106 replies on Windows 10 sucks! Here are 12 reasons why!

  1. jayson young says:

    I am really enjoying Cortana and how well she can pick up the activation word(through my logitech webcam mic), even if music is playing.

  2. timmyx says:

    I suppose they will work on some changes later on and catch up with the customers’ linkings and dislikings. They’ve done it before. Plus, they might have rushed/disabling some features on this launch version to meet their deadlines and issue future workarounds, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      That’s all very true and we completely agree with your opinions. Now we should wait for everybody to end the upgrading process and then, probably Microsoft will slowly start to work on future changes to Windows 10. Anyway, this OS appears to be one of the best ever released by them.

  3. Ruki says:

    I don’t like Cortana because she doesn’t like me. She’s a douche that doesn’t want to talk to me, but talks to anyone else and calls them by MY name. And it has nothing to do with my English, which is magical.
    I’m totally gonna murder her one way or another.

  4. Joe says:

    Who misses Windows Media Center? Does anyone use it nowadays?

    • echo14612 says:

      you bet. Nothing exists that handles scheduling and recording TV as well as WMC. In fact, because of DRM licensing issues, it’s the only way to record “record once” flagged cable TV from a CableCard. And it handles closed captions, both analog and digital.

    • Barnbaby says:

      I use Windows Media Center regularly. It seems to be the typical MS arrogance at play in assuming “No one is using Media Center”. I have a video capture device that saves only in WTV format, which Media Center can edit directly (most of the time) without requiring a transcode. So, I’d like to keep using it instead of investing time and/money in learning another application that may or may not serve my admittedly simple needs.

    • Debbie says:

      Yes, I use WMC a few times a week. I record TV shows to my computer. It’s much better than paying a monthly fee for a DVR.

  5. L MacDonald says:

    The only issue I’ve had with W10 on my HP Pavilion 23 is that now when the computer goes to sleep – it does not get bright when it wakes up. The screen only has about 5% brightness. I can’t see much of anything on the screen until I reboot. Very annoying. I’ve never had this happen previously.

  6. Barry J Etheridge says:

    Well, talk about first world problems! And some of this is just wrong. Control Panel, old style, and God Mode are both available so you don’t have to use the Settings Panel at all if you don’t wish to, and who scrolls through All Apps? Click on the A header (or any other index letter) and you are taken to an alphabet index. Click on the appropriate letter and you’re sent direct to the section which includes your desired app. Simples!

  7. N Rivera says:

    I have had issues with Windows 10 from the beginning. Even the videos in the NEWS tile would not play…so I read that a fix could be to reset BIOS which I did and now the videos work, but now BIOS cannot be accessed at all.

  8. Paul Moore says:

    Canadians can’t use Cortana! Apparently they want to have a bilingual version before they release it! Has Microsoft ever been to Canada?
    Bilingualism is a government thing – not a customer thing. Release the English version now! And French when it is ready. Canadians will cope for gawd’s sake!

  9. NickyT says:

    I really just wish they had resurrected the 7 All Programs menu, at least as an option. This new one is not configurable, the alphabet blocks take up too much space, and the mini tiles take up too much space. I like 10 a lot, but I am using Classic Shell for Start.

  10. sk says:

    That’s good…

  11. JackR says:

    Wish I had waited but the Comcast hype sucked me in. Bad decision! I lost my audio to begin with that took hours to find the answer to change the bit rate and Hz setting. Then the desktop started changing from shortcut to plain desktop and cycling without any way to stop it. After rebooting and hitting Settings to finally find where to change OS back to Windows 7 Ultimate. Now I can’t delete any emails in Windows Mail Live. A terrible experience. I’m going to wait until MS gets their ducks in a row.

  12. JackR says:

    Wish I had waited but the Comcast hype sucked me in. Bad decision! I lost my audio to begin with that took hours to find the answer to change the bit rate and Hz setting. Then the desktop started changing from shortcut to plain desktop and cycling without any way to stop it. After rebooting and hitting Settings to finally find where to change OS back to Windows 7 Ultimate. Now I can’t delete any emails in Windows Mail Live. A terrible experience. I’m going to wait until MS gets their ducks in a row.

  13. Jim Phillips says:

    I won’t have any of my PC’s without Windows Media Center .. so Windows 7 is the last Microsoft program for me.

    • Dave says:

      That seems like an entirely silly way to make a decision. “I am going to cut my nose off to spite my face because I can’t be bothered to find a media centre alternative”. I could understand if it was Media Centre Windows, but it’s not. WMC was totally free, and nobody used it but a handful of people. It totally makes sense they stopped it. If you stick with Windows 7 now, you are just as bad as all those idiots still using XP for no good reason other than they are comfortable with it. Have fun getting left behind.

      • Widows XP the best says:

        Windows XP is the best OS!
        I still use it, haven’t got a single virus! And it works perfectly for me, so why should i downgrade to 10? I am proudly behind you idiots! 😀

        • Windows XP is awesome! says:

          Agreed! In fact, I’m typing this on my XP machine now! This OS is damn good; it’s stable as a rock, doesn’t force updates, has a consistent UI, doesn’t advertise to me, and runs really well on older hardware. I use a Mac now as my main PC, however I still use this XP computer from time to time. Windows 10 is garbage.

