11 replies on Find out when Windows was installed. What is its original install date?

  1. Fawaz says:

    very useful, thank you!

  2. L Benson says:

    systeminfo | find “Original Install Date”

    Command Prompt error message:
    ‘systeminfo’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    WinXP SP3

  3. Anju says:


    From last 2 weeks i was using windows 8 laptop.
    I would like to change my old microsoft account to new microsoft account, if i do this is every thing same as old or not, any lost of applications or anything, plz le tme know ASAP..


  4. Muriel Arthur says:

    I would like to re-install Office 2016

  5. Daniel Parvin says:

    What about the original install date? These methods will only report when the latest large update was installed, in my case 03/10/2018

  6. wspanialy says:

    on my system the creation date of system.ini and win.ini files was the date when Windows was installed initially

  7. mark says:

    Another way is to look at the list of installed programs. Especially a device driver or device software that was likely to be installed when windows was installed.

  8. bob says:

    The Windows folder created date may not be an accurate indication as to when Windows was installed. I installed Windows 10 on a laptop, on 8/18/2020, using the iso upgrade disc created from a Microsoft download. However, the Windows folder shows a created date of 12/7/2019. I assume that is the date that Microsoft created the folder for their iso file.

  9. Patrick Koning says:

    If you use CCleaner and click on Uninstall it shows you a list of programs, including the install dates. Sort these dates and the oldest one is probably also the one that you installed Windows 10. The other methods are not always proven because Windows 10 upgrades its ‘core’ also, like in my case right now, I have 1903, which was installed in January 2020, but my oldest program in CCleaner was installed in April 2016. So CCleaner can give you a good indication.

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