5 replies on How much is Windows 10? Where to buy Windows 10 Pro or Home?

  1. Jackson Wallace says:

    What I REALLY want is to find a way to get this (preinstalled) Windows 10 garbage OFF my computer and replace it with one that actually does what I want it to do ; like (probably the best OS ever produced) XP, including Outlook Express. I resent being offered options by a machine: options which are NOT RELEVANT to what I wish to do. Who’s by a Ford (or even a can of baked-beans if the T&Cs dictated how you could use them?? Other than that a few million/billion people are NOT 5-yo nerds and can NOT understand how to make the fucking thing perform simple tasks.
    Get me outta here Mr Spock!

  2. fred snith says:

    wht is there no windows 10 home discs

  3. Ron MVP says:

    Your advice about OEM is short of one important detail.

    The OEM license is intended for “system builders” who will be selling the computer to someone else. It is against the license terms for the owner of the computer to install an OEM license on their own computer.

    Personally, given the option I now recommend Windows Pro for everyone. For the simple reason that Pro allows you control over when updates are installed. Why, simple, it is a long term saving approach. There are lots of common cases where paying the extra $80-100 for Pro can be recovered in just one update issue, ie:
    . * For anyone who has had a failed update burn through download cap,
    . * anyone who has had an update start in the middle of their work,
    . * a failed update they had to pay someone else to fix

    The simple fact you can hold the update off until it is convienent for you, ie to first make a system backup and second to schedule it at a time that is BEST for YOU can pay for the extra cost.

  4. Chris says:

    A license for windows 7 or windows 8 can and will legally activate windows 10.

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