  14. Dave says:

    “While we are happy that virtual Desktops are present in Windows 10, we don’t appreciate the inability to use different themes and visuals for each virtual Desktop.” – Seriously, it’s like they are just finding things to complain about. Just because you can do something one way on Linux, doesn’t mean you should be able to do it the same way on every OS. Who cares that you have to have the same theme, you now have a whole feature that wasn’t in previous editions
    Windows Media Centre isn’t there – Like MS said, nobody was using it. So I don’t see how this is a problem with Windows 10 just because a handful of users still used it. There are tons of 3rd party apps that are better. Like Plex or XBMC
    The Settings App – It’s an app, you still have the control panel, stfu
    Windows Updates are Mandatory – This is just a smart move, Home users are by their very nature shit at updating. They are also the ones that get malware all the damn time. This is a good move
    Charms should’ve stayed in tablet mode – Agreed. But they can bring it back if enough people moan.
    Start Menu doesn’t Sync – This can be fixed with an update.
    You cannot make File Explorer start anywhere else but in Quick access or This PC – Yes you can, I did it. Mine now starts on ‘This PC’
    “OneDrive doesn’t show folders and files that you don’t sync but you have stored in the cloud” – This is only really an issue for tablet users. Just Sync Everything
    “You can’t resize the All Apps list from the Start Menu” – Yeah, I guess, hardly a show stopper and has been the case since the start of app tile resizing.
    “There are no touch-friendly versions for important apps and features like Windows Defender, File History, Windows Firewall and so on” – There weren’t before. And Updates will happen over time.
    “There is no International version of Cortana which works in all countries” – This has been the case for a long time. Cortana is still in beta and it’s a very new feature for Windows

    • Dave says:

      Note, Mine starts on This PC, but you can get it to start anywhere on your computer with a very simple registry edit.

    • SAM says:

      Dave, if younlove windows 10 so much why dont you leave this chat/rant/article? You apparently are enamored with it so move along and enjoy your hand fed garbage from Microsoft. I personally Loathe 10 and will not use it ever again. It has destroyed my laptop and is riddled with poorly written programing as if a chimpanzee was hired to write the script. You are welcome to your exalted opinion of Microsoft. Most of us here including myself dont wanna hear it!

  15. RAW says:

    And no one mentions that the whole pile of shxt is spying on you constantly, are people really that stupid to ignore the elephant in the room? YES!

  16. tazmo8448 says:

    I agree with your assessment of what isn’t right with W10 an another thing is when they [M$] here lately have introduced an update [like the Anniversary update] the update had no selection or way to choose ‘Keep My Settings’ and it proceeded to re-install a fresh OS from scratch. I lost all my photos doing the Redstone [as it is called now] update.
    BTW love the clickbait on the ‘I am not a robot’ thingy….NOT.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      What clickbait are you talking about? It's just an anti-spam system. 😐

  17. tazmo says:

    When I clicked on the ‘ I am not a robot ‘ it redirected. I might be wrong but in my book clicking an redirection is….drum roll…click bait. Could be something else is afoot. I know ‘selling’ is a way of life these days to make ends meet but I call clickbait when seen or experienced. I give this site credit it HAS been kept to a minimum.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      That is CloudFlare, a very popular service which keeps spam and hackers away. It has saved us from many headaches. I assure you that we are trying to keep ads and any kinds of annoyances to a minimum. However, we do need some protection in order to function well. I'm sorry if CloudFlare was an annoying experience for you.

      • tazmo8448 says:

        Why are you apologizing for Windows 10 Ciprian? Those things I pointed out earlier are real concerns. My biggest cripe is the one time I did an update (Redstone) and it wiped out all my photos and other libraries. Thank goodness for Macrium Reflect…and as far as ‘cloudfare’ goes have never used it but do have Mbam Premium along with uBlock Origin.

  18. Dave P. says:

    I detest reading about the never-ending problems with updates. I have three Win 10 Pro. machines in the house and ever since an early update messed with the graphics, leaving me with an odd generic driver version with only three resolution choices (none of which matched the monitors’ native resolution), I haven’t allowed a single update, by way of the group policy editor (being pro. versions, I can do that). I’ve also cut out every bit of extraneous bloatware and unnecessary stuff I can find. It’s enough to make a man resort to Linux!

  19. Max says:

    Windows is changing the default apps at every (re)start, even if the admin is setting the prefered apps in Settings.

  20. Joe says:

    Unattractive design, feels like I’m downgrading rather than upgrading. Windows XP is better than windows 10 interface, but among all OS I’ve used windows 7 is the best based on performance and Interface. I think Microsoft forgotten about Innovation. Very minimalist which turn to annoyance.

  21. elsiethecow1937@yahoo.com says:

    I really hate that Microsoft disables or deletes all of my non-Microsoft apps, HP printer software and settings, Logitech keyboard and mouse software and settings, Logitech Speakers and sound software and settings, anything that is not a Microsoft product and/or current products of any kind. And the incessant updates, sometimes two days in a row.

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean by “it disables and deletes all of my non-Microsoft apps”? That isn’t the default behavior of Windows 10.

