3 replies on How to change the search engine on Chrome for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

  1. Elise M. says:

    I hate this “Bing thing” (not Crosby) but IT keeps encroaching whenever it wants to causing much grief. Google, I’ve been in love with you & Chrome forever. You’ve always been my chosen & voted for default, but I’m constantly having to re-set you back! So I finally Impeached the Binghole! Well…bye-bye access to anything Google, restore dates, photos, etc. I went to ADD it below to the other section but not knowing the query jargon, it’s being a bigger spoiled bully than before….. then synced with my android, too! It must’ve known I was going to finally set up a TWITTER account to finally exercise my 1st amendment right. SO, long story short-ish, I broke down, went next door & Voila! SUCCESS! Here I come TWITTER! (Just so you know – I have NO social media anythings. None, ZERO, zilch. Nope, not even Facebook. I truly hope you can post this to help others without getting into trouble or you shutting off my account. Thank you, Digital Citizens. You ROCK!

  2. Rog says:

    I would like an article that rates the various search engines and explains what they were originally designed to research. Specific instructions as to how to set up and use with a VPN would be very helpful. Something aimed at a user and not full of technical terms would be appreciated (I am NOT a programmer, just a skilled end user). I like Google Chrome as it is easy to use and tends to find what I want despite my poor search input. Bing seems to find images and movies very well, Google Chrome’s presentation of this type of search result is just awful.

  3. Gene Jacobson says:

    I added Startpage (formerly Ixquick) as you suggested, it now shows in settings, under the defaults, but the only options in the ellipse are edit, remove. None for make default.

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