10 replies on 9 ways to access Services in Windows (all versions)

  1. DAV Florence Oregon Chapter 23 says:

    We purchased a new refurbished computer and an HP 6978. I can’t get the scan to from the printer to desktop or email. I need to know what services to turn on to enable these features. HP wants to charge us 69.99. We are a 501c4 and just don’t have money.
    Help please

  2. Guatavo says:

    I need help with a problem. I can’t open up the start menu, search bar, system settings and the action center.

  3. Tony says:

    To enable Remote Desktop services and ensure it is running.

  4. Wladimir Moyano says:

    Hello and thanks for this content! You are missing the way to start / stop services in Windows server Core, that would be through a PowerShell Command:
    Start-Service -name
    Stop-Service -name


  5. Rov Burgess says:

    Cannot install programs nor update windows 10

  6. Darrell Childresd says:

    Windows update will not update. It’s been this way for way to long. I’ve got to fix it! I read somewhere that I could find windows update in services and to make sure it was set to automatic. It is but the windows update medic is on manual. Am I on the right track,if so, how do you change from one to the other

  7. vasily says:

    I use services to set up nxlog (to send syslog UDP messages to my graylog server)

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