. Artemis Fowl says:

    This is an interesting insight, but I have 2 very big factors that don’t work with this.

    1. All the characters have a limit of 50×50 pixels when my characters specifically require 80×100 pixels in order to be seen optimally as they would be too small to see the details – which are quite important for my language.

    2. You can NOT create any characters in colour and are restricted to monochrome/black & white characters. This is particularly difficult and annoying as it is highly imperative for each of my characters to be in colour as most of them look very similar and the colour differentiation is the key to understanding whether it’s an s, k, u, or p…

    • Nova says:

      you cannot color characters on a website without the website doing the coloring. Thats just a computer/internet problem.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I find Private Character Editor to be ridiculous!…as every attempt to display a Private Character using the full 50×50 pixel allotment through Character Map, resulted in a distortion of the created final work! And this led me to speculate as to whether my PC pixel size, had anything to do with how the Private Character Editor gets converted to my specific PC pixel configuration!…and if so, every tutorial I’ve seen, makes no mention of this! But whatever the reason is for the translation failure, it’s a bloody waste of time to put effort into coming up with what appears through PCE as a work of art…but winds up, after translation, as a piece of shit! But, maybe part of the problem is saving the created Private Character as part of an existing Font!…or saving to “All Fonts”! Why can’t I save my created Font to a Font cache that’s specific to MY work!…named by ME!…and not filtered through someone else’s Font design, and description!

    Please!…no emails!

  16. Woodpelt says:

    my character map doesn’t have an “all fonts” section! help?

  17. Stephanie says:

    It is worthless. Good article, but it is pointless. Neither facebook nor twitter will show it properly. It will only show it if you use the font you have embeded the private character in… Otherwise it shows nothing.

  18. Nova says:

    Help, i’m making a new character, but all that shows up when i paste it is .

  19. John Morgan says:

    This is a great help article. Although, I can not find anything on ( how to delete new characters that I made ) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • djiango says:

      Select all with the rectangle tool, and press the ‘Delete’ button?

      Can anyone tell me why people keep saying, that the character is 50x50px.?
      Counting the grid, it has 64 points vertically and horizontally.
      Selecting the whole character with the rectangle tool, and copying it with ‘CTRL + C’ and then pasting it to an image editor, confirms that the character is 64x64px.

  20. Annie K says:

    I can’t seem to find this all fonts thing everybody keeps referring me to. This is my second tutorial and still no luck. How do I get it? Great article but no help if things aren’t available to me.

  21. Rambo says:

    Excellent user friendly article. Thank you. You made my life easier.

  22. Lonster says:

    I am successful at creating a font and can even see it in the character editor.
    I copy and paste it into Excel and it pastes nicely. I have the document set up to use the same character throughout my document. While this has been a success for me in the past, I now find that this one image does not seem to translate over to the other parts of the excel document. In fact, all that can be seen is a tiny square. I have done various things to alter the size of the character in PCE, but I still get the same results. Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are not doing anything wrong. This is a feature that is poorly supported by Microsoft and its products. Such problems happen frequently.

      • Lonster says:

        Here is how I resolved the problem:
        (1) I noted the hex code.
        (2) From within Excel, I went to the cell that would be used as a reference. Then I did ,

        I hope this helps!

        • Lonster says:

          Let’s try this again since the last post made no sense. I noted the hex code from within PCE. Then, from the cell that was to be used as a reference in Excel, I selected “Insert Symbol”, chose EUDC, selected the correct hex code and inserted it. Next, I clicked onto a properly formatted cell, then clicked “Format Painter”. Finally, I clicked onto the reference cell. This resulted in the reference cell showing my font and transmitting it to all shapes needing the referenced cell. I hope this makes sense and helps!

          • Anonymous says:

            Thank you for sharing the solution that you have found. Other readers may find it useful. 😉

  23. Nicole says:

    I saw some similar problems below but did not find my answer.

    I am struggling with getting my character to print, I can see it in word but I can not print to PDF or even just paper, it turns into boxes. The biggest struggle is that this works for other people in my company. It seems like when I switched my computer to Windows 10 machine, it stopped working correctly.

    We use Phrase Express also and within Phrase Express, the character shows up as boxes, but when I use a phrase and insert it to Word, it works. When I then try to print, it is back to a box.

    I have been working with IT for weeks on this and they have no answer for me. Please help!!!

  24. Hamel Novo says:

    Hi, how i can close letter together?
    How i can spread on website?

  25. Patrick says:

    I still don’t know how to edit a character I created.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to do this on Mac Catalina?

  27. NguyenTrongQuang says:

    This remains good.

  28. chethan says:

    please tell me how to use the character I created in eudcedit…so that I can use it anywhere like an own style symbol..please please reply to this…whenever I try to past it in email or in google..it appers like question mark…i made it to use it in free fire name…i know it seams like crazy..if u know anything that how can i create own symbol that can use in free fire/pubg names can it….reply

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