  22. RIchard says:

    Microsoft continues to “Mac” us by limiting customization and forcing us to accept _their_ perspective on what a PC should be / have. First, I HATE THOSE DAMN SANS SERIF FONTS set as the default font. The are very hard for me to read and very hard to change the font’s default status. We used to able to set our own defaults: fonts, colors of various windows, icon size and color, etc.: really last seen in Win XP. Forcing us to install all those stupid fonts that I will NEVER use, particularly bloated international fonts, is very annoying. Deleting them is a pain in the rear. I do lots of graphic stuff and need access to the fonts I WANT & NEED TO use, not what MS thinks I should use: Adobe, Linotype, Monotype, etc., where are you?? Font management in Windows 10 (8 and 7) is progressively more horrible and impossible for graphics-oriented people like me. The ONLY way to delete the damn things is use a third party file manager that allows us to see the fonts in the Windows/Fonts subdirectory AND THEN locate them in the registry to finally delete them from showing up in programs’ fonts listing. Sometimes, they reinstall themselves: geesh. As displays become more and more higher resolution devices, MS needs to adjust the OS to handle these higher resolutions, read: switch to vector display parameters (remember display Postscript???) instead of being locked into (apparent) bitmapped components. More importantly, MS needs to somehow coerce software developers to follow suit. Many of my upgraded programs (installed on any display above 1920 x 1080) has bitmapped installation dialog boxes that are often hopelessly squished and unreadable, and they have “continue” buttons are not even contained within the displayed dialog box. In order to continue with software installation or register my product, I have to blindly to a presume I have landed on a or or whatever linked button to continue and _hope_ I am not blindly selecting or or landing on the field where I am supposed to enter my SN, etc. On my new laptop, my resolution is 3460 x 2160. I use graphics programs extensively and the graphic’s handles (those, usually black, 8 little squares surrounding an object) are _very_ small. In one PDF editing program, they are soooo tiny — and light blue; they are next to impossible to see. Because my resolution is so high, on a 15″ display, I can actually measure the size of the handles using a 5 or more power magnifying glass. The graphic handles are, literally, 1mm square, and, as noted, light blue. This is absurdly nuts. MS and software developers need to get with the program. We buy high resolution devices for a reason; not being able to proficiently use them because the OS or software developers have their heads in the clouds or where the sun does not shine is intensely consternating. Switch to SVG or something… Hardware folks also need to get on board. It is very hard to find a laptop (or some keyboards) without the capability to type / insert alternate characters in a document. Amazingly, MOST (as in well over 95%) tech support staff do not have a clue what an alternate character is. Most laptop keyboards had a flaky, alternative way to creating these characters (with a key or something) without the need for a separate editing-numeric keypad. It seems that only half (or fewer) 15″ laptops (and _most_ 17″) even offer a keypad with the numeric / editing keys (on the right side of keypad). It is pretty rare for me to NOT use an alternate character in _any_ document I create. Even in this comment, I have used them several times. Well, I gotta get back to work and try to figure out how to get my new Win10 desktop — WITHOUT HomeGroup — to talk to my other computers, which is NOT as easy as many YouTubers or MS would have me believe it is to do.

  23. James says:

    Since ver 1903 every thing is so slow it is almost unusable, sorry update fron 1809

  24. Ron says:

    Crapware is installed by default.
    Even worse, it is RE-INSTALLED with no notice.

    I got rid of some games and other crapware when I first got my Win10 machine. Recently I found that several “update” versions of those games are on my machine. But now I can’t access them. I don’t see them in the Start menu, or in Control Panel or Settings dialogs. I can’t uninstall them with PowerShell. They are just ghosts in my machine, wasting space! (that I really need on my relatively small, OLD, SSD).

  25. Kari says:

    I hate that the new browser pops up everytime I start it or re log on. I have tried to change my preferred browser to chrom, but it just ignores me and goes right back to the stock browser. I dont ask for it. I don’t select anything. I jsut have to close it each and every time. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s very annoying.

  26. Janet says:

    Windows 10 doesn’t have the classic FreeCell game! Really? Why would they leave off the most popular game, er.. time waster ever? Because they wanted to give you an inferior version with ads from the Microsoft Store or sell you an annual license. No way.

  27. Dave P. says:

    It’s got to be the dud updates and the horror stories I read about same. I have several PC’s about the house (not all running Windows 10) but those that are, are Pro versions, upgraded from Win 7, but I have stopped updates dead in the water by using the Group Policy Editor, ever since one did terrible things to my graphics on one machine, seemingly throwing away the proper driver, leaving me with some sort of peculiar generic MS version, with only three resolution choices, none of which matched the native resolution of the twin monitors. After a lot of fiddling, I reverted to a previous version. All the machines now are running with just about every unnecessary item or program stripped out that I can find, NO updates and NO so-called telemetry either! Really can’t be having all the aggravation I read about!

  28. elsiethecow1937@yahoo.com says:

    I dislike that Windows 10 updates cause my printer not to be recognized, that is stops all sound, that it deletes apps that I have had for years, that trying to troubleshoot or make repairs to correct the problems I encounter with their updates do not work. And they won’t let me even see the recent updates. All I can see are the January 2019 updates and backward. And so far as their picture app: It copied all of my photos and Jpeg’s 200 times each. I spent weeks to months deleting the copies individually. I hate Windows 10.

  29. Karen says:

    The same reasons you mention is why Win 10 is awful! A bloated piece of crapware. I would switch to Linux before using Win 10. Quite happy with Win 7 despite the dire warnings of not updating.

  30. Jim Shannon says:

    I enjoyed your previous article on virtual desktops. The fact that they are retained on a Restart is nice, but it would also be handy to have the apps/programs opened in each one to be reinitialized on a Restart. Now, you have to re-open each desktop app you had with the previous configuration.

