4 Comments to How to configure System Restore in Windows 10

  1. Bruce Fraser says:

    This explanation is clear.
    What is NOT clear is why, when I have turned off System Restore on all drives, it still insists on having a System Volume Information folder on each drive. Even after reading some articles on this, I’m still in a fog. Oh well, one of life’s little mysteries.

    1. Ciprian says:

      Turn it off if you have another automated alternative in place such as Norton Ghost, for example.
      Otherwise… keep it ON, at least for the system drive.

  2. Corrine says:

    “To erase all the restore points that were created for that drive, use the Delete button.”

    Rather than deleting all restore points, I recommend running Disk cleanup and selecting “More Options”. This allows you to remove all but the most current restore point. Even with a backup, I don’t want to be without a good restore point. Windows 7 has a much more robust System Restore than Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    1. altikaka says:

      Another way to remove restore points is to use CCleaner

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