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  1. catester says:

    Thanks for this. I followed the steps and found multiple successful login attempts from California, although I am in Canada.

    Startled, I did a tracert on the IP address and realized that I have my gmail set up to get my outlook.com email. Pretty funny, now that I think about it. Glad I didn’t click the “This wasn’t me” button.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      If that’s the only “unusual” pattern then yes, you are correct. Most probably there is a Gmail server from California, downloading your Outlook.com email.

      • catester says:

        Pretty sure it’s the gmail server!

        Tracing route to mail-qc0-f129.google.com []

  2. Lord Bon says:

    According to the ip my account was ‘Hacked’ By Microsoft. Wierd.

    • JD says:

      My own account was supposedly “compromised” by an IP address traced back to Microsoft HQ in Washington, yet their map shows geodata in Mountain View, California. Suspicious to say the least. Supposedly logged in and made profile changes, but none exist. Filed a ticket at cert.microsoft.com with the trace data and log. Recommend that anyone with a recently compromised account, and similar circumstances do the same. You can easily trace the IP by entering it into google, though spoofs are quite possible.

  3. Lulu says:

    I set my gmail up to manage my live.co.uk email and start getting this ‘unusual activity’ immediately, and every hour. Now I know what it is but I’m puzzled as to why the location of these successful sign ins alternates between Netherlands and Germany when I’m in the UK. Any ideas?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      In that case it is most probably Gmail connecting to your Microsoft account. Depending on their capacity and setup, they alternate between severs in the Netherlands and Germany. That would definitely make sense.

  4. RA says:

    I have the two step verification set up and I’ve changed my password about 5 or 6 times in the past 3 weeks and I continue to get hacked through the first laye. I am getting requests to approve or deny 5 to 10 times per day. What’s going on?

    • Earl says:

      I know this was awhile ago, so I don’t know if you’ll get this, but turn on your virtual keyboard and use it to change your password in case a key logger is installed on your system.

      • dat duuuude says:

        if your that paranoid about a keylogger than get some good antivirus software and TRUST IT, or just reset your PC with the ‘keep all my documents’ option… Just uninstalls all programs then you can re-install.

  5. rene says:

    Hi, I have numerous recent activity from Russia, Tunisia etc., luckily none successful, however could one report this and if so to whom?

  6. Victory Justice says:

    I’m divorcing a savvy Microsoft ex–engineer and also an attorney; with that said, privacy violation doesn’t matter to him, he is savvy. Forced into tech-educational of varied devices connected via internet of breeching methods, has been trying and most dire of the many venues to possibilities; one venue is email, my laptop with windows 8 suddenly “missing” (4 515= denies he absconded, but favorable circumstances gave opportunity, justifiable & can validate for actions currently made aware that’s directly connected to my laptop) then suddenly my hotmail became active in all mail/cell accounts. I dedicate hotmail used only on laptop & haven’t used, GS4 cell with gmail accounts, then a new safety phone (LG)created use only through yahoomail. Not seeing received yahoomail from my attorney, I found GS4 cell my hotmail account suddenly existed & set as default! My attorney sent mail to Yahoo LG-cell now diverted into SG4 cell into HOTMAIL account, to which I didnt create in any of my cell devices. Also gmail accounts (set in GS4cell) altered, & diverted. Soon after laptop disappeard, violations to my cells infiltration began. I’ve purchased current device writing you (tablet D2) and created pseudonym alias gmail. Please advise.

    • dat duuuude says:

      its quite simple… step 1 – report his ass to the e-authorities, step 2 talk to microsoft about this (get that hacking fukka fired!) step 3 wipe your PC (you can use the ‘keep my documents option’ so that you dont lose work… and install an antivirus… the authorities will pick up the scoop and fire + penalize that a-hole – and one last thing… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD REGULARLY(every like 2-6 months starting today [the day you read this comment] and hell use your court skills if it ever gets that far girl!!

