14 replies on Reviewing the Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router

  1. rhythm says:


    Me have zero knowledge on wifi router and stuff like that. So please help me in buying the wifi
    router for home use.

    In my area mobile network sucks so i am not able to use my whatsapp.
    Hence I am planning to buy wifi router.

    Mostly I will be connecting my samsung galaxy s phone, pc and one laptop. My Pc is in my bed room and normally I use laptop in my hall area. So whatever may be I am buying should have great coverage.

    So it would be great if you tell me which wifi router or wifi modem router is best for my needs.

    Thanks in advance

  2. joe the pro says:

    I changed the parental control settings to try them out and lost internet access. I restored factory defaults, ensured all parental controls were back to normal.
    still not internet access. the dreaded amber light. not the modem because i can connect directly to it.

    I am out of ideas. sounds like it is something to do with northon.


    I appreciated any help in advance.

  3. Angry Belkin Customer says:

    I wish I’d read this review before I bought the n600. No assigning IP addresses by MAC address? Belkin will never get another dime from me, nor any company that I purchase for. What a ridiculous and necessary feature to remove.

  4. Ted Rypma says:

    This thing is half-baked. Does not want to take a f/w update, can’t seem to handle changes in its IP address range. Boat anchor in my opinion.

  5. Calvin Florian says:

    Did anyone have issues with this router changing it’s Wifi IP address? I have a wireless security system that ports through DNS set up. It uses the Wifi IP, but when that changes the system goes down and I have to go back to the computer to look at what the new Wifi IP is. Kind of frustrating. Just curious if anyone else is having those problems.

  6. Rohit says:

    I have been using this router for about a year now and have never faced any of the problems you have listed. The connection has been very reliable and i cant remember a single instance when i have lost connectivity. This is a big improvement over my earlier Dlink router. The media function is amazing and it links your PC HD to your wifi television set and any external hard drive to all connected devices very well. The range is also fairly good. I have only a 4 mbps connection so the speed is not an issue for me.

    I would recommend it to anyone based on my experience however i am not a expert and dont have anything else to compare with can only say it works flawlessly i have it connected to a basic TPlink modem and the combination seems to work pefrectly..

    Only help i need is to find a way to prioritize wifi over lan. It has the option to enable prioritization of vedio chat ect but i want all wifi to be prioritized over lan which I am not sure is possible. I am always downloading something with max bandwidth on lan leading to this requirement.

  7. ram says:

    Hi Rusen,

    How do we read the RSSI (received signal strength) of this router 5 GHz ? (using java code or android code).

    Thanking you in advance.

  8. duanne says:

    having a problem with this router using any voice service it drops packages and cant seem to fix it pissing me off

  9. Ann says:

    My Belkin AC900 DB router works fine. I am having trouble with the software. Each time I boot up the “Get Connected” screen comes and I have to Exit to continue. Then if I want to open the program I am unable, I have to re-boot for the “Get Connected” screen. Any Ideas?

  10. David says:

    I’ve had this same ‘shut down’ 2/3 times per day…This router it terrible and the company wont event stand behind the issues…nor will Best Buy.

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