  31. Kimps says:

    I don’t have all the features advertised in the Camera App and cannot find out why and how to install the lost features. I’m missing camera selection, “Pro adjustments, and zoom, among others. Microsoft has not yet responded to my inquiries.

    • Anonymous says:

      The options you see in the Camera app depend a lot on your specific webcam, its capabilities, and drivers.

  32. Azuion nickson says:

    I hate windows 10 especially the october 2019 update because it is unecessarily slow, you can’t even do a local networking without a switch or a router, take for instance ; you may want to share data from your laptop to your desktop at home and you don’t have an external HD, i guarntee you that with windows october 2019 update makes life very difficult. i very much appreciated the windows 7 environment because life was much more easier and costless

  33. Steve Chen says:

    after the most recent Windows 10 update (forced by auto update early July 2020), the laptop lost Chinese handwriting input through touch screen. It was working before the update. After trying for 2 days to change all the settings, it still does not work. Sucks.

  34. Win10 Loser says:

    Win 10 SUCKS because it is forever trying to make itself more childish, for child users of toys. I am a worker, and want professional-grade tools, not toys for tots.

    Example 1:
    My scrollbar is a PITA, too thin to hit quickly, and instead my fast, precision mouse “grabs” a folder rather than the scrollbar. Then I must CAREFULLY, SLOWLY try not to move a folder.

    I used to change this setting easlily. NOW I am forced to edit the setting in regedit. Gee, thanks, MS. I have to consult YouTube to find out how to make WIN 10 function for ME.

    Example 2:
    The child-like, screen-stealing RIBBON and HUGE white/lost/unusable spaces in PROGRAMS, now called “apps.” I guess “programs” is too scary a word to use when talking about PCs. If I turn off the huge ribbon, enable the “minimized” ribbon, the shortcuts to those functions no longer function. HOW ABOUT a MENU bar for the working adults? Too difficult for the young-uns to learn? I think MS treats young people like idiots, which they are not.

    Dumbing down Windows was a really stupid move. Young people would be kicking my ass if they had access to adult menus. But no. MS wants them to keep riding big wheels, instead of cruising in automobiles.

    WHY? Because a kabillion dollars are not enough for them. Ever.

  35. LossFrustration says:

    The one that has continually vexed me is the inability to freely arrange the files within one’s folders. I haven’t heard any good explanation why, either.

  36. pmshah says:

    For me the biggest PITA is the way Edge converts even a text based on screen document into a “non-searchable” raster image when printed to a pdf file. WTF ? Even its own built in “save to pdf” sucks big time. Just for this I have to fire up Waterfox portable version of Firefox. Firefox native has really gone to dogs after dropping support for addons and dropping their own single file page saving thingy in MAFF format.

  37. pmshah says:

    What I would really love to see is someone coming out with something like “rooting” on Android. Then I should be able to get rid of 50 % of the junk application I never use. Something like “Quarantine” on rooted Android phones.

    I have never ever used VBS or cmd or power shell as I have been a Take Command fan for a couple of decades.

    I don’t need/use Cortana. Do not use MS application to search anything on the PC. I use Everything and Doc Fetcher. Don’t store anything on 1Drive. Have 5 local USB drives for my backups. I don’t need SearchUI nor Skype. Why can’t I get rid of them? Why not a browser that exits cleanly and removes itself from memory entirely instead of taking up 2 gb of ram?

  38. The says:

    A good list, but unfortunately, it lacks the most important points, at least from my point of view. Windows 10 sucks also, because:

    13. 64-bit version does not run 16-bit Windows applications natively. So, the longtime Windows users who use 16-bit Windows applications need to install third party software or a virtual machine (Where am I supposed to buy licences for older operating systems by Microsoft, or if I have an existing, let’s say, a Windows XP -licence, how am I supposed to be able to activate it?!) to run their old favourite 16-bit applications.

    14. On Windows 10. there is only a mailfunctioning NTVDM included with 32-bit version, and no NTVDM at all on 64-bit version. The people who are using any MS-DOS-programs, are sadly out of luck, too. To be able to run them on Windows 10, one needs to install a virtual machine (See the comment above!) or to use an energy-consuming and hardware stressing emulator like DOSBox (On the time we should emphasize on green and energy-efficient technology!), which requires more expertise and time for tinkering from the users than doing a basic memory management process under real MS-DOS, VDM or NTVDM. Microsoft could easily fix their last good effort for NTVDM from Windows XP by using open source code from VDMSound -project and upgrading their closed source code to match MS-DOS 8.0’s specifications, but they haven’t. It wouldn’t cost them a million bucks, so why?!

    15. Windows 10 can’t do hardware accelerated sound. So the users are forced to install a third party application like Creative Alchemy for bringing the support back for the advanced and much loved technology that was still there on Windows XP.

    16. Windows 10 can’t render DirectX 1–7 applications and games correctly. Users who still love to play their older DirectX-games, have three options: they can forget about the software they love, they can use third party DirectX wrappers, or they can buy the games again (Yes, I said “again”!) from GOG.com or Steam to have them patched. (But the services like that don’t have all games on their lists, and they will most likely never have!)

