7 replies on What is and how to disable Peak Performance Capability on iPhones

  1. Telisha? says:

    So I’ve put the Peak performance capability on and I’m still experiencing automatic shuts if my battery is around 40 then it says the phone is dead please help my maximum capacity is 98% should it get my phone checked out ?

  2. Kurt Harvick Manangan says:

    I didn’t like this new update of ios i hate when unexpectedly shutdown it is so annoying pls fix and add new update that not like the

  3. Girmash says:

    I disabled how can I replace it

  4. Holdfast says:

    Readers should be aware that if you disable it, there is no toggle to re-enable. I disabled it and now wish that I hadn’t. Some claim it will be re-enabled if you get an unexpected shutdown but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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