4 Comments to How to connect to an FTP server in Windows 10, from File Explorer

  1. carlos says:


  2. Sanjay Manohar says:

    This doesn’t always work in Windows 7 Home Premium. My problem was that every time I typed the ftp address in the folder path line, it dumped me into internet explorer’s FTP — which is no good as you can’t navigate on a tree, or drag/drop, or upload files by copy/paste.

    So the correct way to do this, in Windows 7 Home Premium, is to go to into “Map network drive” but then press “Connect to a Web site” — this allows you to get to the “Add Network Location Wizard” which was previously under “Network” in older versions of Windows. Here you can add the FTP site, which will then appear under “Computer” in Windows Explorer.

  3. Robert says:

    I have mine setup as described above, but I cannot delete files, only rename and copy. Any suggestions?

  4. Dan Chase says:

    Tried to connect to a FTP server and download a ton of files the other night, figured heck, I’ll try Windows 10’s built-in capabilities. Disappointed again! Connected fine, could navigate, but when I highlighted a directory of files, and tried to copy to a folder on my desktop it looked like it was going to try to copy it without giving me a progress bar.. I went to bed hoping it’d just take a few hours. This morning surprise! error! could not copy, no real error message to go on. Installing FileZilla.

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