5 replies on TP-Link Archer AX50 review: Wi-Fi 6 and antivirus, reasonably-priced

  1. Anonymous says:

    TP-Link bait and “switch” on the OneMess and WPA3 support for AX50
    You can find the story at TP-Link own forum.
    Screenshot the previous “promised upcoming” feature.

    TP-Link official support has the audacity to ask users to return the good to the store. Which store gonna accept the return by the time TP-Link announced the “bait and scam”?

    If you search for AX50 at TP-Link forum, you will find a lot of angry comments.

  2. Galaxy Dust says:

    Aside from NOT having WPA3 (????), the router is working fine. I put it on a laptop cooler from day-1. It’s mind-boggling why the TP-Link omit WPA3 on this router. I might exchange this with an Asus.

  3. Techsticles says:

    TP-Link has basically discontinued this router because of all the hardware issues. Runs hot, frequent reboots, constant dropouts.

    Food job recommended probably the worst router on the market right now.

  4. GSpix67 says:

    I bought an AX50 to take advantage of the WiFi 6 features for the mobile devices etc in the house, but the wired connection reduced performance by about 50% or so. Only getting a max DL speed of around 180-210Mb/sec where it should be 380-400Mb/sec, as I get with my TP-Link AC3200.

    Plenty of posts & comments about it. Returned for full refund.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Did you update the firmware? We did not encounter such issues. We recently used another AX50, and it worked just fine.

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