  7. DrEHB says:

    Can anyone help how to get activity report of whole year or more than a month as microsft gives a month back activity only …… Thanks

  8. Dolly says:

    I don’t see a link

  9. Hacked Party says:

    I was successfully hacked from someone in Saudi Arabia last night. After checking this log, it seems attempts have also been made from Brazil, Iran, and Iraq in the last week. Luckily my phone and back-up email weren’t changed so I got back in–but I’ve since added the Microsoft Authenticator app. The security code changes every 30 seconds.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      That’s perfect. It’s great that you started using the Authenticator app.

  10. Phil says:

    Microsoft notified me that they believed my account had been subject to unauthorised access. I checked and there have been unsuccessful sign-in attempts from Libia, Vietnam and the Domenican Republic. A successful attempt to sign-in was made by IP in Huston on Jan 7 2017. After that, even though the account is in use, there are no records to be found of my account activity until I signed in to secure the account yesterday Jul 2 2017. So, I wonder what has been going on for the the last 6 months.

    • Phil says:

      I’m not used to reading dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format. The unauthorised access was logged on Jul 1 2017 not Jan 7. So there’s no issue with records of account activity.

  11. Jon Ramsey says:

    I don’t where he is from but I live in Texas again it was tw1nxtw1n that hacked my account it has been suspended forever

  12. Robin says:

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  13. Mehere says:

    I was hacked two weeks ago. They basically stole my life. All of my banking details contacts emails needed, ebay etc all because they where able to hack Live.com…

    Being in the industry I tracked them to Palestine, the ISP detailed (IP address and Name) and the hackers Hotmail account (vrd@hotmail). They set their own email in my two account to have password resets sent to them. I rang Microsoft and gave them all the info and to remove the hackers details from my two email accounts. The reoly was: We can’t, even though we know these emails address belong to you, as the Email system is handled by AI. There is no human interface… What a load of cockypop! you at MS are a bunch of lazy pricks – You can close the hackers Hotmail account and reset my passwords o they don’t have access. Instead I was advised to get a new account, which is not acceptable as there are so many things to change and advise people of. If you supply a service like this then you need to be more responsible. I’m moving away from all MS products. Apple and Linux, here I come… I will be advising everyone against any MS product.

  14. Christine L. Johnson says:

    My daughter received an email from Microsoft this morning telling her that her account was hacked from Vietnam. She said she has now changed her password and set up two-step authorization.

  15. Susan Hatami says:

    Hotmail asked me to set a new password yesterday (8/3). Did so, went in to a loop not letting me in. Today (8/4) I reset with online help and it worked. Scrolled thru history and found:
    7/27/2018 5:01 PM Automatic Sync Czechia
    Protocol: IMAP
    Account alias:
    Time: 7/27/2018 5:01 PM
    Approximate location: Czechia
    Type: Successful sync
    Hacked???I’ve reset my password, but is this sufficient???

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a great idea to enable two-step verification as well. This way, if someone hacks your password, they need your approval from your smartphone or a unique temporary log in code, found on your smartphone.

      • Susan Hatami says:

        I have 2 step verification. It was problematic changing.
        Also did a full MS Security scan today and found/removed HackTool:win32/Keygen program. Ran the scan again after removal/restart. Then removed the mail apps from my tablet and reset my mail account passwords on my laptop.

      • Dm says:

        No. If you have authentication app, Microsoft will ask you to enter the id from it, but you can opt-out and use SMS or email authentication instead.

  16. CINTIA says:

    Excellent, thanks!

  17. Vivian Sparrow says:

    I was hacked by a company named Steamcard.support. they have tried to access my paypa and amazon to charge gift cards. I managed to close accounts, contacted paypal and amazon and closed my debit card. I was stupid and allowed them into my laptop. I had to purchase a company to clear my account of all the things he tried to do. he also turned of all the devices, startup files, and everything he could in task manager. It took hours to clean my system. They were representing Microsoft support, they even had a linken file to attach to so his history was there with a picture that didn’t match his accent. He has called repeatedly for me to continue his access. I have blocked his calls successly. I wanted to let everyone know they are representing themselves as Microsoft, his name was Jonathan Latham, they have verification files to supposedly prove they are from microsoft which they have the logo on the top of each file you pull up. I’m now protected and have learned a very horrible lesson. Just wanted to tell you about them. I have an email that is from them if you want me to forward to you if it will help anyone else from having to go through what I did.