    17. For Windows 10, Microsoft still haven’t been able to code an intelligent virtual driver layer for translating 32-bit drivers under 64-bit operating systems. We have a lot of great and rock-solid devices like old laser printers that don’t have 64-bit drivers available. So the users need to use dual boot or a second PC to be able to use those wonderful devices, or throw them away and buy new ones (which would be bad for the nature, and for making the world more green).

  39. grndragon says:

    Everything was working fine, Windows decided I needed a new version now my Bluetooth is hosed, sound is a mess and video drivers are a problem. What is wrong with these people? Can’t they just leave things alone?

  40. Doug says:

    I am trying to “set default app” by file type and the thing just won’t let me do it.

    It shows a list of file type to the left and apps to the right, but when I click on a file type absolutely nothing happens.

    When I click on an app, how should I know which of the displayed file types to the left is getting associated? It is ridiculous.

  41. Aditya Priyadarshi says:

    Windows 10 Update !!!!!!!!!!1

  42. tom says:

    I totally agree with you on how to get to safe mode. Why not just hit 1 key , as in f8 on Windows 7. It seems as though whomever came up with this system should go back to the drawling board on many aspects. It is not as user friends as Windows 7 Pro, which I loved.

  43. Jim Burke says:

    I just fixed a friend’s laptop. The UI was unresponsive. Just spin and wait if you tried to click most programs. I could get into Task Manager. Ultimately it was fixed by uninstalling Avast AV. Must have been a serious bug in a recent update a few days before, that basically locked up the UI.

    But Widows sucks because back in Windows NT 3.51, this was not possible. The architecture didn’t allow a crashing program to lock up the UI. This changed in NT 4 due to a code merge from Windoze 98. It’s been downhill ever since. Windows sucks . ( Written from Ubuntu )

  44. Pepe says:

    Windows really sucks, I hate it, I wish there will be a different choice besides apple

  45. alice thompkins says:

    for those of us who are senior,s and generally use our computers for simple procedures, this upgrade really sucks. Almost everything that we had finally got used to, before the latest upgrade, is gone & totally different and not in a good way. Nothing works the same, apps, etc that we used regularly disappeared, never to be found again. What idiots (at Windows) think it is a good idea to completely disrupt & change an operating system because someone thought it might be a good idea. IT STINKS!!!!!!!!

  46. Indefense says:

    Did update that was held back until everything was right. Now most desktop icons MUST be run by admin which doesn’t allow some programs to run. Looked online for how to remove.I’m told to uncheck admin box in compatibility but box isn’t checked.Tried checking then unchecking nothing work. If it wasn’t for gaming no one would ever run this shitty os. Go to hell microsoft, too many years of problems. Only good OS you ever put out was XP. PLease Linux find a better way to run windows games than wine.How the hell can microsoft base 10 on linux open source and find a way to screw up linux which I run on other pc’s and NEVER had a problem. Idiots, tired of this.

  47. Cass says:

    Everyday a new issue pops up. If it’s not the network going bonkers then its the idiotic windows drivers acting up. Microsoft used to make decent software, but of recent it’s all just going straight into the ground. The worst part are the updates which just about disables everything. Time to say goodbye to Microsoft. Apple started of poorly and is doing great…Microsoft started well and is failing.

  48. steve Clark says:

    School teachers, small businessmen etc. need cheap simple scanners. None of my old perfectly good scanners will work with Windows 10. I’ve been told I could buy a new one today and a Windows Update would send it to the scrap pile tomorrow.

  49. Ray Calladine says:

    Why is Windows 10 the top denial of service virus around? Every day a new way is found to waste hours of my time whether it is the forced updates that no one wants or needs or the continual loss of connectivity to printers or other devices – all of which worked perfectly under Windows 7. So – can someone find a legitimate way to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and lose all these time wasting space wasting data hogging problems of Windows 10?

  50. Roy L. West says:

    Windows 10 is so bad I can’t even talk about it without using obscenities. I had Windows 7 before buying a new Window 10 Samsung computer. What a piece of S*IT both the Samsung laptop AND Windows 10 are.
    I live in English-challenged Korea where almost no one speaks English. And trying to buy an Apple computer to escape Windows 10 hell is proving to be very difficult. Yes, you are right this is a RANT. I will say this, Samsung makes a tough product. The number of time my fist has slammed down as hard as I can on the keyboard is uncountable. The only thing I have yet to do is throw this piece of crap out the window but I don’t want to hit anyone.
    Anyway, I have wrestled with uncountable problems with Windows 10 from it inexplicably not allowing me to use my password on Monday but then on Tuesday I can sign in fine! It constantly harasses me about my account needing attention and then when I try to access it my password won’t work.
    I go back to what I was doing and forget about it. Then again I get the square in the lower right corner about something wrong with my account. This time the password works but there is nothing wrong or else it has some lame invitation to change my way of signing it. FFFFFFFFFFF them!
    Once I buy the Apple I am going to place this piece of garbage Samsung laptop under my rear wheel of my car and back over it a few times. What is left I will demolish a baseball bat. What is left of that will be put in a plastic bag and repeatedly smashed down on the concrete floor and then nicely put into the “unrecycleable” bin for miscellaneous things we have with a smiley face drawn on the outside of it. I hope that this has adequately expressed my displeasure with the Microsoft 10 operating system. I hope no one else has reached this stage as I’ve been fighting it for three years now and I am at, what my wife calls “10 Alarm” level of rage.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a lot of rage indeed. However, the way you want to slam you Samsung computer is quite funny. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a lot of rage indeed. However, the way you want to slam you Samsung computer is quite funny. 🙂

  51. Justin Kotz says:

    Because automatic updates erased my entire pc. Microsoft could do nothing to fix it or get my data back. Yet somehow, the missing data doesn’t return the space to the hard drive. This brings sucking to an entirely unprecedented level.

