15 replies on The Windows 10 workgroup and how to change it

  1. Melanie Rimmer says:

    This is very helpful and easy to follow. It worked for me.

  2. Rodolfo says:


    I checked the procedure you mention but I am still unable to connect to the shared folder through my MAC. the weird issue here is that if I use a different IP I am able to access to the shared folder.

    to be more clear if a have the IP XX.XXX.XX.01 I am able to access, but If I have the IP XX.XXX.XX.02 I am unable. Do you happen to know what could be the issue?


  3. Jaz says:

    Thinking about moving away from Small Business Server (being discontinued), and simply connecting our 22 PCs / printers in a workgroup. We are all Windows 7 currently. Has anybody got a plan on how to do this?

  4. Jim Bunch says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Straight to the point and easy to follow.

  5. Seculla says:

    Yes, but I still can’t ping one another. Is there a list of services that need to be enabled so that 2 machines can see each other?

    There is no use of being in the same Workgroup if machines can’t ping, don’t show each other in Windows Explorer and can’t share files among each other…

  6. Arash says:

    I create a Domain account , but now I can’t get back to the previous account

  7. Graff says:

    Am trying to access files on Windows Vista PC from Macbook Pro. Both computers are on a shared (Ethernet) home network (i.e. wired to the same router). I have set up a workgroup name on the Mac, but when I try to install the same workgroup name on the Windows PC I discover that it requires an “Administrator” user/password. I normally use a non-Admin user id and password and have long since lost the password to the Administrator id. What now?

  8. pengally says:

    The problem I have come across is that workgroup in win 7 would take a name like SO a space between 8 characters and family. Now I am cut off at L so total characters in 8.1 seems to be – 14 – is this correct? How do I get round it?

  9. Al Bessey says:

    Tossing this out there before I start rebuilding my workgroup. My workgroup drives (DESKTOP and LAPTOP) are accessible, even from my Samsung TV; now I am trying to access all my hard drives from from a new KDLinks HD720 Media player. The player sees all the drives in the workgroup but always asks for a username and password. I have entered various combinations including what is required to log onto the computer and the workgroup password. Any ideas before I start the network rebuild would be appreciated.


  10. prakah dabhi says:

    but do not appear in another computers

  11. Michael Yardley says:

    I need help. I have been using Microsoft Outlook 2007 since it came out. I have backed it up and moved it from computer to computer since that date. Now, the idiots at Microsoft have updated Windows 10 in such a way that my calendar, contacts, subfolders, copies of sent messages and deleted messages have vanished. I knew Bill Gates was an overpaid millionaire when he put a 640 memory limit on DOS. However he is not allowed in the building anymore so why do the idiots at Microsoft have a grudge against my old favorite software??? Have they made things better or worse??

  12. MacD says:

    Helpful well described but would be good to mention upfront it’s for Win10 Pro!

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