3 replies on What is an IP address and a subnet mask, in simple terms?

  1. mayank12 says:

    I have windows 7 enterprise.

    There is no Alternate Configuration tab in TCP/IPv4 properties windows.

    When I am at home, I use Static TCP/IP Setting. But when I come to my office, I have to change it to IP address automatically.

    The problem is it doesn’t save the static TCP/IP setting. I have to daily type the static details when I come back to my home. This I find very irritating.

    please help. Is there anything that I am missing here.


  2. Under IP Addressing says:

    Nice Article On Understand Ip Addressing

  3. Brad says:

    yes this information was helpful if I was trying to do what I was trying to do on a computer but what I’m trying to do is change my subnet address on my smartphone for my friends can use my hotspot more efficiently but how would I do that and not mess up my phone

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