  52. PC user says:

    Another reason Windows 10 SUCKS is that they took away Microsoft Movie Maker. The app in it’s place is extremely limited and virtually useless.

  53. joel says:

    its simply a pain in the neck to even find out how to update to the latest OS let alone actually pull it off. the windows folks have lost site of the idea that computers are supposed to be intuitive and make life easier.

  54. Rick says:

    Ever since Windows 10 was upgraded, my Dell laptop continues to time out after 1 minute or less, and reverts to a photo, which I have to hit the space bar to get me back to the login page.
    I’ve tried everything to get this computer to just stay on without a login as I’m the only user or at least stop my computer from logging out in such a short time. Nothing seems to work.
    Are there any suggestions out there to get a real fix ?

    • Practicebalance says:

      Thanks Really good feedback from everyone here…
      Sounds like we are bunch of old boomers crying about getting inthebox and have our data sucked…”its going to be the MATRIX man”
      There has to be a balance between those that have lost touch with the point of digitizing all organic life and those that find a way to stay human by being less dependent on these things stuck on our hands that steal our valuable time and attention away.
      But we won’t know them because they have disconnect,unplugged, gone acoustic.
      My acer aspire 7744z laptop would automatically save a backup of Windows 7 behind a partition whenever a system restore was done.
      Surrounding to curiosity and the belief I could go back to win 7, after installing 10 for a peek because it still shows as an option on the menue to rip it out if I didn’t like it . Fell for it, letting 10 install and Very slowly,quietly while
      I was still deciding,
      10 chewed through that partion and poured acid on 7, making it impossible to go back to.
      Thanks for your attention

  55. Evadne Nygaard says:

    Many things are disgusting about Windows 10. The main thing that really bothers me is the waste of |TME involved in trying to solve each problem. It’s not fair to cause this suffering and pain to us users. I don’t like that my e-mails won’t get sent without days of working at figuring out why. Or that there is no way to get the computer to leave someone’s address in the address space after I have typed it in many times. I do not like all the stuff hidden so we can’t get at it to get our “computering” done or all the ways “you” try to control us and what we’re trying to do, – and how to do it. There’s no place for a list of contacts or way to do any such listing. I could just go on and on, but probably to no avail anyway.

  56. Peter says:

    I’m a writer. That means I have multiple Word docs open at once, and some .pdfs as well. When I get the “update required” message (which is every week or so; why?) I postpone it as I am in the middle of working on complex manuscripts. No good. The PC gets irritated with me and begins shutting things off here and there until I get the message. The first thing that happens is that all my Word documents will close suddenly and a new, empty Word document will open. There is no easy way to recover all the documents and put them back on the screen, since the File function in the new Word is arranged by the date I last modified the document and not the date I had it open. That means I have to go hunting through the lists to find them. Sometimes, it simply rearranges my docs in a different order on my toolbar, just to mess with me. Another issue with not updating promptly is the printer interface which will also stop working for no discernible reason. I won’t know that I am out of ink until the printer stops working. It used to warn me (about 100 pages too early!) and if I don’t update the system the printer will simply just stop due to low ink, no warning at all. When you’re in the midst of deadlines and trying to juggle manuscripts 300 or more pages in length these types of interruptions are maddening. I wrote my first book on an 8088 machine with a dot matrix printer, replete with footnotes and bibliography. They keep “upgrading” Word now to the point that I have to ask myself: why? I have always disliked the Windows operating systems but was forced to use them due to my work environment, but Windows 10 is the logical conclusion of all the problems that have been built into the system since the beginning. I feel that Microsoft does not work for me: I now work for Microsoft and take my orders from them. Pay a monthly fee, upload my files to OneDrive, and behave. Update when we tell you to, or your system won’t work: a little at a time at first and then more and more. It has become intrusive, which is the opposite of what a computer system should be. Imagine having to “update” your car every 100 miles or it stops in the middle of the highway. And when you go looking for help, it has to be from a user group or forum somewhere because Microsoft itself is of no help in these cases whatsoever.

  57. dave says:

    Im not sure if this will even get through due to the gmail address. It seems like my pc crashes at just the use of particular words. It reminds me of something to the effect of Windows 7 had a drunk uncle. You constantly have to figure out ways to keep it functional and one wrong word could make the thing shut down for who knows how long.

  58. Catherine Jean Boyd says:

    The question rather than ask what’s wrong with windows 10 it’s what is right and that is easy. NOTHING!!!!!!! The list for me is so long

  59. Gabboo says:

    windows 10 is so slow and buggy,it gets frustrating. Especially having to wait 5 MINUTES just for a program to open,maybe even longer

  60. Ariel Schnee says:

    What’s wrong with Windows 10? … EVERYTHING!

    There’s a reason I still use Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit as my main OS. It was the last good one Microsoft made. Windows 7 is… tolerable once it’s dressed up good enough. Classic Shell, a few other things, and tweaking the code will make it “somewhat presentable”. Somewhat.

    If Microsoft had a brain one they would go back to XP. Updated it, SLIGHTLY, for modern computers. Both a 32-bit, and 64-bit version.