    Vivian Sparrow

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us and other readers. Also, I hope that you are well and that you have managed to solve all your problems. If you want to, you can also share that e-mail you mentioned. The address is contact at digitalcitizen.life

    • Dm says:

      Are you joking? Just google for Indian tech support scam, tons of videos on YouTube. “His name” is fake, and you need education, hopefully mentioned videos will fix that.

  18. Sue Walton says:

    Microsoft need to improve communication options to help when this happens. I think my account was hacked yesterday when a bogus window popped up on what I assume but now can’t be sure was a Microsoft website page. I googled Microsoft because I got locked out of my account and went round lots of times getting a password sent to another email, entering the password and going back to the beginning again -it looks like someone else is trying to use your account. So this bogus window popped up and I was “supported” for quite a long time before getting out. I shut down the computer and was phoned demanding I pay £40. I asked for an invoice still thinking this was Microsoft. It arrived and the name on it was azuresoft. The massive ve problem was the lack of Microsoft support with this. It wasn’t easy to find out what to do when I was locked out. I still don’t know if someone is using my email account. I’ve created another one so I hope you closed it. I certainly can’t access it. Thanks. Sue

  19. Chaweewan Haeusler says:

    I found out that my microsoft account was hacked and I have change password and remove this email aside, then set another email replace it.
    But when I want to change password again, they always refer to an old one which has been hacked, it does not reconize the new email. After I checked the old email, it still has been hacked. What shall I do now ? Can I quit the old hotmail forever ? what will happen to my microsoft account if I deleted it ?

  20. Zach says:

    I keep getting notifications that my account couldn’t sign in. Its annoying they are obviously not hacking but can I get them to stop trying.?

  21. Dave says:

    I have a successfull sign-in showing up from 21.10.2018. It has my correct IP address and usual location is correct but my Device/platform is showing as Mac OS although I am a Windows user. My Browser/app is showing as Safari although I only use Firefox. Could this be a mistake on Microsofts part or have I been hacked? Replies welcome thanks.

  22. Emil says:

    I hope someone here can help me.

    I have a hotmail account that has been hacked. I received a message recently from my old teacher, apparently containing a OneDrive link to an invitation to an anniversary. When I opened it, it turned out to be a random text document that had nothing to do with the subject. Now my account is sending out a similar mail but about an auction instead of an anniversary. The replies I receive from my friends and relatives are automatically deleted. My “contact history” has also been deleted. I have my contacts, but they do not appear automatically when I begin to write their names. I have changed my password but it keeps doing it, sending mails from time to time while I am logged on. When looking at my activity under Security, there is nothing besides my own. It could be that the file I opened has changed some settings to automate different processes, like sending out mails, deleting replies to those mails etc.

    I really hope you can help me. I am not very knowledgable about these kinds of things, and I don’t know what to do at this point.

  23. JB says:

    I inadvertently gave my login password to onedrive to hackers. I’m worried that my emails and onedrive files may have been compromised. I have checked the activity log and found some entries for which the location is unknown. It could have been me but how would I know? I’ve noticed entries prior to the possible hack that also show location unknown – these would have been my logins. It appears that location unknown logins can occur by logging in from my home laptop. For these location unknowwn logins, I notice that the end of the IP address changes each time but the first 15 digits are the same in each case.

  24. Mike says:

    I was sent a blackmail email about watching p*** and having my password saying they would send it to all my contacts if I did not pay. I was not worried about this as I had not visited any sites so I ignored it. I received a few more emails from this hacker and ignored them. Then the hacker sent me an email from my own email address using an old password. This meant that the hacker did actually have access to my email account. My son who is an IT engineer wiped my laptop and reinstalled Windows 10. We later discovered that the hack was in my One Drive as lots of information was missing and there was a dodgy file in there. I am now having to completely wipe my laptop again including all the partitions so will loose all my Dell features and reinstall Windows 10 again. I will also need to sort out One Drive. It has been an absolute nightmare.

  25. Kelly says:

    The person trying to hack my account is from Argentina, IP. I changed my password put they are still trying every 5 min.

