13 replies on 9 ways to launch PowerShell in Windows (including as admin)

  1. jeff says:

    This doesn’t work on my completely locked down, blocked and filtered computer. WHY THIS IS DUMB!!!!!!

  2. Frank Casale says:

    I’m finding it extraordinary to find how to system restore to an earlier restore point. I’ve got instructions to use out of control panel but these begin with a step that does not exist. Next instructions that require an admnistrator loging, for which I don’t have a password. Then I found instructions to find the password, which also don’t work. I’m at wits end and don’t see what in the @$#^&* is the problem of a simple set of steps to do something that is EXTRODINARILY COMMON.

  3. kritulrathod says:

    You can launch command or powershell window from explorer by navigating to a folder and hot Alt+E then type powershell in the path box. This will launch the powershell window and move to current directory as in explorer.

  4. Terry Dean says:

    #2 above
    If you type powershell in run box, press the keyboard sequence:
    Ctrl/Shift/Enter and powershell will open as Administrator

    • Clay says:

      You can also use powershell from any command prompt by simply typing Powershell in the command window. If you want to run as administrator then start CMD as Administrator

    • Adrian Wiik says:

      I learned something new today, thanks!

  5. Ste says:

    You can also do SHIFT+right click in Explorer and select the ‘Open In Powershell’ option in the context menu

  6. Nori says:

    Instead of right-clicking on PowerShell to run as an admin as your article suggests, you can also press Enter while holding down Ctrl+Shift to run as admin from search menu or from run box, which would be faster.

  7. Clive says:

    Why it wont work it says ill delete the shortcut and its like a paper icon not the power shell help plzz

  8. Oren says:

    Pin it to taskbar and the use Win+ key to launch it (e.g. if it’s your first taskbar item, use Win+1

  9. Anon says:

    If you write ‘powershell’ on explorere address bar, it will open powershell with current folder location as working directory for powershell window.

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