  61. Tony says:

    Man, Im no computer expert, but man, when windows 8 and Microsoft Edge came out, I gave up on it within like two years. its just slow, clunky and at the time they tried to do the whole like Tile App screen to open. So i moved to a Chromebook, which was way faster, way simpler. Now after like 4 years i decided to get another Windows Netbook cuz some things dont work on Chromebook, and it really seems like nothing has changed that much. I literally dont do anything but surf the web on this computer, Edge is just as clunky as I remember it, and for some reason the computer is always running into “errors” and needs to restart. They don’t even allow you to put Chrome on this thing without like upending the whole dam system smh. At least they went back to the classic start screen instead of the stupid tile shit

  62. Steve says:

    Why Microsof cripple user experience ? GUI and a bunch of bad ideas how user interacts and user should use Win10 is total crapp mostly GUI and access rights !!! Locked out administrator account – bad bad bad u cant fix nothing (no wonder people get back to win7) crappy GUI gets even worse, user is being cut of out of setting and control of OS more and more ! MS keeps forgetting that user owns hardware and on my own hardware i want to have FULL ACCESS and to be able to contol OS myself not god damn being cut off of it !!!

  63. KEN says:

    The software was surely written by the same folks who wrote the software for the Boing max: it is forever crashing. With XP I could leave my system on for months at a time, but with Windows 10 it seizes up every 4 or 5 days

  64. Paul Douglas Bunting says:

    I’d bin it, reinstate support for Windows 7, & bin One drive.

  65. pat says:

    I have solved all problems. From now on, I buy only Apple.

  66. Shannon Purves-Smith says:

    I want the notifications about whether I want my email coped or not DONE AWAY WITH.

  67. greg says:

    I was a long time user of windows, since early 90s, dos/win3.0 days. Windows XP was good, as was win 7. Vista and 8.x are beyond terrible, and win10 builds on the pile of garbage that is win8.x; Win10 was the straw that broke the camels back for me. slow as mollasses, ads, bloatware, and worst of all forced updates that kept breaking my computer at the worst possible time. I abandoned the MS ship in late 2018/early 2019, and switched to Debian Linux with KDE. sure, there was a learning curve, but once I got over that, it’s quite refreshing. I have control of my PC again. including updates. no bloatware, no ads, rock solid stable, fast, responsive. my computer just…works. Admittedly, not for everyone, but it suits my needs just fine.

    Oh, and Cortana, it’s an “it” not a she or her..if it’s even still around. Same goes for all the other voice assistants. they’re not people.

  68. Turtle says:

    I dont even know where to start. Files saved are nothing more than a jumbled mess,forced updates that change all your settings and not to mention all the crap that’s automatically on the system when you buy the computer. Bring back xp this new 10 sucks big ones.

  69. Marianne says:

    For seniors,young children,the disabled, Windows 10 is much more difficult/not-user-friendly than Google chrome notebook.

    Icons and Visuals are memory-associating, and so are groups of icons in settings. Groups which do not change are good—though apps used most are better.

    It’s also difficult to tell if one really needs Microsoft 365, because of free Web-based download apps.

    It would seem the geniuses at Microsoft would be working on
    making many apps work on their software; EASILY; and introd- ucing materials science computers which are unbreakable, hold more Ts for less money, and with press-button apps— making their tech more desirable/indipensible in all our lives.
    Lastly, new versions must give us the kind of communication which won’t be affected—for years—in the event of EMF disasters, satellite disasters, and so forth.

  70. PsychoMantis says:

    As for me installing win 10 is like a horror-movie,the bloatware is easy to remove but there are other things wich are not so easy like de-installing the windows defender or
    getting rid of microsoft edge. Sure it can be disabled or removed with some knowlegde by using the admin-account but to remove egde completly without any error? -seems impossible and thats what pisses me off alot. i know alot of ppl would say that an antivir is a must have but for me it is just a ressource-eater because every month i just use external scanners and i never had any problem with viruses or malware.
    So the point is,i payed for win 10 so why it is prohibited to use windows the way i want it?i love to play games and also do modding sometimes,with the defender i just get a hard time by removing my mods from its quarantaine. Id like to use Firefox so why it is not allowed to remove edge as i only need 1 browser. So my main computer still uses win 7 ,for now i can use it without any problems even while there is no official support and given the way microsoft handles win 10 i want to use it as long as i can. my other -weaker- pc uses win 10 but im almost at the point of giving up and going back to win 7 with it too……..i just wish microsoft would think about users, which want to configure their windows by themself and not that they just going along because any changes are prohibited

  71. Byron Scott says:

    Recent Windows10 update rendered my laptop totally useless. Lost EVERYTHING that was stored in it.
    F#*$# Microsoft, Windows 10, Bill Gates, and anything connected to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. James says:

    One of the BIGGEST faults with Windows 10 is that it is written so that you CANNOT OPEN Files you have saved FROM A PREVIOUS COMPUTER!!!


    These are SERIOUS FAULTS!!

    I have written two BOOKS that I now CANNOT OPEN TO PRINT THEM!!!

    WHAT A MESS!!!


  73. john chaplin says:

    The first thing I found right out of the gate is before I can use the operating system I paid for I have to create an account with microsoft and give them either my actual phone number or my actual e mail neither one of which is any of their business nor in any way related to how I plan to use my PC. No thank you, time for a format and out comes my trusty old “croation” version of 7. I’ll take my chances with hackers thank you very much. F*** windows 10, it’s as invasive as the black rat.

