7 Comments to Do you need a volume shortcut in Windows? We have two shortcuts for you!

  1. David Plaut says:

    In Win 10 I created a shortcut with your instructions. The shortcut has a speaker icon. Double-clicking the shortcut does not do anything, i.e. nothing opens.

  2. Geogre says:

    it works but i assigned the shortcut to a shortcut key (F10) on the keyboard
    but there’s kind of a delay like 5 seconds .. Why is that ?? and how can i fix it ??

  3. William Wright says:

    Thanks for what you’ve done. However, what I want is a way to adjust the volume while watching a full-screen video – and my keyboard has no volume keys (and the taskbar is of course not visible). So I would tap some key combination to increase, and some other one to decrease. I don’t care whether there is any graphic – I’ll judge the volume with my ears!

  4. Fernando Ruiz says:

    Tried first shortcut. Works fine. Thanks!

  5. emonsen says:

    Nice. So easy, then just added my new shortcut to task bar. Using CTRL+T, V until marked, pressed Enter and it popped up on my far right screen. Then adjust desired volume level by using arrows. Thanks

  6. PhilW says:

    was looking for ‘App Volume Device Preferences’ shortcut. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom makes it VERY VERY difficult to find this, let alone find its name so we can make a shortcut. It’s very handy to balance PC sound and Microphone when running a Zoom session.

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