19 replies on 9 ways to turn the Windows volume up or down

  1. this article is stupid says:

    use this
    %windir%System32SndVol.exe -f 49825268

    set shortcut in desktop as ctrl + – key (minus key)

    pops up volume button anywhere you are

  2. Jin Kim says:

    My volume slider won’t open.

  3. Bruce says:

    Thanks so much

  4. Fug Disarticle says:

    This the most asenine, useless article I have ever encountered. Get your shit together.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I understood that you don’t like us. But, can you share why? Why is this article useless? What were you expecting to get and you did not?

      • Steve says:

        This was two years ago, but I stumbled upon it. The reason the article is terrible is because it outlines the most basic ways to control volume and it was clearly made as click bait. I bought a keyboard without multimedia keys and wanted to see if there were ways to control the volume without those keys. I saw this article and thought it may have a good answer. All the “options” that were explained were things that were extremely basic and wouldn’t help even the most basic of users. Why even list that you can control the volume on the speakers? That’s like saying you can control the flow of water through a tap by turning the faucet more. Face the facts, you created an article for clickbait and you should feel bad for doing that.

      • Mick Pol says:

        You name as one of the methods to literally turn the volume of the actual computer speakers down/up. Did you even look at your own article’s title before you write it?
        It’s like telling us: if you wanna turn the volume down, just turn it down! Duh!!

    • wut says:


    • Daniel says:

      I agree with you!

  5. Charles says:

    How do we keep the changes made in Volume Mixer to last more than a few minutes before being reset by the system (Windows 10)? Whenever I make changes, the PC changes them back (I reopened the Mixer just to check if they were put in, and they were, but it is still changing it pack to full volume for the System Sounds).

  6. Cog1ine says:

    You state “The second method involves opening the Volume Mixer that is accessible through the Control Panel.” You don’t have to go to control panel. Just R-click speaker icon and select Open Volume Mixer.

  7. Janet Minor says:

    I prefer the speaker icon.

  8. David H. Garske says:

    Prefer volume on keyboard.


    Agreed, I came to this article expecting it to tell me how to map volume control to a normal full size keyboard…. waste of time telling me “use the volume control”

  10. shanna wood says:

    I like the the icon bar use the best

  11. Scott Carey (connected anonimously) says:

    Man, I seldom to write to criticize anyone’s writing, but this whole article is such an exercise in platitude, that I feel compelled to do so – specially because it’s well positioned in Google’s results for the search category it proposes to serve (something in the likes of ‘Windows 10 volume shortcut keys’).

    I mean, upon finding it, it looks like we’re about to discover some hidden shortcut and all we get is obvious choices anyone who’s used a computer for a week in their whole life knows!

    Why didn’t you bother researching more, in order to find out if there is (and there actually are!) ways to create a shortcut key, is, honestly beyond me, and as such, this whole piece of sh… em, shenanigan, is quite misleading the way it is, IMHO.

  12. Shweta Sinha says:

    Hi, initially my keyboard volume buttons are working but my cousin did something and after that its not working. But using Fn key it work, can you help me how to undo this? I am habitual to use keyboard button and now its kinda irritating me.

  13. Millie Duncan says:

    I like using the keyboard

  14. Sean says:

    FN +F2 to Lower the volume nd FN +F3 To Increase the volume just what I was looking for.

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