One reply Introducing Windows 8 & Windows 8.1: 6 Ways to Access the Start Screen

  1. Patti Hall says:

    Personally, I really like Windows 8.1. I have a touchscreen on a laptop and 2in1 tablet and think this is great. Went to that from devices with XP so I skipped Vista and 7, etc. It looks like I will be skipping 10 as long as possible because I actually don’t like some of the screen changes and the start menu changes. Definitely don’t like some of the other changes like Cortana and more hidden programs and files extensions and less security and privacy!

    This is a great lesson plan-I learned it from small helps when I switched to 8.1 with the touchscreen. Wish I could get a touchscreen monitor for my desktop!!

    Either my laptop or 8.1 is very touchy about the corner windows and charms popping up. Sometimes they don’t when I want them to, sometimes charms show up when I don’t want them to.

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