  74. Nwilliam sidlinger says:

    edge and bing I don’t need them tell me where I can and can’t go

  75. Martin says:

    Difficult to install things outside of Microsoft (yes I hate S mode and turned it off). Difficult to find files. Can’t use my printer (which is not a wifi printer) and it is apparently not compatible with Windows 10. Can’t stand all the bloatware. What’s with this “app” baloney?

  76. itzmemario says:

    Windows 10, the most sucks is their icon, i hate the icon, example calendar, setting or something. it calendar is the worst, we love the calendar icon is not windows 10 icon, Mac calendar icon is the most beautiful.

    windows 10 wallpaper is just a little bit and it very ugly more. mac’s wallpaper have dynamic wallpaper, and also the wallpaper is very beautiful.

    windows 10 dock is ugliest, and cortana is very useless, siri is very itswork, and cortana like a bullshit

    so i will most love is mac ever in my life

  77. Kenneth Kleene says:

    I cannot express the intensity of my dissatisfaction with windows 10 home. Windows has thumbed its nose at the presumed reliability of computers.
    1. The cursor in Word shifts positions spontaneously. This has been a property of every version Word on laptops since the late 1980s.
    2. When I click on a folder to open it, Windows sometimes moves the folder to an unknown destination.
    3. Files that I save containing months of work disappear spontanously,
    sometimes they reappear.
    4. Features of Windows and Word have totally stopped working such as backup and single spaced page format.
    5. Every update changes function instead for fixing glitches.
    6. The Word Advanced Find function has an obvious glitch. Searching for a frequent short string, eg. AG with 10,000 copies, takes a few seconds in Find and 20 minutes in Advanced Find. I have to use Advanced Find because I need to highlight the string which cannot be achieved in Find.
    In my opinion Microsoft is an predatory monopoly with a corporate strategy to prevent users from changing to other systems by not correcting previous errors.

  78. NameJohn Daugherty says:

    File Explorer is full of bugs and therefore does not run the way it’s designed to in order to find among other things text withing a document. I have spent countless hours finding ways around these problems. It’s a very important feature in my translation work.

    I believe MS has been aware of these complaints and issues, but has never done anything to resolve them. Instead of wasting their money on art at its campus, invest that into addressing the common customers’ issues.

  79. Dave says:

    I worked in the Mainframe, mini-computer, PC world for 40 years. With the very first computers I recall being frustrated with the computer often being slow (think remote video / monitor devices), crashing due to software/memory issues, and updates being a pain. But I said to myself, in 20-30 years computers will be amazing – fast response times, instantaneous screen painting, no crashes, no (visible) updates let alone with issues. After 40 years – yes, there are millions of features known and unknown, but, just doing everyday office & browser tasks I experience random slowdowns (I have many times more memory and disk than I ever need), frequent updates & issues, crashes, freezes, invalid error messages, etc.
    Clearly the computer science field has come a long way, and not come very far at all. Unhappy with computer o/s progress.

  80. Sam says:

    Windows 10 is complete garbage. Like windows 2k, millennium, vista, and 8 Windows 10 is completely riddled with garbage programing. The sizes of the OS keeps getting bigger and sloppier with every iteration it seems. Windows had a few good ones like, 95, 98se, XP and 7 but way inconsistent to be a good OS. I loathe Apple also but I can say that their software is much neater written, more thought out and has overall less issues. But apple is closed architecture and thus super limited and not so user friendly when it comes to repairs. Unfortunately Windows has been my goto OS due to the fact, if something goes bezerk I can generally fix it myself with a little research. The horrendous updates and the lack of clean organization in 10 is a huge problem for me. Too many confusing locations to complete a simple task. For instance, user account passwords. Should be in User Accounts. Nope… its under settings>user accounts… Then you must go back to start screen and type in Netplwiz to turn off the damn feature if you should so desire to not have to enter the blasted thing everytime you start the pc. It is redundancy like this that will make a person pull their hair out. I see no legitimate reason microsoft to make this less friendly to use. I am all for techonolgy and I understand that nobody can anticipate every contingency, however this is bordering on insanity! There really isn’t much technology packed into 10 that wasnt in 7 to be perfectly honest. 7 was rock solid and easy to use. The addition to touch support would have been a simple breeze but the went full out garbage mode instead. Really sad.

  81. John Till says:

    I’ve always worked with files on drives.
    Open a drive, select a files, copy to another drive etc.
    You know, like computers have always worked
    But now Windows 10 has hidden all my drives
    It’s like they’re of no importance any more.
    There’s no button to click to get a list of drives.
    I pity the new generation.
    Computers used to be so easy to use, but now…..
    Where has ‘My Computer’ gone???

  82. InkBall Zone says:

    I agree, windows 7 is a lot more better than 10, downgrade to 7, these are another reasons:
    1. The design is too lazy and simple, and yes, i dont like the oversimplified design!
    2. it removes transparency effects

    3. Is the first windows OS that removes games folder

    4. microsoft still keeps games removed

    and guys, stay xp, vista or 7 #NeverLeave7

  83. Ron P says:

    In addition to all of the mentioned, my biggest complaint is that, since my laptop is a tool I expect it to boot up quickly, but I often can’t get done what I need to because Windows is updating and nothing works right.

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