  26. Mac says:

    Hello. I was checking my recent activity and see that someone must have my microsoft email account name as their alias, since the activity entry shows: account alias: (then my account name), Session Activity: Successful sign-in. This sign in was from a location not near me. Is this anything for me to be concerned with/should I take any action? Thanks

  27. Doug says:

    So here’s the latest from the Microsoft team of uselessness…
    I had 2 step authentication set up on my account, requires a pass code be sent via a text message before any changes are granted. I received a text at 2 am while sleeping, when I woke up and saw the message I attempted to access my account only to find the hackers had all ready changed my user name and apparently my account no longer existed.
    I clicked on the “not me” link provided by Microsoft and it did nothing. Immediately I contacted Microsoft support and verified that someone had in fact gained access to my account and changed the user name. They were even able to provide part of the email address that it had been changed to.
    I informed them it wasn’t me, they could see the changes and wanted something done to rectify the situation. I was informed by MS tech support that because I was using 2 step verification there was nothing the could do, but would “escalate my complaint”. It took over a week before someone locked my account (hopefully) but by that time they all ready had my credit info, and were making all kinds of purchases from Microsoft!
    this occurred on Feb 22, and as of today Mar 3, I am still trying to find out what is going on. MS keeps saying; “were very sorry but be patient, some from accounts will get back to you in a few hours”
    This has been almost 2 weeks, 30+ contacts with MS and there various departments and still no resolution. MS does not protect the customer – be aware!

    • Doug says:

      As an addition – If anyone knows how someone could have gotten around my 2 step verification that would be great help in fixing the leak. Apparently MS cant figure it out.

  28. Adrian says:

    I’ve been sent two emails in which the senders tried to blackmail me into giving them money.

  29. Kel says:

    My Microsoft account was hacked. I received an email right away and changed my password and started 2 step verification. I also discontinued the family account they had started. I am continually getting email send failures from my account. wouldn’t that mean they still have access?

  30. Sally says:

    My account was accessed by someone in Nigeria. I found out as they had sent a request for information to my financial advisor. I changed my password. I hope this is all I need to do as I don’t want to have to change my email address.

  31. Albert Bevis says:

    Our Microsoft account has been hacked and the email address was changed. We can’t get back in. What now

  32. Ketra Summerfield says:

    My Microsoft account was hacked while I was takings courses online for forensic science. Afterwards our bank account was hacked, and honestly who knows what all else. My entire life has been hacked now. Google account hacked, phone number tampered with. Someone kept adding contacts to my phone and doing who knows what else. My medical information has been compromised, my security, my privacy has been invaded and abused by Google and a lot of other tech companies. I created the accessibility features they all use for profits on my device and I received nothing. Well I got judged, trashed, ? on, used, taken advantage of and my entire outlook on life and love for that matter were ruined. I literally trust no one now. My loved ones were encouraged to fight for my privacy and intellectual property rights, I honestly don’t think any of them did. It is very disheartening in the grand scheme of things to have every inch of your life compromised and abused by these tech giants. Honestly I’d love to find a lawyer to help me fight these bullies. I’m a seer and I’ve been used period. My private intimate messages between my husband and I have been exposed, my private photos I shared with him… exposed. Basically every judgement passed on me from family and so called friends. I gave up, it’s not my weight to carry. It’s GODS. Who cares what a bunch of fakes think of me. The people who really know me love me for the asshole I am. I’m brutally honest, I do not see that as a flaw. False Information has been spread about me , my identity has been stolen and I’m still here staring adversity, faith, hell and religion right in the face. Having been nearly beaten to death by my exhusband has completely ended my flight ability. I do not run, I fight. I fight for myself, for children, for elderly, for the handicapped and for defenseless animals. I fight for what I believe to be right, at the end of the day, I know I have a warrior on my side, that warrior is ME.
    Sorry for the long comment I just wanted to express what I’ve learned since having everything in my life hacked, hijacked and tampered with.

    Yours truly ,

  33. ran says:

    I was told my account was hacked and that someone sent the 2 authentication codes to my coinbase account and then sent my money to an account and they coinbase cant get it back and that this is my fault

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