6 Comments to How to customize the Android Quick Settings menu

  1. Stefan says:

    Why don’t you show what all the quick settings options do?

  2. Kenneth Nahodil says:

    Lately the most used quick setting button is airplane mode has been turning itself on and off also the data has been doing the same thing

  3. Michael Njuguna says:

    I cant find the button screen shot/capture on my s8+

  4. don logan says:

    Thanks for the tips. The actual Samsung page last updated in 2020 had instructions for Android 6 or 7.

    Even worse I still could not find the setting. Turns out the “button order” setting after the three dots only exists in portrait mode. If you have landscape mode on it us just not there…

    Seriously, Samsung?

  5. Timothy Liveright says:

    Is there a way to create a quick settings button/icon that is not among those offered by default? For example, I would like to be able to turn wi-fi calling on and off as opposed to going the Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Calling route each time.

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