13 Comments to Steelseries Diablo 3 Mouse Review – Is it Worthy of Its Name?

  1. warrinj says:

    “One of the things you will love most about this mouse is the unboxing experience.” Your articles on 7tut are almost always interesting and useful; I check on your site just about every day. So, when you pop up with a comment like the above along with several other unreal comments about a mouse, for crying out loud, I wonder if you had a high school freshman ghostwriting today. It’s just about the most mundane, unexciting, disposable component of a system.

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I’m sorry you feel this way. I eliminated the work “most” since it makes the sentence more “inflated” than it should. However, the review does reflect my experience with this mouse.

      If you read the whole article (especially from Hardware Specifications onwards), you will learn more important details about it. I just start the review with the packaging because that’s the first thing anyone touches.

      Also, I understand that you consider a mouse a something disposable and unimportant. For me it is the other way around. I was searching for a mouse that had a quality build & finishing, with very good sensitivity and customization. Also, I wanted a mouse without tons of buttons on it like most gaming mice are. This mouse is one of the few that meet these requirements and for me it is a really great choice. Thus’ the positive verdict and tone of the article.

      Personally, I’m tired of mice and keyboard that feel like disposable, unimportant components. I am looking for more quality items, since I am also the type of person who loves to play games and do lots of things on the computer. Therefore better components are important to me.

  2. john3347 says:

    “One of the things you will love most about this mouse is the unboxing experience.”

    I am also impressed by this comment. I quit perusing the article at this point and just scanned over the rest it to see if there would be any information about anything evolutionary or revolutionary with this mouse. There wasn’t! After scanning through the whole article, I could understand why the author was more impressed with the packaging than with the contents. While this author was obviously impressed with the fact that the mouse worked, one should expect a mouse to work. That is, I guess, less impressive than the packaging. I think, after scanning through this article, that I will remain with my Logitech trackball.

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I wish you would read the whole article before making such statements. I was not impressed more by the packaging than by the contents. It is just the first thing I liked about it. But that sentence does sound “bigger” than it should. So I changed it.

      If you read the other sections, you will learn more details about the experience of using the mouse.

      Regarding our hardware reviews – this is not our specialty and we don’t plan to publish reviews very often. At this point we cannot compare with big names such as AnandTech or Tom’s Hardware, for example. However, we do want to improve the way we do reviews. Therefore, if you have specific questions you would like answered in our reviews, do let us know.

  3. Nicholas T. says:

    Thanks for the nice review, inspired me to buy it even though not a diablo fan.
    It looks awesome as described.

    It is so disappointing though, that the software lacks a program-specific button customization.
    I was so unpleasantly surprised by this.
    Something that I took for granted since my previous microsoft intelli- mouse has had that option for at least seven years that I can remember.
    Come on, how hard can it be, I mean. 🙁

    I’m on the verge of selling it just for that simple but important and useful setting.

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      But you can do that. You can create a profile which is executed only when a specific program is launched. When the program is not running, the mouse reverts back to the default profile.

      I use custom profiles for the games I play, for example.

      1. Nicholas T. says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        What you describing is not the same though as you ll have to close the application for the different profile to kick in.
        It is not games that I had in mind.
        I need program-specific mapping for the everyday-use programs, like web browsers,media players, office application etc. programs which almost always stay open and you keep changing between them.

        I’ll admit it’s not that big of a deal breaker, but it is something you’ve come to except when you devote 65 euros on a mouse, and the intelli-mouse software that comes with a 10-euro-MS-mouse has it for the last decade or so.

        I love the mouse and the quality of it, I just wish the developers of steelseries will add this needed feature on future update.

        Thank you, Nicholas.

        1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          I had Microsoft mice for a long time but I could not set application specific shortcuts/actions in them. I could set only global shortcuts/actions.

          Can you give an example on how things were setup for you? May we can figure out how to customize this mouse so that it meets all your needs.

  4. Robert Narat says:

    You said that the skin of steelseries is something people wont like, well that might be true, but the programs skin can be changed to the normal one.
    Just press RMB on the tray icon of the program and go to the setting to change it 😉

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Cool share. I did not discover that. 🙂

      Thanks for the tip.

  5. Fkngawesome says:

    in my opinion i would say that the d3 mouse is polished turd, sure the lights are cool and the eye is responsive. I has some major faults ie. the two buttons on the right side of the mouse are l ctr and r ctr. this makes useing this mouse a pain in the butt. it constantly changes my tabs in browsers as well as my cursor in windows 7. all that being said go buy a razor death addler for the same price

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You can customize what those buttons do, both system wide or app-specific. The problem you have is solved with a bit of configuration.

  6. Chris says:

    This mouse is causing quite a stir on Blizzards forums as it apparently has a macro function that, if used, can cause the user to lose his/her Blizzard account. Is there anything on the packaging warning buyers of this?


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