3 replies on Reviewing The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

  1. Robert Williams says:

    Regarding the Microsoft wireless display adapter, It does not project sound on a surface 3 with windows 10 but the picture is great. Gent from surface support spent over an hour with me on the phone and could not fix it. It works great on laptop with windows 8.1. This needs a bug fix quickly or sales will start to fall.

    • Rob Brown says:

      I concur with Robert on this: The adapter worked fine on my Surface Pro 3 running windows 8.1. After upgrading to windows 10 sadly I lost the sound, which sort of defeated the purpose of buying the thing in the first place. If you want to cast movies like Netflix or Amazon I would suggest using ChromeCast and that’s difficult for me to say being a Microsoft fan,

  2. Barry says:

    Can anyone comment on whether or not a Surface Pro 3 can extend (not merely duplicate/mirror) its desktop to TWO external monitors via the wireless display adapter? I’m one of the many, many people having trouble with daisy-chaining my SP3 to two Dell U2414H monitors via display port v1.2 and considering getting two WDA as a work-around.

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