4 replies on Use the Windows 10 power slider to save battery or increase performance

  1. Paul Review says:

    The article lacks specifics on Performance while on Battery. In benchmarks, I am seeing a drop of 30% on Ryzen systems and 3% on Intel. You can measure battery life and performance at each power slider setting but why would I not expect all day battery and AC performance on a $1000+ Notebook or 2in1 ?

  2. some1 says:

    Between the Windows power mode slider, control panel power plans, and manufacturer software (eg. Dell Power Manager), it is one big mess! not sure which solution is best to use and if they really work…

  3. Garrick says:

    I just found out that my Razer Blade 15 while gaming if I slide to Better Performance Power Mode, the CPU gets 20 degrees cooler, that is great, and still running the same Graphics Settings. After reading your article I just confirmed that.

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