2 replies on How to use Windows advanced sharing to share folders with specific users

  1. donkrish says:

    On a clean install of 1903, I do not get the menus you show. I do get them on a system that has been upgraded. On the clean install, advanced sharing only gives the property menu. Also, there is no share tab for an entire disk.

  2. giorgio@rizoma.com.py says:

    Thanks for the article…..I came to the critical point which was for me how to identify among all what you have called ¨the registered users on my PC¨ would be the machine of my partner who is connected to the same network, but does not seem to exist on the list, and how could it be named as a machine ¨registered on my PC¨. Please assist. In the search for a SPECIFIC user this last step seems to be essential to spend a bit more time to explain it. Thanks a lot and greetings from Paraguay. Giorgio

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