6 replies on How to uninstall drivers from Windows, in 5 steps

  1. ProDigit says:

    Sometimes it doesn’t help, windows will just redownload, or reinstall the bad driver again.

    • jack says:

      The computer I am working on keeps loading and reloading the same driver for the wifi card. It calls it wifi card driver #2 each time so I know it is the same one. It keeps the bluetooth from working also. When I use the intel software to replace the driver it keeps failing whether or not I uninstall the bad driver. I have even reinstalled Win 10, again, it does not work. WUWT??

  2. Cuda Curl says:

    What do you do if you are not given the option to remove the driver?

  3. fred65 says:

    After removing the driver, then what? you still need to replace the driver. Download an updated driver directly from the manufacturer?

    • Anonymous says:

      Download an updated driver and install it. Or if the latest driver is troublesome, download an older one. There is no universal answer.

  4. Phillip Wang says:

    I tried to uninstall the HID-touch screen driver. I went to Device Manager ->Human Interface -> HID-Touch screen ->Uninstall driver . Everything went OK. It appeared removed. But later on it came back again. HELP!!!!

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