5 replies on What version of PowerPoint do I have? What is the latest version?

  1. Ron says:

    #1, it would be worth while mentioning that anyone still using versions before 2007 no longer get updates from MS so they are at risk of being hacked.

    #2 In it’s usual active attempts to confuse users, MS actually has 2 “version” numbers for Office and Windows. The versions you mentioned, but also within that main version number there is a “sub” version number that identifies the twice yearly major feature updates. For example the 2 recent “versions” are 1803 for Spring 2018 and 1809 for fall 2019. To add to the confusion, they also have at least to “code names” for each major version, the “secret” development name and the public release name (… I don’t know why … ).

    #3 You did not mention the build numbers. While version is useful, it is the build number that tells if you are up to date. There are MANY builds released for each of the major feature updates. They are pushed out to us automagically. But there are various reasons/errors why a specific computer is not completely up to date.

    When people are asking for help, they should provide both Version and build numbers.

    #4 You don’t mention a source, MS or other, for people to check to see if there version and build numbers are up to date. Or in other words, how out of date they are …

  2. Yasemin says:

    Thanks, I found what version I have. Other guides to finding the version did not work for me. (Turns out that my subscription updates it; that’s what I thought, but was not sure.)

  3. Joy says:

    I have Microsoft 2010 and want to acquire the most up-to-date Microsoft PowerPoint to improve my powerpoint presentations. Which product do you suggest I purchase?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      The Microsoft 365 subscription gives you access to the latest PowerPoint version.

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