4 Comments to Simple questions: What is NTFS and why is it useful?

  1. MyMotherisaHamster says:

    I accidentally partitioned my Samsung USB stick and ended up with a smaller FAT32 section and a larger NTFS section. I had no idea what I was doing I was just fiddling around with the settings. Turns out its not a bad thing.

    Thanks for the informative article.

  2. Ampra says:

    Usually get notice of system space full when thereā€™s really not much files on.

  3. B Noone says:

    I have a 1TB Huawei SD card that is not taking NTSF am I missing something?

    I have run all formats on many different kinds of media this is the first time I cannot get it to complete. I am using Win 7 should I try Win 10?

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